Friday, March 8, 2019

It's Not a Good Time to be Jewish

To be clear, it's never easy to be Jewish. History has proved this in spades. But there were times when it was easier and times when it was harder.

I don't want to cry wolf just yet. After all, I am Jewish, married a Jewish wife and have Jewish children and children in law. I live in Toronto which is definitely a Jew friendly place to live compared to the many hell holes throughout the world where I could not live and my family could not live as Jews.

I have many non-Jewish friends here and they are all what I consider to be Righteous Gentiles.
Of course I have many more Jewish friends and family too. Some are left wing politically and some are right wing and some are apolitical all together.

Have I personally experienced antisemitism right here in Jew friendly Toronto? You bet I have. Even from a young age. But what we are seeing today around the globe is pretty damned scary. The ongoing existential war on our Jewish state is still in progress and the enemies seem to be ramping up. Just to be clear, they are not attacking Israelis. They are attacking Jews who live in Israel and anyone else who supports them. It's not about land. It's simply antisemitism of the worst kind.

The situation in Israel is scary especially given that their elected leader PM Netanyahu has been under investigation for years and has finally been indicted by his enemies on the Left. So rather than him being focused on Iran, Hamas, Syria, Russia, Hezbolah, the PA, the EU, the UN and too many other enemies to mention here, he has to fight off the enemies within and defend himself on frivolous charges like taking too many cigars as gifts. It's beyond disgusting. Like President Trump he is being attacked 24/7. I'm not even Bibi's best fan as I prefer Naftalie Bennett with Ms. Shaked and Ms. Glick. But even I see the attacks against this legitimate war hero, super intelligent and well spoken Jewish leader as beyond the pale. May G-d help him!

Looking at my neighbour to the south, (US) I find it no less disturbing for the Jews who live there. I thought it couldn't get worse than when Obama was in charge. But I was wrong. With powerful antisemites in top government spots like Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez, it's hard not to be concerned.  On top of this we have others in government who not only do not condemn these haters but instead support them. Some are even Jewish! Like Chuck Shumer and Bernie Sanders. The old  hag who is the official leader of the Democratic party, Nancy Pelosi wouldn't dare to condemn her appointees for their blatant antisemitic remarks. She probably planned to admonish them but was read the riot act by these young Muslim politician women and of course Pelosi went back to counting her money.

These powerful government leaders have been elevated to the status of rock stars. Look at the poster women on the Rolling Stone cover:

IF they are shaping the future (and they are) then the future is not bright for the Jews and certainly not bright for America and for the world. If you are Jewish and continue to support the Democrats in the States then you are committing suicide or at the very least making life for your children extremely difficult if not impossible.

The mainstream media like CNN refuse to call out their government representatives for their gross antisemitism. They are too busy on the witch hunt to impeach Trump. So who will? Some nobody Canadian guy like me? Hell yes but since I'm a nobody it won't count for much.

Look around the world for a moment and you'll find more of the disgusting same. Have you seen the floats in a parade in Belgium depicting religious Jews with big noses amongst rats and bags of money? Here's a pic:

The really scary part is that despite an absolutely pro-Israel and philo-semite in President Trump, the United States is in a dangerous place right now. The Democratic party who most Jews consistently vote for and who for the most part were rooting for Israel have now turned on Israel and turned on Jews. And no one seems to give a crap.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Kill Him

I hope you noticed that I didn't end the title of my post 'Kill Him' with an exclamation mark. I want to leave any emotions out of this discussion.

If you haven't as yet guessed who I want to kill, why it's the Arab terrorist, Arafat Irfaiya, who was recently arrested for having raped, mutilated and murdered a sweet, young, Israeli girl of 19 years of age. If you don't live in Israel (I don't), you might not have heard about this as it has yet to be reported by the mainstream media. So disgusting. But here in Canada when a young Muslim girl made up a story about her hijab being cut off by a man, the story went viral within hours, even our own PM cried about Islamophobia within an hour of the hoax.

