Saturday, November 18, 2023

Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, and Ben Shapiro: Understanding the Dispute

I used to watch Tucker Carlson's TV show on Fox quite often because I mostly agreed with his right wing, conservative views and I appreciated his courage to take on almost any issue. His shows were often interesting. But I was careful not to idolize him as many on the right were doing. Tucker for President? Hell no!

When he finally got kicked off of Fox News his fame grew ten fold. And rightly so. He had the courage to take on the mainstream media included his bosses at Fox who made a slight Left turn years ago. 

I’ve warned my friends over the years (I’m sure that some of you have been included) that Tucker is not our friend. Despite the many excellent points he’s made with my total agreement (not sending billions to Zelensky - for example), I’ve noted that he never once mentioned the brutal and constant attacks that Israel and Jews worldwide undergo. He purports to fight for the underdog but has steadfastly remained quiet when it comes to Israel. Unlike his former colleague, Hannity, Tucker has never once interviewed Bibi Netanyahu. Something is definitely up with Tucker and it's not good. 

Candace Owens was another rising star on the conservative right. A very articulate, educated, pretty, young, Black woman and again an anomaly with her right wing views. She was against Black Lives Matter for example. So of course I also admired her and her courage to stand up against the crowd. 

She is good friends with her wealthy and famous Black friend Kanye West. She lost my support when she defended him for his vile antisemitic remarks a while back. I blogged about Kanye and others before here: 80% of the World Does Not Like Us.  After the horror of Oct 7, sadly I feel confident in that post. 

I’m not in the least surprised that he and Candace would align. Despite their few words decrying antisemitism, they both are not in love with us Jews.  They seem to be  jealous of our success and both subscribe to the belief that Jews have too much power and money. Given the right circumstances, their subliminal antisemitism will become mainstream. 

I couldn’t finish watching their blathering, self serving, propaganda in this video of his interview with her that started the latest debacle. Perhaps you can.

Their main point as much as I could decipher was this:

How dare these wealthy Jews criticize American institutions like universities for not supporting Israel and in fact supporting Arabs who call themselves Palestinians (who actually compose Hamas) because those same wealthy American Jews gave lots of money to those same universities while the schools were being anti-white. 

Candace danced around the issue proclaiming ignorance as to why the brilliant, religious Jew and senior editor of the show they both are on, Ben Shapiro, called her out. Her purposefully vague deflection of Ben Shapiro's 'ad hominem' attack on her is completely disingenuous. Tucker's virtue signalling is equally so. 

Like I said, I didn't watch the whole video and it wouldn't surprise me that what she said about the war in Gaza that disturbed Ben Shapiro, me and many others wasn't even mentioned. So for the record, here it is:

"No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever. There is no justification for a genocide. I can't believe this even needs to be said or is even considered the least bit controversial to state."

Can you see that her statement made at this time is absolutely directed toward Israel? It sure isn't directed towards Hamas. So yes, it is indeed very controversial. It's beyond controversial. Anyone with a rational and fully functional brain would agree that Israel has an obligation to rid the world of Hamas, as quickly and efficiently as they can. The world must support Israel in her efforts. Israel has proven to have the most 'enemy friendly' army in the world. The IDF goes above and beyond the Geneva conventions in fighting wars which Israel's been forced into since her modern recreation in 1948. 

In her cabal with Tucker portending to fight for free speech, and wanting to claim the higher ground with Ben Shapiro who attacked her 'without reason' with no explanation whatsoever with name calling, screams out for context. 

If this is all they’ve got as a reason to attack us ‘wealthy Jews’ at a critical and polarizing time in world history when thousands of Israelis were murdered in the most horrific way, babies, mothers, rapes and kidnapping then Ben Shapiro was absolutely correct. Her remarks are disgraceful. 

To be more succinct, there is a time for criticism. But now is not the time to criticize us. I say this not because I’m Jewish. I say this as a rational human being. Would you criticize a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz if you saw him grab a rifle from a Nazi guard and shoot him in the back even if the guard  was holding hands with his son?

Now is in fact the time for the world to show us unconditional support and do so vociferously!

