Sunday, May 16, 2021

Violent Anti-Israel Demonstration Comes to Toronto

Last night I attended an anti-Israel demonstration at downtown Toronto's city hall. I thought it was important to show a pro-Israeli presence there. While Israel continues to be attacked on all sides by rockets as well as by Israeli Arabs attacking their long time Jewish neighbours inside Israel, we must show our support of our brothers and sisters in Israel. As one of the greatest commentators of the Torah, Rashi, once said: "If not now, when? "

Turns out I walked into a wasp nest. There were tens of thousands of pro-Palis with Hamas, Hezbolla, Fatah and other terrorist groups and about 100 pro-Israelis counter demonstrating. One can see our small group in the middle, sandwiched between 2 larger groups of anti-Israel protesters. 

Here is a good aerial shot of Nathan Phillips Square in front of city hall where this all started from our local Toronto news CP24: (I'm in there somewhere.)

CP24 News video at the scene

It started peaceful enough. I was watching fellow supporters dancing with Israeli flags and listening to them sing peaceful and uplifting songs like 'Am Yisrael Chai' which means the Nation of Israel Lives. The others shouted 'From the River to the sea Palestine will be free' which means they want to destroy Israel from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea.

Walking towards the place at around 7 PM on a beautiful sunny evening, one could hear the yelling and horns blaring long before we got there. Pro Palestinians were coming from every corner to the event. Usually I come to these rallies with my Israeli flag but this time something told me not too. As the photos and video's display, they were on one side and we were on the other, separated with police barricades. After only 20 minutes they started to surround us. The police did their best to stand in their way but I certainly did not like to see them behind us. They were throwing bottles and pop containers at us. Let alone the vile things they were saying which of course did not surprise me. I've been to these demonstrations before. I asked a cop why are you allowing them to surround us. He said simply 'we don't have enough forces'. I knew then that the police could not protect us. Heck, they couldn't protect themselves. Why they didn't call in more police or the military if required, I don't know. I was there with a couple of friends (we usually walk downtown to see the beautiful scenery and architecture of old Toronto) on Saturday evenings.  I convinced them to stop by this rally so they did but they stayed back in the periphery of the square. I don't blame them. After about half an hour I left the pro-Israel area that was getting squeezed smaller by the minute. I found my friends and we made our way slowly out of there but every street in the area was jam packed with anti-Israeli crowds. It was total mayhem.

Had any of us carried an Israeli flag or been wearing anything that would have identified us as Jews like a kippah or a star of David, we would have been in grave danger. They were looking for blood. And eventually they found it

A few of us pro-Israeli demonstrators who stayed too long and were escorted out of the area by the police ended up being attacked. One colleague had a chain swung at him and got his head split open. There were many other injuries, broken fingers, sexual assaults and violent beatings. You can see some in the videos below. Some police were also hurt. But of course none of this made the news. 

Videos of violent attacks of pro-Israeli protesters

Where is our Mayor, Premier or Prime Minister? They are usually fighting for air time 24/7, lecturing us ad nauseam about the covid pandemic. Condemning large gatherings, etc. But when ten's of thousands of Muslims and their supporters decide to ignore the rules and worse, attack peaceful demonstrators, I hear crickets. 

Mostly I put the blame on our pathetic PM, Justin Trudeau who has been letting in some of the worst scum into our beautiful country for years now. Being French one might have hoped that he'd have learned from what is going on for years in France, where they have also been letting in some of the worst elements of Muslim society. France has been crumbling. The arab violence and blatant antisemitism is going through the roof there. Jews have been leaving in droves as they can see the writing on the walls. Their government will not protect them, if they ever have.

We are going down that same road. Sad to say that most Canadians including Jews, aren't the least bit aware of what is happening to our beautiful country! Last night set a new and dangerous precedent for our enemies in Canada's largest city. They took over downtown. Most of the news glossed over this nightmare focussing instead on road closures downtown due to 'a demonstration'. The pro-Palestinian movement in Canada (they had similar demonstrations in Vancouver) must feel very emboldened. Look for more such tragedies to occur both large and small throughout Canada and especially in Liberal Toronto.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Maybe the US Should Split Up

The US and the world are falling apart faster than I predicted. The crazed Leftists are moving at record speed to destroy the US faster that you can say 'Biden is the worst president in history'. We all know that it's not he who is running the show. Every Democrat knows this but they are so dishonest and drunk on power that they won't admit it (not  publicly anyway). 