Ori Ansbacher was Jewish as you might expect (however you could just as easily been wrong because many sweet young, Arabic girls are also raped, mutilated and murdered as a result of their legal practise of Honour Killing) in fact she was a religious Jew. Her father was a rabbi and I doubt that she ever intentionally killed an ant in her entire short life.

It's funny that just as I'm writing this, I am getting emotional. I can see that this will be a battle for me. I must keep my emotions out of this.

I best get on with my point or I'll lose it, lose you and lose the battle.

THE point is that once he's found guilty (which he probably is - 99.999% since he not only confessed to the crime, he reenacted it out to the police, there is DNA evidence and video camera evidence) then his punishment should be death. I don't care how they do it. But they absolutely must kill him. Israel has the death penalty. They've rarely used it. I do recall watching the Eichmann trial on TV when I was just a kid. Even then I knew what was going on. A very evil man was going to die as fair punishment for what he did. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who watched it. Have we all been affected by it to the point that we either all want to kill people who we think deserve it or perhaps we will refuse to ever kill another human being because of it? Obviously neither. Eichmann was put on trial, found guilty by an abundance of evidence and killed because of the horrific things he did. We don't kill everyone who killed someone, just the extremely horrific cases. I understood this straightforward concept as a child and I certainly understand it now. Please note that I'm not making a case for capital punishment here. That is an entirely different discussion. I happen to believe in it but that is besides the point. As I mentioned, Israel believes in capital punishment. It's on their books.

I think this case meets the horrific standard. I urge you to watch this super short video clip of the 'suspect':

Beyond his smirk he is daring at you to look at him in the eyes. Looking at evil is not easy. One can see the scratch marks on his face where poor Ori was trying to defend herself from this killer.

Back to the point. Israel has a moral obligation to do this. When you are staring at evil in the face and you and everyone else bloody knows it, you must do your best to extinguish it forever. That last part after the 'and' is very important.  I'm not asking you to take the law in your own hands, quite the opposite.  I'm demanding that you follow the law. Your law.

He can't possibly be found insane because every Arab who has been brainwashed as a child to hate and murder Jews can be considered insane. After the crime they are never remorseful. They are proud of their actions. Their family who protects them almost always decry their innocence. 

In Israel's case she has many more valid reasons to do it. The Arabs that go by the name of Palestinians and their other tribesmen and terrorist organizations like the PLO, PA, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah, and too many countries to mention are in some cult like hatred (in general and in the extreme regarding Jews). A day doesn't go by when an Israeli is attacked or worse.

It's way past time to send them a profound message that we will no longer accept the status quo. Murdering, raping and mutilating young, defenceless Jewish girls will no longer be tolerated. Nor will stabbing Jewish babies to death or chopping off heads. Neither must we simply ignore the millions of dollars of rewards that are given by the Arab leaders (aka our 'peace partners') to these murderers and their families.

I may not be a religious Jew in practise but I believe in G-d. And so I fear that if we do not put this remnant of Amalek down forever we will pay a terrible price.

Friday, February 1, 2019

In Defense of the Haredim

I am a secular Jew in Canada but despite this I can be objective to the case of the Haredim. Serving in the IDF is important. But no less so is keeping Judaism alive (maybe even more so). What would you prefer: That Israel turn into a secular state with a powerful army or remain a viable army with a strong Jewish identity?  I for one choose the latter. I've seen first hand how many left leaning politicians like Yair Lapid have tried to polarize Israeli society by blowing up this issue far more than it is purely for political purposes. It’s easy to make a case of a son or daughter who died or was injured in battle and cry that your Haredi neighbour’s children remain safe. But I also know of many secular, hippie type Jews who refuse to serve in the IDF. There seemed to be no legal repercussions for them. The truth is far more complex than meets the eye. 

Here are some salient facts: 

1. Wars are fought differently than they were even 20 years ago. Manpower is no longer a requirement. Wars are fought with intelligence, drones, electronics, satellites, robots and various weapon systems. I have read articles (not published broadly) about problems of over enlistment. Many make work projects are being employed just to keep those serving busy. 