I’ve said this before. What happened on Oct 7 delineated a clear line. You are either with us or against us. Unlike Candace, who loves to identify as a reasonable, clear headed academic, there is no room for nuance here. (Tucker is in the same boat)

We all know ad nauseam, that it is solely Hamas that is to blame for any deaths in Gaza. So each time Hamas announces the newly made up number of deaths in Gaza or releases videos of dead or injured arab babies, the world’s ire must be directed at Hamas and the people who elected Hamas, Gazan's. 

Thursday, November 2, 2023

My Prime Minister is at it Again!

How many of you either know about or have seen the indescribable beheadings of innocent Israelis by  Hamas in Israel, just a few weeks ago? I'm going to guess that most of the world has either watched those videos whereby Hamas publicized their handiwork on social media realtime or at least has heard all about it. 

So do you think that Justin Trudeau, my Prime Minister of Canada, knows about those disgusting beheadings?

Again I'm going to guess: Yes, he know all about them. 

Yet he decided to post the following  on social media:

Is he that insensitive? Is he that dumb? For a guy who tries to be the most politically correct person on the planet, something doesn't make sense here. You might recall when he lectured a woman who used the word 'mankind' instead of his made up word 'peoplekind'!  

Is it just me or do you think that at a time when the most horrific crimes against humanity were committed against a tiny minority, Jewish Israelis, in our lifetime,  just maybe now is NOT the appropriate time to brag about your son's beheading costume on Halloween?

What happened? Did he not vet this post with his highly paid staff first and if he did, would they not have suggested a different, more empathetic costume? Or just maybe his bosses want to normalize beheadings so that Hamas does not come off looking so bad after all. If so, this is exactly the way to accomplish that. If the PM's son wore a beheading costume AND his dad, the PM of Canada was so proud that he posted it on social media, how bad could it be? Oh heck, a little beheading never hurt anyone...

I often do this simple exercise. Substitute Black for Jew. If those same heinous crimes were committed to Blacks instead of Jews, I would bet you that his son would never be permitted to wear such a costume in poor taste. His disdain for Israel and Jews is evident. 
After the brutal slaughter of Jews in the most horrific way, I can't see anyone wearing beheading costumes ever again, let alone the son of a leader of a Western democracy. 

I am speaking on behalf of those Jews who lost their lives on that fateful day who can no longer speak. What will it take for Jewish Canadians to stop voting for him? 

Add this to his long list of serious treasonous crimes that if a regular citizen like me or you committed, we'd be in prison. Add this to his numerous tasteless acts. I've blogged about his pathetic behaviour in the past. This blog post back in 2018, was titled: Thanks for the Laughs Justin.

But this is no longer funny.


Monday, October 30, 2023

The Aversion to Speak Out

After what I perceived to be the most horrific event in my lifetime that occurred on October 7 in Israel whereby thousands of innocent Israeli citizens, from new borns (some not yet even born) to elderly Holocaust survivors were murdered in the most horrific way, would change the world. 

I mistakenly thought that the the world who mostly stood silent over the decades of constant attacks on my Jewish homeland would finally wake up and defend her. From Arab suicide bombers in restaurants in Tel Aviv to daily barrages of rockets that have been shot randomly at Israelis, those attacks have never stopped even for a day since the recreation of the modern state of Israel in 1948. The only break in these attacks occurred when all out wars from all of Israel's neighbours stormed in. 

Surely now people will finally speak out against our enemies I hoped. Yes, many did. And I applaud them loudly and believe me, I try to thank them all. But sadly, so did many friends of our enemies. I'm sure the world has witnessed the vile behaviour of many people especially universities (both students and their administrations), governments, main stream media and many institutions who have sided with some of the most inhumane, gruesome pigs that ever crawled on this planet. It's very hard to believe that this is the case. But it clearly is.

That said, this is not my focus here. 

Instead I want to bring your attention to the insidious behaviour of so many 'nice' people who refuse to speak out about what just happened.

Recently, an actor by the name of Mathew Perry died. He was famous for his comedic role in a TV show called Friends. This sad news was plastered all over the media and continues to make the rounds. I'm sure you've all heard of this news by now. 

I usually listen to the radio in the mornings when I'm brushing my teeth. I listen to a Toronto station called Q107 on an FM station. 

As expected, they haven't stopped reporting on the passing of the actor. 

What I have yet to hear a peep however, was talk about the devastating attack from Hamas and the gruesome murder of 1400 innocent Israelis or their kidnapping of 240 Israelis who are still being held deep in the bowels of Gaza!

