Monday, January 17, 2022

A video is worth a million words!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then certainly a video is worth a million. 

I'm going to share only 2 incredible videos with you (that adds up to 2 million words!) that perhaps you've never yet seen. Even if you have, these inspirational videos from some incredible people defending my Jewish homeland and the only democracy in the Middle East, are worth another look. I have watched them time and again and each time I am in awe of these people who spoke bravely and perfectly. They say that G-d provides the words to people when they sincerely need them. I believe it.

The first video has made the rounds but proves that even plain looking people, with Polish accents can deliver a message across the world that needed to be heard loudly and clearly. I'm referring to Israel's Prime Minister, Menachem Begin when he admonished Germany's chancellor who was ordering (trying to order) Israel to give up Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank) to Arabs who wanted to create yet another Muslim state called Palestine. Doing so  would certainly have been suicide for Israel. I loved the way he just gave it to him as so many have failed to do, especially these days. The short speech was given in 1982 and so worth watching. He speaks Hebrew but there are English subtitles. 

Begin Defending his response the German chancellor

There are so many incredible Jewish speakers from around the world who have delivered incredible speeches to those who needed to hear them.  I'm not talking about those in the sciences or medicine or the arts or culture although one can find them as well. I'm talking about those who inspired us at times when we most needed their inspiration. Men like Theodor Herzl who is considered by many as the modern day founder of Zionism and the man who helped push for the eventual founding of modern day Israel. He spoke before many disparate groups of people throughout the world to get them on board. From poor Russian Jews who were tired of the pogroms to world leaders in Switzerland who listened to him. Unfortunately those speeches took place before we had videos so in honour of him I'm including a photograph of him.

But I think that when non-Jews speak up for us, their words carry more weight. Since we Jews are such a small minority (we are a world wide population of about 15 million out of the world's population of about 8 billion) it is very important to hear their positive words. It's both heartwarming for us to hear them and it means more to the rest of the non-Jewish population. If they hear those words from a Jew they are often discounted as being biased. 

Lord Balfour of the Balfour Declaration fame was a great defender of the Jews as he felt we suffered more than enough and deserved to have our own country. PM Winston Churchill was another great friend to the Jews despite being surrounded with so many nasty antisemites at the time. Churchill was another great orator and his one liners are probably some of the most quoted in the world today. Again both of these great (non Jewish) men and many others came before the video camera's invention. 

So I've saved what I think is the best for last. This incredible speech (really an argument) was given by Douglas Murray of England back in 2012, I think at Cambridge university. He is definitely not Jewish but he is super bright and well read in so many areas. Here they are debating what to do about a Nuclear Iran. We need a million more Douglas Murray's! 


Douglas Murray Best Speech Ever!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Finally the 'massacre' at Deir Yassin is repudiated

Mr. Tauber published his well researched book that finally puts an end to the myth promulgated by Arabs over decades, that Jews massacred arabs in Deir Yassin in 1948.

Although many people, even some Israelis believed it, I never did. Because Jews don’t behave that way. In 4000 years they’ve never behaved that way. 

Arabs have been consistent in publishing fake stories and videos on how the world has mistreated them. Their more recent Pallywood video clips are disturbing to any who views them. Here is just one of many where you can watch their makeup artists and Arab actors smiling for the cameras:

I certainly know that Mr. Tauber’s book won’t put an end to their lies about this but hopefully it will stop others from believing this lie.
This is just one of so many. More recently in 2002 we witnessed the hoax ‘Jenin Massacre’ whereby again the Arabs put out a story that the IDF carpet bombed an entire village called Jenin. The whole world bought this story immediately without any investigation! I remember it clearly. Every station on TV showed Arab women crying about how their entire village was wiped out by the Israelis. I happen to work with a lovely, young Arab woman who was crying at work the next day, asking me: 'Why Leon, why?" 
Of course once the Israelis showed the world that it was a fabrication, it was too late. Any retractions posted in the back pages of newspapers weeks later were missed entirely. If you look this non-event up on the internet today, you will still find plenty of sights that still think it happened. 