I can't see a way forward. Can you? The trouble is that there are very few on the Left who want to. They are all conspiring to take charge forever regardless of the cost. They couldn't care less what permanent damage they cause (even to themselves). They remind me of the Islamists who are willing to commit suicide as long as they killed Israelis. That's an enemy that's the hardest to deal with because they don't care if they or their own ilk suffer as long as it's for 'the cause'. We are talking about very large numbers of people who have lost their collective minds. Including many rich and powerful people and organizations. Almost the entire mainstream media are in collusion with them as well as so many government leaders. Law and order are being scoffed at and defunded. Therein lies the real danger for the everyday citizen. So even if you want to stick your head in the sand and ignore what's going on (that's if one can even find out what is going on besides the pathetic Oscars), chances are good that sooner or later you too will be affected negatively. I'm being super polite here. What I want to say is that you will be F-ed!

While the Left is marching forward in a Nazi style march to disintegrate what was once one of the best countries in the world, the Right is mostly watching. Newsflash: Watching Sean Hannity on Fox while eating popcorn will not save the country. 

What to do? This idea is not new but I think it's time has come. Before it's too late I suggest that perhaps the US should split up. I know. You're probably thinking 'there goes that conspiracy theorist Leon again with his mishigas (crazy ideas)'. But before you write me off, consider the following.

Let's say that portions of the US that are conservative (Republican), states like Florida and its neighbours in the SE corner and in the middle, separate from the rest of the country. They can quickly establish their own true democracy, led by (hopefully) honest, smart, courageous leaders. Real patriots like Donald Trump. But I would not recommend him for the job. He needs to and deserves to retire.  Might I suggest their president could be Florida governor Ron Desantis. He seems to have all the necessary characteristics and more. His resume is astounding. Unlike Trump, he had an outstanding military career as an adviser in Iraq and a background in military law. Also unlike Trump he is an excellent communicator. He is one of the few who is standing up to the current Marxist regime. He has proven along with the residents there, that they can deal with both Covid and keep the economy open for business. Children are actually going to school! Imagine that. He refuses to put up with bonafide nutcases like AOC, Sanders and others who know nothing, yet come up with the dumbest and most dangerous ideas ever and are listened to and respected by almost every single Democrat. No one has the guts to call them out for their arrogant insanity. The emperor has no clothes!

Governor Ron Desantis of Florida

While the rest of the country is quickly flushing themselves down the toilet in every imaginable, corrupt way, the new country (no I would not call it Trumpville) would thrive.  While the left is run by power hungry, corrupt  people like Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros and other disgusting people as well as outside actors and terror states like China & Iran, the Right will reinstate the policies from Trump. It will ally itself with trusted and powerful friends like Israel. But unlike Trump's 4 years, they won't be hamstrung with corrupt institutions like the CIA, State Department, FBI, IRS, mainstream media (MSM), Dept of Education, the Supreme Court and others on the supposed Right who've proven that they can't be trusted (eg. Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell). The new Left country can keep their swamp, thanks.

The States has had a good run. Nothing lasts forever. While some in the Left like those who run the big tech companies like Google et al will continue to make money, their pawns will slowly dwindle into absolute poverty as is guaranteed  to happen under any dictatorship/communist regime. Sooner or later, they too will suffer as their new country will crumble. It's hard to sell stuff to people who can't afford to buy it. Meanwhile some of the wealthy and others with like minds of those in the new Right wing country who happen to live in Left wing states will move there. Others on the Left who love the promise of 'free stuff' but are forced to do an honest day's work but find themselves in the new Right wing country will move out. Perfect!

I realize that I've over simplified this. How do we split Federal institutions like the military, the treasury etc. It won't be easy but it can be done. I'm a simple man and I certainly don't have all the answers. It might lead to a civil war or on the contrary it might avert one. At this point I just don't see another way. I think we can all agree that the divide is huge. Both sides hate each other. It's time for a divorce. The clock is ticking. As Americans and others are losing our civil liberties we have to take some drastic but sensible actions before it's too late. Do you want to be the next Rudi Guiliani and have the FBI banging at your door, serve you a political, unwarranted search warrant (excuse the pun), take what they want in the hopes of finding some minor misdeed (like they did with General Flynn) and eventually arrest you because you are on the wrong side?  Do you really think that in 4 years no more rigged, fraudulent elections will take place? I certainly don't. I think you'd be a fool to think otherwise. 