2. Do you really want to force a yeshiva bachur into battle? Most of these young men have never killed an ant and would certainly find it difficult if not impossible to shoot a human being. I for one would not entrust such a person to have my back on the war front. This is not to say for one moment that religious Jews can't fight. There are way too many examples to mention here but here is a short list: Moshe Reabbeinu, Joshua, King David, King Solomon, The Maccabees, etc. Some of us are born to fight, some of us are born to study.

3. So far most young Haredi men who have enlisted have lost their faith after serving. This is a big issue. This is often caused by the IDF's refusal to take religious requirements into account. Added to this but often overlooked and under reported is the negative stigma attached to these Haredim by secular Jewish members of the IDF. Even many orthodox soldiers (they are often members of Kippot Serugot) are the ones guilty of condemning the Haredim. If they can be both religious and serve then why can't the Haredim? The answer is that there are different levels of Jewish practise. Some of us are Jews in tradition only (ie. we eat lux and bagels therefore we are Jewish), some are reform, conservative, orthodox, egalitarian, ultra orthodox, secular, you name it. I don't judge any of them. I belong in there somewhere. I value all of us. But the Haredim are at the highest level of keeping the flame of the Torah alive. There have been some Haredi battalions developed recently but there is a lot more work to be done. Forcing the entire Haredi community to serve asap would certainly be a disaster. Be careful what you ask for.

4. Many of us can understand why some brilliant scientists or even artists and politicians are exempt from service in some cases. This has been the case in many wars throughout time. We admit that we really can't afford to lose such people in war. So why can't Jews appreciate the special gifts that Haredim offer us? Even our first modern day PM, David Ben Gurion recognized this. 

5.  One might suggest that the Haredim that find military service abhorrent and soul wrenching, should do their service behind the scenes instead of on the war front. That is certainly a viable option except that many on the left including the extreme left supreme court would still consider this unfair and eventually would demand that no special treatment should be offered to them. 

6. Most principals of yeshivot today will instruct parents of yeshiva students who are not taking their study serious to enlist their sons in the IDF. Studying in a yeshiva is not a party. It’s serious business, no less so than serving in the IDF. While many secular Jews say how nice it would be to evade service by studying in a Yeshiva, I know they don’t mean it. They haven’t visited the dank, dark, poorly equipped Yeshiva’s where thousands of young boys have been separated from their families and study for long hours, day after day, year after year. 

7. Finally and most importantly, without the Haredim, Judaism would disappear in 2 generations! Say what you will about them and their ’strange’ customs (strange to you that is) but if you care at all about being Jewish and keeping our incredible religion alive for future generations, we absolutely need them. Between secular Jews either outright leaving the religion and/or simply not caring about Judaism and our high intermarriage rate and our low birth rate, Haredim have an incredible burden put upon them. They often live modest lives and have many children, thank G-d! Instead of giving them credit for this, we attack them. 

 Until such time as the Supreme Court and other government leaders and IDF leaders abandon their attacks on the Haredim and prove that they can be trusted, the situation will not change. Once it does, I can see that point 5 above should solve a lot of issues. At that point in time many Haredi young men would gladly offer their services manning drones, developing military software, digging ditches, cleaning toilets, etc. We must find a way to support each other or at least tolerate each other.  The truth is that so far the current complex and cloudy system mostly works. We must be careful not to break it. We need moderate and compassionate leaders on both sides to work together to keep it stable and successful. Am Yisroel Chai!

Monday, November 26, 2018

What Happened in Germany Could Happen in England

There are a handful of political parties in England. The Conservative and Labour parties dominate. Jeremy Corbyn, head of England's Labour party is a blatant antisemite. If you don't agree, then you are a combination of blind, deaf, dumb and you live alone. If there are any antisemites reading my article, I'm sure they'll agree. Current polls have the Conservative party slightly ahead. You can read the details here:  but here are some latest poll results by party: (blue is the Conservative party led by PM Theresa May, peach is Labour).