Back in 2000 their is the infamous al Dura affair whereby again Arabs tried to blame the IDF for shooting a young Arab boy and killing him. There are many photographs that made it around the world of his father holding his dead son. Once again it turned out that he was shot, most likely accidentally, by his fellow Arab terrorists in Israel during a shoot out with the IDF. This photograph taken minutes before the child was shot went around the world:

There are far too many incidents like these to mention here but many believe that it was the Deir Yassin hoax that started this type of PR for the Arabs as they received such excellent press over it for so many years. I doubt that even they thought they would get the mileage out of this as they did way back then.

Winston Churchill said it best: ' A lie gets half way across the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on’.

The book is titled ’The Massacre That Never Was’ by Eliezer Tauber and is available on Amazon (hopefully elsewhere too). I can’t wait to read it.

On April 9, 1948, forces of the Etzel and Lehi Jewish underground military organizations attacked the Arab village of Deir Yassin west of Jerusalem. The nature of this attack became one of the most controversial issues in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Professor Eliezer Tauber’s serious and in-depth research sheds light on this event, as we discover what really happened at Deir Yassin. In The Massacre That Never Was, a work of engrossing narrative and exhaustive research, Professor Eliezer Tauber proves that no massacre of Palestinians took place in the village of Deir Yassin in 1948, exploding a myth that has been the cornerstone of the Palestinian narrative for seven decades. Reconstructing a fierce ten-hour battle through a meticulous analysis of Arab and Jewish testimony and documents from 1948 that are still closed to the public, Professor Tauber persuasively demonstrates that the massacre narrative was a myth intentionally invented by the Arab leadership of 1948 Jerusalem. Furthermore, the subsequent false rumors surrounding the event exacerbated the mass exodus of Arabs from Palestine, thus creating the refugee crisis and fueling propaganda against Israel, which has shaped the world’s understanding of the affair to this day. A timely work of historical reappraisal, The Massacre That Never Was will have a major impact on how we understand Israeli and Palestinian history. 

Friday, December 17, 2021

Antisemitism on Campus

Thane you couldn't have done a better job explaining the issue! This short video should be mandatory for every college student (Jewish or not) and their parents!

Monday, December 6, 2021

In My Own Backyard

We often travel long distances looking for things that we could have found in our own backyards.

If you don't know by now, I am a strong, proud, Jewish activist! I have posted about various topics over the years but the main reason I blog, send emails, attend rallies, go to lectures, etc., is to counter the vicious antisemitism that sadly has attacked all corners of the world. So today I'm going back to my roots. 

Right here in my beautiful, internationally acclaimed city, the largest and most diverse city in Canada, Toronto, antisemitism has flourished! The oldest form of bigotry in the world, the hatred of Jews has been allowed to grow much like that little corner of your shower that might have a bit of mold a year ago or longer but has been ignored until finally today it has spread all over the shower walls. To the point that one can't shower any more until the mold is eradicated. 

In the past couple of weeks I have been forced to write numerous emails about antisemitic behaviour that is occurring right under my nose. Where exactly? In our schools. Arguably the worst place to let it grow. Because schools are where children learn. The education we give them determines their morals, ethics and views on so many things. If we teach them the wrong things, they will behave accordingly. If we teach them to hate blacks, odds are they will hate blacks. If we teach them to hate Jews, they mostly likely will. This isn't rocket science. 

So who's to blame? All of us. Of course the main culprits are the antisemites themselves. And boy, they are many! But regular citizens like you and me have failed. For the most part, we have buried our heads in the sand and are oblivious of the rampant antisemitism that has spread across our schools right here at home. Sure some of us might realize the obvious antisemitism that Israeli Jews face every day. They are in a constant existential fight with so many Muslims and others who not only hate them, but want them dead.  Sadly Israelis have been killed in large and small numbers since her modern day recreation in 1948. 