My good friend Fred put this idea in my head and I gave it some thought. I urge you to do the same. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Those Insidious Search Engines

A while back I posted a detailed article about the danger of social media giants and how to combat them. Here it is: Social Media is Dangerous.

I feel that it's time for a quick update because some have gotten even worse.

Today I searched the following phrase 'fact check: is Israel an apartheid state' on the following 2 browsers (search engines):

1. Google (the most popular by far)

2. Bing (the one I use that is owned by Microsoft)

The results were as follows:

1. The first page from Google 

If you can't see the results that I posted below, feel free to do the search yourself.

Let's analyze the results above.

Note that the first search item returned was 'Israel and the apartheid analogy' from Wikipedia.

In it's first paragraph it listed a litany of crimes that 'some commentators' accuse Israel of doing, including 'treating Arab citizens as second class, occupying Palestinian territories, Israeli settlements, checkpoints, etc. 

Out of a total of 4 paragraphs, a paltry total of 3 sentences were devoted to criticisms of the analogy. They also perpetuated the myth of a Palestinian State. It's safe to say that anyone reading this one item from the well respected Wikipedia site, would conclude that Israel is an apartheid state.

The second item "Israeli apartheid factsheet' declares absolutely that Israel is an apartheid state and worse. Feel free to read it and then vomit.

The third item 'Is Israel an Apartheid State?' is quick to talk about Israel's 'ethnic cleansing and apartheid during Israel's establishment and then moves on to talk about 'Israel apartheid today'. More vomit.

The fourth item from reliable CNN talks about newly elected Democrat senator Warnock who has said many anti-Israel (read antisemitic) statements including what the item quotes 'after his visit to Israel and Palestine he said; militarization of the West Bank was reminiscent of the military occupation of Namibia by apartheid South Africa but he doesn't claim that Israel is an apartheid state'. Now that makes a lot of sense - Not!

The last item on that first page speaks for itself.

Conclusion: Google's search engine maligns Israel and tries to brainwash people (billions of people) to believe that Israel is an apartheid state when in fact this couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Now lets examine the search results from Bing. What a difference!

2. Part of the first page from Bing. I couldn't screen capture the entire first page.

The first few items above state emphatically that Israel is not an apartheid state. 

The next 8 items which I didn't screen capture are a mixed bag. 6 are negative (they include the Wikipedia item that was positioned as the first item from Google, 2 are positive.

What counts most in any search is the order of the results returned. So the first items displayed on the first screen of results are the most important by far because most people who search for stuff online usually stop after the first screen. They rarely scroll down to see the following screens of results. It's like reading the news in a newspaper. Most people read the headlines on the first page and stop there. 

Conclusion: Bing got it right. Anyone who's done real research on this or better, has lived in Israel which has Arabs in their Supreme Court and in their Parliament know this. Of course they are obligated as a search engine to give you all the results they can find online pertinent to your search so as one scrolls down through thousands of results one can and will find all sorts of crazy items. What I don't know is if Bing is using my past search history and other internet usage to determine that I am pro-Israel and is therefore giving me the results in the order that I would want. If you happen to be an antisemite and are for some reason reading this, please do the same search on Bing and let me know if you get the same results. Thanks.

The point of this post it to make you aware of the dangers in trusting Google and numerous sites like them, to find out anything. If they get this wrong (and they certainly have) how can they be trusted to tell you anything?

Monday, February 15, 2021

Why are so many on the Right upset that President Trump urged his supporters to March to DC?

I heard Laura Ingraham on Fox news agree with another ‘Right wing’ panelist that she wished that President Trump did not urge his supporters to march to Washington to condemn the fraudulent election. (After all it could be dangerous!)

Like so many others on the Right they obviously are missing the big picture. Which is: THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN! IT WAS A FRAUD and it was planned out in detail by the Democratic party and their friends the Leftist media. 
It’s not about Trump anymore. It’s about Democracy which absolutely relies on free and fair elections. A much larger issue and probably the most important facing the US. More than China, Russia, North Korea and Iran all combined. For without fair elections, the US is no longer a free nation. It’s no different than its enemies.