I'm sure that if you gave this some thought, you too can identify the unconscionable, aversion of people to speak out about this atrocity,  wherever you might live. 

This is just one tiny example of what I'm talking about. I find this behaviour in particular to be very offensive. When a tragedy on a large scale happens anywhere in the world, people talk about it. That is normal human behaviour. Except when it happens to Israelis. Then it's forbidden to do so. 

I'm sure that the management of many of these places have strict rules about talking about politics or religion or most controversial subjects. But what happened that day has nothing to do with politics. It wasn't controversial in the least. It was a tragedy of epic proportions and people everywhere, at the very least,  should be talking about it and learn from it. 

I urge you all to speak up now. Keep the memory of the hostages alive. BRING THEM HOME! That was the message of the rally I went to yesterday at Earl Bales park in Toronto. 

short video of the rally (vigil)

What happened to 1400 Israelis on October 7 can happen anywhere in the world at any point in time. Sticking your head in the ground will surely not prevent it. Simply having the courage to speak up about it now, might help prevent it. Do it!


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

In Times of Crises is When you Find Out Who Your True Friends Are

 I submitted the following to a couple of news media in Toronto. I doubt that they publish it but hopefully they read it.

The war in Gaza is not political. I don’t care if you are on the right or left, Muslim or Jew, Conservative or Liberal. I don’t care what Bibi might have said years ago or what Smotrich said last month. In fact I don’t care what anyone said. I don’t care about the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict. I definitely don’t want to listen to any historical lectures right now, despite me being a lover of history. Sadly I’m hearing that and worse from far too many people right now. 

What Hamas did was unspeakable. I’m happy that they are thrilled to advertise their heinous crimes. Unlike the Nazis who tried their best to hide them, Hamas is so deranged, they are proud of their handiwork so they share it with the world. General Eisenhower ordered US troops to photograph and video the horrors of the death camps after liberation because he knew that years later people would deny all of it. And deny it they did.

Just like this war. Already many are denying that dozens of Israeli babies had their heads chopped off. 

In times of crises, that’s when you find out who your real friends are. Any sane person in the world who doesn’t see the obvious, doesn’t want to and never will.

Those protesters singing From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free (of Jews), need to be shipped off to Gaza or Iran. That’s clearly where they belong. Anyone who talks of proportionality vis a vis Israel’s response, also needs to go to there. Anyone who pressures Israel to cease their blockade of Gaza, give them food, water, electricity or aid them in any way, needs to go to there or perhaps offer their children up for beheading. 

This war is no different than fighting the Nazis in WWII. We must fight to win. In war people die. Nothing we can do about it. I will definitely not shed a tear for the Arabs in Gaza just like I wouldn’t have shed a tear for the Germans who suffered in WWII. Because I was too busy shedding tears for my family who were mostly wiped out in the Holocaust. 

I am blessed to see some of my Righteous Gentile friends reach out to me and completely understand the situation. They rightly acknowledge that the only solution is for Israel to wipe out Hamas and flatten Gaza. If Israel does not flatten it and remove every last Gazan from there, then this war will repeat itself over and over again. Further, Israel must wipe out all the oil, military and nuclear facilities in Iran for the same reason. Iran is the head of the snake and everyone bloody well knows it. It’s a tragic shame that this austere task will fall on tiny Israel to do. 

There are no innocent civilians in Gaza anymore. If there ever was, they have been radicalized by the very Hamas leaders who they voted in decades ago. Any anger felt for their mistreatment must be directed solely at Hamas who love to use them as human shields. 

If you don’t stand with Israel 100%, you are on the wrong side of history. 

G-d Bless Israel!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

This is not the time to disparage Bibi

Everyone in the world has an opinion on the PM of Israel. Some hate him to death. Some love him to death. Some hate him because they view him as a right wing fanatic. Some hate him  because they don't feel he is right wing enough. Of course Israel's enemies hate him. Most US Democrats are not his fans. Many Liberals in my country (Canada) are not in love with him either. A good chunk of Israelis are not his fans. Most are, as they voted for him in a fair, democratic election. 