But many of us, whether we are Jewish or not, are not aware about the ongoings with our school system. The TDSB (Toronto District School Board) has been simmering for years with antisemitism. Meanwhile I would bet that this is not common knowledge. Like the mold in the shower analogy, we can't shower anymore. I mean, we can't send our kids to school anymore. Of course we can, but should we? One of my favourite mentors, Dennis Prager, had warned parents about sending their kids to university. He cited so many cases where parents paid tons of money to send their kids to college with high hopes that their kids would return as mature young adults loaded with the required education and skills to make a living in the careers of their choosing. But instead their kids came home loaded with Leftist ideology and antisemitism. Even Jewish students are brainwashed to hate Israel and to attribute  to Israel some of the most outrageous lies ever promulgated. Their educators, an oxymoron if I ever heard one, were themselves brainwashed and were on a mission to get the next generation of haters on their side. Jews are an easy people to hate. Because we are more or less peaceful. Whereas other minorities like Blacks have lately become associated with some nasty violent organizations like BLM. So many people, organizations and governments have bought their propaganda and refuse to even look at their astounding violent behaviour and threats. If even the smallest hint of anti-Black racism was discovered at the TDSB, there would be an immediate outcry and believe me, heads would role. 

Likewise if anti-Muslim racism was discovered at TDSB, all hell would break loose. And perhaps heads would role, literally. I will never forget how just this past summer, downtown Toronto was taken over by tens of thousands of radical Muslims and their supporters looking for trouble. A peaceful protest, it wasn't. And hardly anyone noticed it or wanted to. 

Us Jews are a very small minority in Toronto. There are pockets in the greater area that have a high percentage of Jews but overall, certainly compared to most other minorities, we are tiny. We can't expect others to speak up for our us. We are responsible for our own well being. Last I heard, we still live in a free, democratic, society. But if we do nothing, we'll lose that. Now is the time to speak out. As I've written ad nauseam, a simple email is so easy to do. And if we write enough of them and send them to the media, our politicians, the schools, organizations, companies and the individuals who need them, we can affect change. I wrote this email to our TDSB trustees the other day:

Subject: Please reject the unjust censure of Trustee Alexandra Lulka

Dear Toronto District School Board Trustees,

It has become obviously apparent to me that your board has a problem with Jews. There have been far too many issues recently that have highlighted this serious racist behaviour.
The latest  attempt by your board  to attack your fellow Jewish trustee, Alexandra Lulka and attempt to censure her for discriminating against Muslims and Palestinians is more proof of your very own antisemitism. 
Alexandra’s complaint was with TDSB Equity advisor Javier Davila for distributing antisemitic material (a claim that the commissioner agreed with). Because she did her job and identified a serious problem with a TDSB employee, she has been attacked by the board unfairly. BTW, he is neither Muslim or Palestinian (not that that should matter).

I urge you all to please look at the facts alone and see what’s going on there. There exists a dark circle of people and ideas who wish to silence anyone who speaks out against antisemitism. And if one defies silence, then they are punished for opening their mouth. What kind of example do you want to set for our students and future generations right here in Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world?

I sent that email to all of the trustees as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

BTW, the director of the TDSB is Colleen Russell-Rawlins.  She also deserves an email or two over this and so many other antisemitic incidents at TDSB. She was ok with a high school allowing a pro-Palestinian demonstration with chants 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free'. 

I challenge everyone who reads this blog to write an email to all of the trustees I listed. Start there. Hopefully this will lead you on to a strong path of defiance of antisemitism. Let's clean up our own backyard first and move on to other organizations and locations. 

Many Thanks !

Monday, October 25, 2021

Should Trump Run In 2024?

There has been a lot of speculation on this question. Here is my take on it.

Due to the disastrous Biden administration, many Democrats and their media sycophants are starting to say the things we are saying out loud. You know, things like 'ls creepy Joe really running the show?'  'ls he all there' 'The country is falling apart' or if you watch sports a common meme today is 'Let's go Brandon' (a euphemism for 'F Joe Biden'). 