You can see that it's pretty darn close between Jeremy Corbyn the antisemite and Theresa May the appeaser. While May is still slowly trying to negotiate Brexit (England's attempt to leave the European Union -EU) Corbyn is busy trying to sway more votes his way. Many of the people are tired of the status quo. The official unemployment rate in England has dropped a bit from last year to about 4.1%.  But that does not include those who gave up looking for work (never does in official government stats). It also does not differentiate between well paid jobs be they professional or good trade jobs in construction or manufacturing vs cheap service jobs that pay minimum wage. For many years now England's middle income jobs have been disappearing quickly. That's why that segment of England's population has been leaving. Who's left? The super wealthy upper class which has a high component of wealthy immigrants like the wealthy oil sheiks from the Middle East. Who else can afford a condominium in London? The not so wealthy (aka the poor) form the majority of people there. Between 2010 and 2013 about 33% of England's population fell below the poverty line. Not sure what it is today, but suffice it to say that the majority of the UK are not happy for one reason or another (usually related to economics). I don't think that the trade unions are helping either.

That's why Jeremy Corbyn and his party have been gaining ground. When times get tough, people need to find a scapegoat to blame. How about them Jews? England has had their share of antisemites throughout history. Like most other countries in the world, especially those of Europe, Jew hatred is their specialty. Maybe they didn't have pogroms like in Russia or concentration camps like those established by Germany or maybe they didn't burn their 800 year old Jewish neighbours in barns like in Poland but England's brand of antisemitism was what one can say: is more subtle. The point is, antisemitism was always there and maybe took a short hiatus during and shortly after WWII. It was just waiting for the most opportune time to raise its ugly head. Corbyn is quick to make friends with all Muslims especially Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas. He's not stupid. He sees (as can anyone living there) that the Muslim population is the fastest growing population in the UK. As of 2017 there were over 4 million Muslims living there but that is just an estimate. There are many no go zones in scary Muslim neighbourhoods where no pollster would dare venture. While the indigenous  English birth rate is shrinking ever so quickly, the Muslim birth rate is though the roof. Of course many of these Muslim immigrants are no friends of the Jews. More votes for Corbyn. And to May's detriment, she keeps letting them in. Note to PM May: They won't vote for you!

Does this picture remind you of something? How about Germany in the early 1930's? Hitler promised a better economy and blamed the troubles they had at the time, for the most part, on the Jews. Prior to WWII most people throughout the world including the Germans themselves and even the Jewish Germans didn't give too much thought to Hitler and the Nazi party. Most were too busy trying to live their lives to even pay attention. Others thought that he was a nutcase and there was no way he'd become their new leader. Many of the German Jews who were mostly assimilated thought it best to keep quiet. Don't rock the boat for fear that there would be repercussions. Meanwhile quite a few Germans and others outside of Germany, liked what they saw and indeed helped him succeed.
To the shock and horror of most Germans (including Germany's Jewish population) and others throughout the world, Hitler did rise to power and we ended up with the Holocaust.

                                          Jeremy Corbyn

Likewise today in England most good people who despise Corbyn for his blatant antisemitism and other displays of racism don't take him too seriously. They just assume that he's too overt about his Jew hatred to win. Many of the Jews in England remind me of the Jews in Germany. They have focused on assimilation instead of focusing on their Jewishness. They have adopted a similar appeasement strategy of not speaking out and not rocking the boat. They and other's have attacked President Trump more than they have attacked Corbyn! The Conservative party and almost all the rest refuse to give serious thought about the slow but sure rise of Corbyn's Labour party and the racist danger it brings with it. The only exception is the UKIP party and the EDL (English Defense League) which although is not an official party, it is one of the few organizations that stands up to Sharia in England. May is far too timid to go face to face with Corbyn and call him a racist pig to his face in public and get the people's attention about him. But trust me, Corbyn is not timid at all.