I believe that some on the Left (aka Labour party) in Israel led by real fanatics like Ehud Barak and others suffer from BDS (not the antisemitic BDS movement). More like TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome but for Bibi. They will do anything to topple him. Barak pushed for a 'bloody' coup numerous times. He got his wish. I do believe that some in the IDF, Mossad and other intelligence agencies and even within Bibi's administration were involved in not passing on the intelligence (on Hamas' plans to attack) up to the chain of Israeli command. I can't think of any possible reason to explain why Israel was not prepared for this.

The entire cabal of Israeli leaders on the Left who threatened Bibi and Israelis who voted for him, have blood on their hands. Barak, Lapid, Gantz, the Israeli Supreme Court, their Attorney General and too many others to mention, warned that that the IDF (both active and reserves) including pilots and others would not serve under the current Likud government. Bibi and most Israelis and even some in the diaspora (like me) didn't believe them. But the world heard their threats.  Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas also heard them and got the message loud and clear.  We all saw widely publicized lists of former IDF generals who signed on to that idea to formally denounce their government and for the first time in Israel's modern history, abandon the defence of their country, despite the oaths they swore to when they enlisted. I do believe that seeing that was the prime motivation by Hamas et al to attack Israel as they did. 

Many folks right now are upset at Bibi for inviting these very same people to join his government and make it a 'unity government'. They  call it his biggest policy mistake so far. Maybe it is. 

So let me explain. Now is not the time to disparage Bibi. It's pretty simple. Israel is at war. Israelis lives were lost in the most horrific way. If you want Israel to lose, you need not read further and you probably arrived at my website by accident.

So for the rest of you, Bibi (love him or hate him) needs our support. All of it from all of us right now. There is no tomorrow. We can't afford to vacillate, waver, obfuscate or any other -ate. If you you are on the Left but want Israel to survive more than you want Bibi to leave, then listen on. If you are on the Right but you feel that Bibi is partially to blame for this nightmare because he didn't do enough over his tenure to rid Israel and the world of their mortal enemies, read on. Obviously if you adore Bibi, you will read on.

So many headlines begin with disparaging Bibi. In the details, they go on to explain why. By now you should know that sadly most people just stop at the headline. So most folks who are apolitical (that is the majority of the world we live in) and/or who are admittedly ignorant of geopolitics or even history but can't help but know about this war because it's on the MSM 24/7, will make up their minds based on headlines alone. They won't read any of the reasons that you might not like him. Whether he's too far Right or not Right enough. They will stop at the headline. 'Bibi is Losing His Support', 'Is this the end of Bibi?'. 'Bibi Written Off', etc.

We can't afford to alienate anyone right now. We need all the support we can get. We must be united. Blaming Bibi or disparaging him in any way does not help Israel right now. Please save your criticism of him for later. Much later. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

My Daughter's Letter to PM Trudeau

Both my daughter and my wife work for the Canadian federal government in different areas.

For years they have been subjected to various Black History events. Lately there have also been numerous Indigenous events being celebrated at their work places as well. There have been many other special commemorative celebrations  for various ethnicities and nationalities at their separate work places. 

But not once was there ever a celebration for Israel nor did they celebrate the non-existent 'Jewish History month'. If my wife wanted to get a promotion she'd have to undertake numerous courses on Black History. 

Their union contributed to Black Lives Matter. A vile, antisemitic group that even today is proud of what Hamas has done and is doing to innocent Israelis. 

    Hundreds of Israeli bodies lie strewn on the roads 

Work places throughout my country whether they are government or private must acknowledge the vile, Nazi like atrocities that are taking place right now! It's not political. It's should be part of today's dialogue throughout the world. Just like we have in the past when terrible events took place anywhere in the world, like tsunamis or forest fires. 

Canada and Japan are the only 2 countries out of the G7 that were not part of a joint statement condemning the Hamas attack on Israel.  The silence here in Canada is deafening. Other than back in April when Trudeau decided to tell PM Netanyahu to be careful how he deals with his Arab population after a raid on a mosque in Jerusalem. 

Today my daughter wrote the following letter to our Prime Minister. I think it sends a perfect message. 

Hello Mr Justin Trudeau,

I am a federal worker in Toronto. I am also Jewish. I also have several family members in Israel. I cannot express to you how deeply saddened I am from this week’s events. I have many emotions, but I am also trying to work and look after my family while going through this terrible time. Not once have I received any acknowledgement from my coworkers, my management, and my union. I feel alone and on an island. I’m offended and I’m hurt.