Let's Go Brandon

On MSNBC, a far Left media channel as one can watch, l was shocked to hear them predict that if any Republican ran against Biden, they would win in a landslide! Of course they were quick to add that the only exception would be President Trump. If he were to run, he might just squeak by.

President Trump was the best president the US has ever had. Like you, I don't believe anything the Democrats say either. But Trump deserves a rest. He's a grandfather and he should spend time with his family. If he wants to run again, of course we should support him but he's given enough of himself. I wouldn't encourage him to run again especially when we have people like Governor De Santis who could also do a great job, has Trump's courage and would have an excellent chance at winning.

One of my all time favourite movies was Cool Hand Luke, starring one of my favourite actors, Paul Newman. He plays a prisoner down south in a state like Alabama. He tries to escape a few times but gets caught every time. He unwittingly becomes the prison hero. He competes in an egg eating competition and his prison mates are constantly pushing him to eat until he's sick. Of course they push him to keep trying to escape and take them along. At first he likes the attention. But he finally admonishes them to stop sucking off him. 

We can learn from that movie. We need to stop sucking off of President Trump. Those who encourage him to run are selfish. We sit in the comfort of our own homes and urge him to run without considering the pressure, stress, threats against his life and the lives of his family, constant law suits, all sorts of attacks, etc. that he faces daily. He's done far more than anyone to help save the USA and make the world a safer place. I would think that he has a permanent place in politics if he wants it, perhaps as an advisor behind the scenes. But I will not be one of the many Trump lovers who are encouraging him to run. 

Let's Go Brandon!


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Calling All Trump Haters

Please note: If you are not a Trump hater, you may still read this blog!

You might recall my dire warnings after Biden became president. If you missed it, here it is. In summary, I said that the world will become a very dangerous place. I believe it has. Do you? If not, I'd love to hear from you.

To all my friends who might not have hated former President Trump but had issues with him:

What do you think now? Do you miss his brash arrogance? His annoying bragging of his successes? His red cap 'Make America Great'?  I didn't think so. But just maybe right about now, after the disaster in Afghanistan, you hopefully are getting my old point. I pleaded with you last year to look past his personality if you didn't like what you saw or heard. I told you then that world leaders are by their very nature arrogant and therefore not usually liked. But if their policies are moral then they are to be admired and supported. 

I told you then that the mainstream media has aligned itself so closely with the Left that they have become an arm of the Democratic party. Their biased reporting is dangerous and needs to be called out as such. I urged you then and continue to urge you now to do your own research. If you continue to watch CNN to 'get the facts', you will be sorely misinformed. The disaster unfolding before us in Afghanistan presents us yet another dangerous blunder by the Biden administration. Any child could have figured out that if the US wanted to pull out of Afghanistan (whether they should have or not is another discussion entirely), then the order of actions should be first to remove all US citizens, then remove American weapons and finally to remove their armed forces. Biden did the opposite, putting Americans there in extreme danger. 13 American soldiers have already been killed recently and hundreds of sympathetic Afghans have been murdered as well. Thousands are injured and are suffering. Millions more lives are at stake. The rest will be hunted down, tortured and used as hostages. This despite Biden's public promise that no American will be left behind. 

Thanks to Biden's blunder, the Taliban has overnight become the best armed terrorist entity in the world. That's what leaving billions of dollars of sophisticated weapons to our enemies does.  Did you notice that during the Trump administration the Taliban, ISIS and the rest of the terrorists were under control. I'm not saying it was a safe place to live or vacation at. I doubt that it ever will be. But now, thanks to Biden and his bumbling crew of defense ministers, woke generals (who's # 1 concern was to enlist more gays and boast of a more diverse army) and others have shaped Afghanistan to be terror central. Terror organizations like Hamas (who applauded the Taliban victory - let's keep giving them tons of money), Hezbolla and many others will be running there for training and to pickup some cool weapons. Terror states like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will be quick to sponsor them. China can't wait to get their hands on the latest US weaponry and begin to reverse engineer them back at home in order to mass produce them and sell them on the black market. It's like they won the lottery. 