I can see numerous scenarios whereby outside forces can make Corbyn win. To name a few: George Soros decides to throw a few hundred million dollars his way during his campaign (if he hasn't already). How about some other nefarious government interference from countries like Russia, Iran or China to name a few. It's not like that hasn't happened before.

I urge good people everywhere and especially the good people of England to wake up. Have we not learned anything from history? G-d forbid, what happened in Germany could happen in England! If Corbyn gets elected, England will fall apart. Unlike in Germany, there will be no magic economic boom. Getting rid of UK's Jews will certainly not help their economy. In fact quite the reverse is true.  When the UK falls, it will bring down most of Europe with it. Why am I the only person seeing this?

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Why Does Antisemitism Exist and the Blame Game

The recent tragedy in Pittsburgh has sparked a discussion about antisemitism and what fuels it or more accurately who to blame.

Swastika painted on a synagogue in Indiana (there were so many I could have chosen from).

Haters are unhappy people. If you are unhappy with your life you typically find a way to blame others.  Most antisemites fall into that category of people. The murderer of 11 Jews who were minding their own business on Sabbath at synagogue certainly fits that bill. So why does antisemitism really exist? There are dozens of possible reasons for it. I’ve read dozens of books on the subject and the truth is that we’ll never really understand it. I had a long discussion about it recently with my brilliant nephew in Israel. It morphed into a discussion about the question ‘Why’.
I suggested that on esoteric issues like ‘Why does antisemitism exist’ and others, I would devote less time trying to figure out the why and more time dealing with the What to do about it and How to defend yourself from it. We are blessed to be here in the year 2018. We bask in an era of luxury and therefore have the opportunity to ask Why. In other times we didn’t have that luxury. We had to stick to more practical and pragmatic questions like What and How. 
I painted him a picture of back in the cavemen days when the father took his son hunting and had to teach him how to do it. The son looked up at the sky and asked him Why is the sky blue? The father slapped him in the head and said who cares. Do you want to starve to death? Learn how to hunt.
I'm in no way  saying that we shouldn’t ask why. As often answering that may lead to answer how and what. But I’ve observed especially lately that so much effort is spent on the why that we miss out on the how and what. It hit me in particular when Obama was president. A lot of pundits including myself were trying to figure out why he was doing his often insane policies especially as it related to Israel. US - Israel relations hit an all time low. 
Many theorized that he was actually a Muslim. There was the ongoing ‘fake birth certificate’ issue, etc. After a while I realized that we are wasting precious time. We must focus instead on what and how to deal with him and his anti-Israel and his anti-American policies before its too late.
One can switch the subject, ie. replace Obama with Trump. Why does he behave the way he does? Why does he often say insensitive things? Why does he often behave childishly. Why is he such a narcissist? (by the way all of these questions can be asked of Obama as well). But I don’t devote much time on these why type questions. Instead I focus on his policies and on his actions. Do they match my wishes? Are they important to me? I can tell you that they for the most part, unequivocally do!

As for blaming Trump for the event in Pittsburgh? I find it obscene to use this terrible tragedy in order to push any political agenda. For the sake of the dead- please stop this insanity. 

I can certainly understand why some of the affected families of this tragedy are blaming Trump. Only they have the right to do so. The rest of us do not. When someone is in that mindset they are freaking out and are not rational. How many times have you been at a funeral and the family blame G-d for taking their loved one? I think blaming G-d is way worse than blaming Trump. I will not judge the families nor do I have any right to do so. But as a Jewish activist I can see how blaming Trump for the worst antisemitic event in US history is itself antisemitic. The hysterical left have been so indoctrinated to hate Trump by the MSM that they will use any event to do so. Despite him being the most pro-Jewish president in US history they fail to see the insanity of their shouts.  They see him as  insensitive, boorish, lacking in compassion, childish and even racist. Some consider him a white supremacist. Some a Nazi. We've heard it all. And I agree that sometimes his approach fits some of those adjectives. Does his behaviour bring the antisemites (or other bigots) out or inhibit them? In this particular tragedy it did neither. The murderer was an antisemite long before Trump. (Antisemitism existed long before Trump too believe it or not). In fact he hated Trump because of Trump's Jewish connection! In their reasoning, maybe Trump should become a real antisemite and that might have prevented this tragedy.  But common sense and a sincere desire to get to the factual truth, should get such people to  look into what his policies are and how they've worked so far. It should lead us to the conclusion that his policies and actions far outweigh his negative personality traits or some of his bad choices. 