Allegedly, Kevin McCarthy (Republican House Minority leader) asked President Trump to call off his supporters because bad things were going on at the Capitol building. Trump’s alleged response was ‘I guess they cared more about the stolen election than you do’ (not verbatim). If this discussion took place, President Trump couldn’t have answered it any better.

There is no argument about those people (from both sides) who broke into the building and damaged property being charged. But after irrefutable proof that the election was stolen due to serious fraudulent actions, why in the world do people expect the President and his 75 million supporters to just stay at home and watch TV?  That expectation is insane!

Not to mention that after many months of watching how the Dems, Antifa, BLM and the Leftist media and others cheered on the dangerous riots where people were killed and millions of dollars of property damage to both private and public property for the sole reason to create chaos, instil fear and silence those on the Right, why would Trump and his supporters even worry about some possible collateral damage when undertaking the obligation to fight (yes FIGHT) to get their country back?

If I saw that our federal election was so fraudulent that one side lost directly as a result of that fraud, I too would march to Ottawa, my country’s capital. I wouldn’t even need to be prodded by my party’s leader to do so. In fact I would expect most patriotic Canadians to join me in our country’s largest demonstration should that ever happen. I am very sure that most of the Trump supporters who did protest would have also marched to DC without his asking. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Evil of 2 Facism

Yes, I made up a new word. Everyone else is doing it so why can't I? And the best part is that it ends with 'ism'. Wow, look at me!

Years ago I wrote an article comparing Obama and then president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad. Specifically I said that Obama was by far a larger threat to America and the world than the Iranian president. I certainly received a lot of flak for it. 

My reasoning was simple: Mahmoud was mostly in your face with how he felt. He stated publicly on many occasions that he wanted to wipe Israel and America off the map. That's not to ignore him being a genocidal murderer of many (along with his ayatollah bosses) as well as a blatant liar, but in the big ideological war, he was straightforward. 

Obama on the other hand was infamous for in many cases saying the right things to the right audiences but doing quite the opposite. Recall his speeches to  pro-Israel audiences 'I've got Israel's back' or 'Jerusalem should be Israel's capital and it must not be divided'. Of course his actions and policies proved quite the opposite. There are too many cases of his Israel back stabbing policies to mention here but 2 stand out:

1. His singular push for a 'peace' deal with the world's most evil state, Iran.

2. At one point Israel was seriously considering blowing up Iran's nuclear sites but was sabotaged by Obama and his anti-Israel administration. 

Knowing someone's ideology is big. When they hide it, it becomes problematic as we don't know how they really stand on important issues. It's far easier to confront an enemy who declares that he is your enemy than it is to confront an enemy who declares that he's your friend. Many people have suffered as a result of 2 faced leaders. You might recall Arafat (let his name be forgotten), who spoke one way in English to his American audience and a completely different way in Arabic to his Muslim audiences. 

The past 6 months has blown my mind in that I saw and continue to see so many 2 faced leaders (both politicians and others). Had you asked me what I thought of VP Mike Pence just 6 months ago, I would have given him a pass. Although I admit I didn't spend a lot of time analyzing him, his policies and his background, I thought he was a good guy. I was wrong! He was 2 faced. When his boss needed him the most, Pence was quick to throw Trump under the bus. The same holds true with so many others.

Former attorney general, Bill Barr was a great example of this. From the start he sounded awesome. I read article after article about how great a man he was and sooo principled. I bought the stories. Obviously so did president Trump. We were wrong! I did write a blog complaining about the lack of indictments to the swamp residents from Barr but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. When it was clear that massive amounts of fraud took place during the election, Barr didn't see anything wrong. Thousands of dead people voting for Biden wasn't an issue apparently. He was 2 faced.  

Republican Mitch McConnell also sounded pretty good and even tough (for an old fart). What he said publicly made sense and I thought he was a good guy. I was wrong! Had I done some research I might have learned some disturbing facts about him. Especially his huge financial gains (over 22 million dollars) while serving in the Republican party and his suspicious 2nd marriage to Ms Chao who's Chinese father is a shipping magnate in China. He really threw Trump under the boss when he accused him of inciting the crowd at the capital. He pulled a 180 degree attack on Trump, I thought he was Adam Schiff.  2 faced!