What are the odds of another 9/11 style attack on the US now? As I predicted, a Biden administration would make the world a dangerous place and it sure as hell has. You've got to be wilfully blind not to see it.

Here are a few points to ponder:

1. Biden suffers from dementia but is getting rich.

2. He is not running the show (although he may think that he is).

3. Who is?

4. It's ok to change your mind. Learn from your mistakes.

5. Courage must be applauded. Cognitive dissonance must be rejected. 

6. What do you think the world thinks of American leadership today? Are they laughing at us? Do they take us seriously? Do our allies trust us?

7. Do you believe in security through strength? I certainly do. Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump certainly did. As a result, our enemies hated them but respected and feared them and the world was a safer place. 

8. Do you think that the world is in a better place today than it was when Trump was president?

I don't have the space to list all of Biden's blunders because there are so many. From reversing Trump's US energy independence, opening the southern border and inviting millions of illegal migrants (so much for Covid restrictions) to come on over, to defunding the police and destroying small business, manufacturing and the job market in general. 

To quote the words of wisdom of our current president 'Come on, man!'

Monday, August 23, 2021

Do NOT Re-elect Justin Trudeau!

Our PM has just called for a federal election in Canada. Why did he call for one now? Covid cases are surging once again. Lockdowns, here we come again! Our western province of British Columbia (BC) is in the midst of some of the worst forest fires and heat waves in its history. Many other provinces have also suffered from the fires including my beautiful province of Ontario. Up here in cottage country just 2 hours north of Toronto, I have smelled and seen the smoke from fires from way up north. 

Voting in a federal election right now is surely not a priority in for any Canadian right now! I can't imagine finding a single Canadian who wants an election today. If you are the one, please let me know.

So why did he call it? To be fair, I'm sure it wasn't his idea. For he has no ideas. No brains=no ideas.

He was advised to do so because just after the election (end of September) the Covid government handouts are set to expire. So he needs to have the election before then while many are still collecting free money. The impacts of Covid, especially the economic ones haven't shown themselves completely just yet. Inflation is through the roof and rising fast. His extreme spending is not helping. 

Currently his Liberal party leads as a minority government. In order to really raise the whip against us and all who oppose him and his party, he needs a majority. So they hope not only to win again but this time to obtain a majority of members of parliament. 

Their selfish view to dominate indicates that he/they don't give a rat's ass about us. Never did, never will.

There are no term limits for Canadian Prime Ministers, so theoretically he could be our PM for years to come, G-d forbid!

In this post, I am begging Canadians to not re-elect him! His constant push towards Socialism and more government control scares me and should scare you. The bills he is pushing to pass, limit our freedom of speech and other freedoms as well. His long time love affair with Islam is also scary. I was no fan of his father but I will admit that at least his dad had a brain. Justin, not so much. 

We have elected him twice. Three strikes and we are out. I understand that most leaders of the other parties are nothing worth talking about but as I've stated often in the past, voting is a relative process. Meaning that we often have to vote for the least worst person. Of all the federal parties and there are quite a few these days, I feel that the Conservative party's policies align most closely with my own. Their new leader, Erin O'toole, stands out as 'lame'. He has no presence, is not in the least bit exciting, flip flops on policies and looks to me like a small 'L' liberal. But I will surely vote for him without a doubt. They are the only party that has a chance to unseat Trudeau, so voting for any other party will not necessarily help.  There are other parties that I would urge us to stay away from. The NDP and Green parties are loaded with antisemites and have far left agenda's. Others like the Bloc Quebecois want the province of Quebec to separate from the rest of Canada and are anti-Canadian. 

If you want our Government to protect you, help you financially and keep you free, do NOT vote Liberal. My local MP (member of parliament) is Ya'ara Sacks. She works for Trudeau's Liberal party. She doesn't represent me or my points of views. Either on the domestic front of the foreign policy front. If you happen to be Jewish and live in my riding, please don't re-elect her just because she is Jewish.

Party it Up!