I have found that many on the Left who pretend to have discussions with people like me on the Right (I like the sound of that) who ask me why I support Trump and feign an interest into his policies that I adore are really looking to continue bashing him and having me defend him. I am a Jewish activist.  I'm not here to defend Trump. I'm tired of being hated for doing so. That said I'll continue to do so as long as he continues to do good. It's hard to call a philo-semite like him an antisemite. When he does bad I've called him out on it. I'm not married to him. He's not my favourite persona. I don't get paid enough to do so , lol!

I will end on this: The more people, especially American Jews and other Jews blame him for this terrible antisemitic event, the more divisiveness they cause amongst the Jewish community and the less likely he is to remain on our side. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's Shameful to Politicize the Tragedy in Pittsburgh

I have been admonishing my friends and others to stop politicizing this tragedy. Let’s not use this terrible murder to push a political agenda. No blaming Trump. No pushing gun control. Mourn for the dead. Pray for the wounded. Thank the heroes. Thank G-d we are safe. Try to use this as a learning moment. Teach our kids about our Jewish history replete with antisemitism. Many of our younger generation have thankfully never experienced it and therefore unfortunately don’t believe it’s real. It’s real all right. Ask the families of the dead and injured. Ask the rest of the congregants who saw and heard the whole thing unfold. A nightmare they will surely never forget.
It’s right out of the Holocaust book. Ask Israelis who face it every single day from their Muslim neighbours. 

Sadly I continue to see so many disgusting articles attacking Trump for this antisemitic attack. It’s all over the mainstream media. Even my local TV channels here in Canada manage to put this on Trump. Often they do it overtly and sometimes they do it subliminally. He never condemned the white supremacists enough. He didn’t distance himself from the KKK enough. His bombastic and rude style of leadership encouraged the divisiveness that prompted this terrible murder. He’s a racist. A misogynist. A nazi. An antisemite. Some have said that he took his time condemning this tragedy. You might have heard that some of the victims family members have disinvited Trump from visiting. Thankfully the rabbi got it right when he stated: Of course he’s welcome. He’s the president of the United States. 

Enough! What’s really insulting to me as a Jew, his behaviour toward our small nation has been far better than any previous president. I was no fan of Obama but had this tragedy happened under his watch I would never blame him for it. Antisemitism has been around forever. Get used to it. Learn how to deal with it. Figure out who our real friends are and who are enemies are. Today this was perpetrated by someone from the far right but tomorrow it could come from the far left. 

We must also do much more to secure our synagogues (and not just on high holidays) and other Jewish events and places. There are excellent organizations who do a wonderful job providing security like the JDL who would be happy to do so. It’s a mitzvah after all. So many individuals have security systems (camera based) for their houses that cost no more than a couple thousand dollars! Certainly a synagogue can afford that.

Last night I attended a vigil in Toronto in support of the tragedy in Pittsburgh. My daughters attended as well as thousands of others. Beautiful words were spoken. Despite the cold, it was heartwarming to be surrounded with like minded regular folk, most Jewish but some not. I tried to get as many of my Jewish friends and family to attend. This vigil was all about antisemitism today. If we don’t support its message in taking a stand against it, why should anyone else care about us? 

Vigil at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto

I was pleasantly surprised to receive beautiful condolence letters for this tragedy from many of my righteous Gentile friends (most I’ve yet to meet) who often read my blog and various posts. Despite this ongoing scourge of antisemitism which is the very reason that I am a Jewish activist, I continue to have faith in humanity!