The supposed Republican Supreme Court justices, 3 of which were appointed by President Trump also threw him under the bus when they declined to hear his case about the fraudulent election. Unbelievably, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett were silent. They took their lead from Chief Justice Roberts who was considered to be a conservative. All of them were 2 faced and sealed the coffin on the fraudulent election and made the US a defacto banana republic over night!

I'm not even talking about Republican's like senator Mitt Romney who despised Trump from day one but was still hoping to get a cabinet post. When Trump refused him, then his fangs really came out. Almost the entire Bush family turned on Trump even after he became president. They would prefer their former opponents in the Democratic party (like the Clintons and Obama) over a duly elected President from their own party! They ignored the wishes and votes of their own Republican base.  How shameful. 

Of course there have been many right wing political pundits who also threw the President under the bus just when the bus was leaving the station. At the most critical time in his Presidency when he needed all hands on deck, they disparaged him to varying degrees. My former heroes like Caroline Glick and Rabbi Dov Fischer were both guilty of this. Something I won't soon forget. And everyone who watches the only conservative news channel Fox News would certainly agree with me that they made a hard Left turn. They recently fired the most reliable news reporter and fact driven anchor they had: Lou Dobbs because he dared to bring up the fraudulent election one too many times. Once they fire Sean Hannity, they will have to compete with CNN and MSNBC for their customers. 

We know how nasty the leaders of the Democratic party have become especially since Trump took office. We know how the social media giants like FB, Twitter & Google have allied with other nefarious yet powerful people like George Soros, Bill Gates and others to try to control the world, starting with the US.  Now the 2nd bogus impeachment charade continues while Biden is killing any hope of an economic recovery in the US with his immediate job cutting policies. Complete insanity. Yet people like me have come to expect this. We've seen this Trump derangement syndrome flourish for 4+ years. 

But what really hurt was the 2 facism from so many of his supposed supporters. Beyond sickening and insulting to his real loyal supporters like me. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Future Looks Bleak

Now I know how my Jewish grandparents must have felt back in Poland in the 1930's. They saw this guy Hitler slowly rise to power in Germany, their next door neighbour. They experienced antisemitism their entire lives in Poland as did their ancestors. They knew its dangerous signs, how it starts and how it ends. Long before the Holocaust of WWII, they experienced deadly pogroms from their immediate neighbours within Poland, Ukraine and other nasty places. They saw how the wealthier and assimilated Jews of Germany and Western Europe were quick to appease their fellow antisemites. They saw how so many intellectuals were easily convinced to give up their rights to free speech and liberty. Elections became a joke. There were no multi-party systems. Only 1 party. Censorship became the norm. Free press? Forget it. In essence, they witnessed the decline of humanity, where the worst thugs became the rulers of the free world and they were way too powerless to stop it.

Can you see a parallel today? If you can't, you must be blind.

In most Western countries in the world today, we see that they have made a sharp Left turn. Again this has been insidiously going on for decades. Today it's on target to turn back the clock. One the most civilized, powerful and democratic countries in history is turning into Germany in the 1930's while most people in the world today don't see it happening right under their noses.

For 4+ years we've had a duly elected president who's had to face down a constant barrage of nasty attacks while accomplishing so much to make the world a better place. What thanks did he get? A second impeachment! Election fraud! Investigation after investigation levelled at him using millions of tax payer dollars and all revealing nothing. He accomplished so much in so little time. Things that his opponents swore could never be done. Like bringing manufacturing back to the US. Get more people good jobs than ever before. Help make peace in the Middle East in part by finally acknowledging that the PA is not interested in making peace with Israel. Making the US energy independent. He ratified the Keystone XL Pipeline that would bring oil/gas from Canada to the US, removing the US dependance on oil from her enemies like Iran. Biden has already announced that he'll be undoing all of these fantastic things.  There are far too many accomplishments to mention here.

Let me focus now on what to expect with a Biden administration:

Higher taxes. Fewer jobs. Complete censorship. Attacking everyone who does not conform to his Leftist ideology. A complete Cancel Culture. Let's Make America A Shit hole. Open borders. Let in millions of illegal immigrants who will no doubt vote for those who let them in. Re-invoke the dangerous Iran deal. Put Israel under the aim of nuclear missiles from Iran. Re-engage with the corrupt terrorist Abbas who has been rightfully sidelined thanks to Trump but who will now call the shots. Look for more wars throughout the world. Destruction of the middle class. Indoctrinate our students like never before. Without a Trump administration, there is no one on the right to stop any of this. I thought things were at their rock bottom during Obama's presidency. I was  wrong. This is a perfect storm. The Democrats (read Communists/dictators) control all aspects of the US federal government. To see this as not healthy, is certainly an understatement. 