This stems from you. You are responsible for taking action to advise your staff how to address this war and each other. If you are too scared to speak up then I ask you to question why that is. If you are scared as to cause any sort of political unrest, then perhaps you are holding some sort of bias against Jews and israel. You should be telling Jewish employees to stay home if they don’t feel safe. You should be asking your staff to look out and report any hate speech or actions. You should be asking people to stand together against hate and condemn the actions taken by Hamas. 

Your lack of actions only make me believe  you either do not care or worse you support the inhumane acts that have happened to human life. 

I have never felt more unwelcome in this country and my workforce in my entire life. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Can something good come out of my government honouring a nazi?

The speaker of our House of Commons in Canada (a Liberal) invited a Ukrainian nazi to parliament when the PM of Ukraine, Zelensky, was invited to beg us for more money and arms. This 98 year old Ukrainian nazi was given a standing ovation by everyone there! He was called a Ukrainian hero and a Canadian hero. Since then, thanks to organizations like B'nai Brith and the Simon Wiesenthal Center and others, have told our government that the man was a nazi, a fact that he himself is proud of and was not hiding. A fact that would have taken 10 minutes to discover had anyone bothered to try.

This incident created an international debacle and is yet one more mistake that our Trudeau administration is guilty of. Can we fire his ass already? The speaker of the house finally resigned yesterday after admitting his mistake by not vetting this man. 

I decided to write a letter to the National Post about this as follows:

Dear Editor,

Besides the resignation of the speaker, hopefully something good will come out of this. It already has. Canadians are learning very quickly that we have a nazi problem in Canada. How bad is it? Well it’s bad enough that a nazi gets honoured in Canada’s parliament and received a standing ovation from everyone there (Liberals and Conservatives) including our PM and Ukraine’s PM. Both of whom are corrupt and dangerously foolish. 

But this nazi problem is not new. Many nazis escaped Europe after WWII and snuck into Canada. It wasn’t so hard. After all under Mackenzie King, the credo ‘none is too many’ meaning no Jews allowed even after surviving the worst human Holocaust in recent times, was the feeling held by many Canadians at the time. 

As Trudeau might have just learned (his pal Zelensky certainly knows this), not all nazis were German. Certainly not all antisemites were nazis. Ukraine has a very dark history of some of the vilest antisemitism in her short history. I suggest that as punishment for the entire house clapping for this ‘gentleman’ (the term used to describe the Ukrainian Waffen SS nazi by my pathetic Trudeau boot licker MP Ya’ara Saks) must study the historical details of Babi Yar. That illustrious event happened in a  ravine in the center of Kiev where almost 34,000 Jews were shot and killed by Germans and Ukrainians (nazis) in a ravine in just 2 days during WWII. A record for mass murder by gun shots that as far as I’m aware hasn’t since been broken. 

My hero Simon Wiesenthal said that he would never step foot in Canada (this was decades ago) because of our refusal to prosecute and extradite or hang all these nazis who moved here illegally back then. I think he wrote that Canada has the highest # of nazis per capita. Today Ukraine has the highest # of nazis per capita. Zelensky has helped to legitimize them in his parliament and in his armed forces yet Trudeau, marching under orders from the WEF, continues to follow his unhinged script that we must continue to send arms and money to Ukraine until Russia loses the war. The trouble is that Russia won’t lose the war and has been winning the war every day since the war began. It’s AOK for Canadians to suffer so that Trudeau gets a pat on the head from George Soros and his vile son. 

I’m praying that this Ukrainian nazi be extradited immediately to any country that has the balls to put him on trial and finish him off. I heard that Poland might be interested but I would prefer Israel do it. Poland was just as cursed as Ukraine as far as antisemites and nazi sympathizers go (ask any Holocaust survivor if you can still find one). Should this happen, this would send a message to all the nazis that are still living comfortably in our beautiful country, that it’s not over for them just yet. 

Meanwhile I was listening to the Gerry Agar show and was surprised to hear that Gerry wasn’t aware of the statues in Mississauga and in BC, that depict Ukrainian nazis as heroes!  Statues of real Canadian heroes are being torn down, street signs are being renamed all over the place for in many case a negative perception by wokesters, yet the statues of real, easily verifiable nazis remain standing?  Tear them down already!