G-d Bless!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Why I Plan to Vote for Faith Goldy for Mayor of Toronto

Choosing a political leader is always a relative thing. Typically in politics your are looking for the best of the worst. You are not looking for a perfect person because there is no such thing. You should be looking for a person who’s policies mostly match with yours. Maybe there are other characteristics you are looking for but it’s the policies that should matter the most.

Regarding Goldy, I believe that she has one serious issue that I don’t like. She definitely has some connection with white supremacy. Her interview with Stormfront, her use of the Jewish Question (JQ) on multiple occasions, her quoting from an antisemitic Romanian nationalist, etc. all point to this. 

Here she is protesting the Linda Sarsour/Sharia conference in Toronto

That said, John Tory who I think is basically a good person can get us killed. People with good intentions often do. He is a typical politician. He is full of political correctness. As such he is thrilled to cozy up to everyone. Including radical Islamists. He has in the past spoke with and endorsed an Imam in a mosque right here in Toronto who has ties with Hamas and who was caught on camera instructing his worshipers to destroy Israel and kill Jews. When asked about it he had nothing to say. He will court Jews, Christians and Muslims and continues to fight for bringing in more unvetted Muslim migrants into our fine city (lately he’s been asking for more money from the Federal government to accommodate them). More migrants = more votes for him. 
I don’t want us to turn into Europe, G-d forbid! With leaders like him, we will. Obviously Justin Trudeau is the real problem but John Tory’s appeasement is almost as bad. He is also a coward as he refused to debate her and orchestrates others to ignore her. If I was running I would be happy to debate my opponents. Let our real views get out there. Isn’t that what elections are all about?

Faith is the only candidate who understands the threat of radical Islam and has the courage to say so. She is also the only candidate who is against a hand gun ban in Toronto. Can you imagine if every city in the country decided to override federal laws and make their own? We’d have total chaos.

If we didn’t have serious existential threats mostly from Islamists today, John Tory would be a fine mayor. But he doesn’t get it. To me that is a red line. Just about anyone can be the mayor of a city. There are so many people that actually run the city (transit commissioners, health officials, etc.) that the mayor is often a figure head. But the mayor does set the tone for who we are and what we should be doing. 

I’ve said something similar about president Trump. If the world was in good shape, no serious Islamist terror threats every day accross the world, good US economy, job growth, few wars, fair trade policies etc. we wouldn’t necessarily need him as the US leader. But sadly, that is not the case at all. So we needed an outsider. Someone not corruptible. Someone with guts who understands the existential threats from radical Islam that are facing us every day. Someone who will shake the existing, corrupt, complacent and arrogant establishment. A bull in a china store.

So at this time in our lives we need him. Personally I think he was G-d sent. I view Faith Goldy the same way. We need her now. I wish she didn’t have those white supremacy ties but nonetheless she does have our backs.
BTW, some of my Jewish friends (I’m Jewish myself) were shocked that I’d support an antisemite like her. I asked them how she could be a real antisemite when she attends numerous Jewish and Pro-Israel demonstrations with the likes of the JDL (Jewish Defense League) ?  She is usually the only political leader to attend them and she has the guts to advertise her support of us. A real nazi doesn’t do that, ever. If you recall during WWII, Hitler made a pact with the Mufti of Jerusalem on how to eliminate the Jews in the Middle East as well as with other Muslim leaders. Furthermore, there are substantially many more Muslims than Jews in Canada and in Toronto. So if Faith had no principles, she would court the Muslim vote over the Jewish vote. But she absolutely does not do that. We also need leaders like her to balance our Alt Left government led currently by Justin Trudeau who has a definite love affair with Islam.
I’m not saying that I’m in love with her and that we should have her as our mayor forever. I am saying that we need her now and by voting for her we are sending an urgent message to the rest of the candidates (especially John Tory) that we are sick of their arrogance and their dangerous political correctness. 

Go Goldy go!