Biden plans to undo every single accomplishment that Trump has done. He will bankrupt the US while enrich himself and his supporters like China, Big Tech, Big Pharma, the MSM, the educational system and other like minding crooks who hate America. 

So this is how it starts. On the surface, all is good. Many people might see this as simply someone else's turn to lead. All these nice words spoken of healing and coming together and the empty words of change. But isn't it obvious that things look bleak? The Dems stole the election and now they won. One would think that they would be thrilled and be in a great, celebratory mood. But they aren't. They are wild eyed crazy, intent on  attacking President Trump even after he leaves office. No less so is their focus on  every Trump supporter and conservative news outlet. (there aren't many left). The MSM has effectively almost completely silenced us already and Biden hasn't even taken office yet.

Too many on the right are equally blind to the acute danger of how the world is turning. They are not too concerned about the new Biden administration, complete with some of the most dangerous political leaders the US has ever had. Although they might have liked Trump's policies, they didn't like him. And although they are no fans of Biden, they don't think that even a demented nut job like him can ruin the most powerful country on earth in just 4 years. The Jews in Western Europe who were mostly brutally murdered by the Nazis and their supporters, would have probably agreed. But in just the past month alone, even before Biden takes office, the Social Democratic Party has already made the US a banana republic. We can count on them to pack the supreme court with far Left judges and to make left leaning Washington DC and other US territories, formal US states thereby giving them more Democratic senators thusly making Congress a permanent Democratic majority. The treasonous crimes committed by so many leaders in the Democratic party from Obama, Hillary, Biden & his family and others will not only not be punished but will in fact be rewarded. It seems that crime does pay after all. 

I have witnessed far too many weaklings on the right cave in to those on the left. At the most critical time, they are jumping ship, hoping to save their careers or perhaps thinking that appeasing the Left might make their lives easier. It is both mind boggling and heart breaking. 

Many will view this post as one written by an over dramatic right wing nut. Of course you have every right to your opinion (mind you, it's a limited time offer). I'm not trying to predict the future. No person can. But I'm trying to point out the obvious. If one wants to destroy our way of life, this is exactly how to do it. This is how it's been done before. This is certainly what my grandparents saw happen right before their eyes.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

My BS Meter is on High Alert

I've known for many years now that one can't trust the MSM (main stream media).  Nor can we trust governments, schools and our education system, social media giants, large corporations and others.

I believe that being a skeptic is generally a healthy way to be. 

But these days, the level of absolute lies and other BS is through the roof! 

It's so hard to sort out the real facts from so much fiction. I can't watch TV at all because just about on every station, subliminal attacks on conservatives, especially supporters of the President and of course all out attacks on him are broadcast around the clock. I'm not even talking about the insane, leftist, BS artists like CNN or MNSBC. I'm talking about every single 'news' channel including local TV and radio channels here in Toronto, Canada. The other day I was listening to a local radio AM channel to get the weather. The  man reported on the weather and then managed to insert a disparaging comment about President Trump. I couldn't believe what I just heard. Since when does this guy have the right to voice his political opinion on anything? If the station had labeled itself as an opinion based radio show, (like my blog for example) that would be fine. I would simply change the station and look for a non-political weather station. Ie. a weather station period. 

My email inbox is loaded with garbage. Most coming from the Left but some coming from the Right. From the Left one is currently bombarded with furious attacks on the president for his 'incitement to violence on the Capitol' followed by yet another threat to impeach him. Or Pelosi's concern that he might launch a nuclear war out of vindictiveness. His words are constantly taken out of context and he is constantly portrayed as a monster unfit to lead. The Left's sudden urge to seek for morality makes me want to vomit. For months they were not only okay with home grown terror groups like Antifa and BLM destroying lives, businesses and cities throughout the US, leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and too many others to mention egged them on. When asked point black about the attacks to court houses, police stations and thousands of small businesses, Nancy said 'people do what they do'. 

On the Right I get plenty of fake news articles about Trump leading a comeback by imprisoning the leading Democratic criminals before he leaves office. This garbage is not helping our cause. 

Worse is the over the top attacks by former Trump supporters who we now see were never real supporters in the first place. It's in times of trouble when one can discern who your real friends are. 

If you would have asked me a month ago whether Trump could rely on his VP, Mike Pence or Republican Senator Tom Cotton to support him I would have said yes. I would have been dead wrong. There are many others (RINO's) who I knew from the outset could not be trusted. People like Senate Majority leader Mitch McConell is such an example. He was always part of the swamp but he managed to play the role until now. Now that the story of him being financed by his billionaire Chinese father in law and the CPP has come to light I feel like a fool when I bothered to listen to his positive but fake remarks about Trump. Fake because he was setting him up.  At this point he might as well be working for the Biden team. The much talked about, majority conservative Supreme Court was a supreme let down too.

I am among millions of others who can see that the election was stolen. My young nephew realized this months ago simply based on statistical analysis. Trump won all of the required bell weather states that have historically proven that they must be won in order to win the presidency. Simply put, the math doesn't add up. Whereas Trump had tens of thousands of supporters at his rallies, Biden had a few dozen. Sleepy Joe who was hiding in his basement for the most part of the run up to the election managed to mysteriously get more votes than his former boss who like Trump also had tens of thousands of supporters show up for his rallies. 

I understand how easy it is to compromise a politician. All it typically takes is a threatening letter or email stating that 'we know where your children go to school'.  It's often that easy. Money also works.

It's now not about Trump as much as it is about Democracy. And the President has said so publicly. Too bad you won't hear it. Because the MSM media including those social media giants like Twitter (who banned him permanently), Facebook, Google and others will not publish anything the least bit positive from him or by supporters of him. They are putting all their energy and money to attack him and people on the Right like me. I would imagine that the way things are going, I won't be able to post this blog much longer due to my Right wing views. Meanwhile all the social media giants are totally fine with posting comments from our real enemies like the CPP (Chinese Communist Party) leader or the ayatollah's from Iran. And here I thought that free speech was sacred. How can one make up one's own opinion fairly if we only hear one side?

If I wrote a fictional novel based on exactly what's happened to the presidency of the US in the past 4 years, I would imagine it might get bounced due to an overly aggressive imagination. Those that are disparaging Trump now will pay the price later. Sadly people like me on the Right and a loyal Trump supporter, as well as my children and grandchildren will also pay the price. He gave his precious senior years to his nation. He got people jobs who thought that they'd never work again. And these were well paid jobs in manufacturing, technology and especially the energy sector when his predecessor said that these jobs were never coming back. As a Jewish activist he blew me away (in good way), when he backed Israel 100 percent. He is the first president who unlike Obama who only said he had Israel's back while stabbing Israel in the back, had Israel's back, front and sideways. While Obama and his crew empowered Iran over and over, Trump cancelled the dangerous Iran deal and laid crushing sanctions on the Iranian terrorist government and any other countries who supported Iran. They were working! This very real, existential threat to my Jewish homeland, Israel as well as to the world at large, should be far more concerning to people than his perceived persona and lack of communication skills. 

It's certainly an uphill battle for a nobody like me to try to offer an alternate view to an insignificant portion of society. Especially while so many on the Right are condemning him. People love to play a TV quarterback. That's when guys drink beer & eat pizza while watching football on TV.  They are watching while yelling their plays that their team should have done. It's easy to do and so insane to think that we could succeed where professional quarterbacks, and expert coaches sometimes fail. That's what I hear over and over right now about how he 'mishandled' the crisis at the Capitol building in Washington. Might I suggest that had any one of us been in his shoes, we would have most likely run from the Whitehouse like a screaming, crazed chicken, never to be seen again. He has gotten zero credit for all the incredible things he's helped to accomplish in a short 4 years while constantly being under attack from all sides. I'm disappointed to hear so many friends condemn Trump based on a few silly comments he might have made or worse, based on absolute lies made by the MSM. 

If I was him, I would run away with his family and real friends to a beautiful place, away from the media and finally relax. Be with the people who really love you and respect you and appreciate you. He gave so much of himself while not collecting a penny in salary for 4 years while his opponent managed to amass a fortune in the same period. (Trump gave every penny to charity- just like any real Nazi would do).

Mostly I find it insulting when those on the Right condemn him for his refusal to give up. How dare they!