Friday, October 12, 2018

Why I Plan to Vote for Faith Goldy for Mayor of Toronto

Choosing a political leader is always a relative thing. Typically in politics your are looking for the best of the worst. You are not looking for a perfect person because there is no such thing. You should be looking for a person who’s policies mostly match with yours. Maybe there are other characteristics you are looking for but it’s the policies that should matter the most.

Regarding Goldy, I believe that she has one serious issue that I don’t like. She definitely has some connection with white supremacy. Her interview with Stormfront, her use of the Jewish Question (JQ) on multiple occasions, her quoting from an antisemitic Romanian nationalist, etc. all point to this. 

Here she is protesting the Linda Sarsour/Sharia conference in Toronto

That said, John Tory who I think is basically a good person can get us killed. People with good intentions often do. He is a typical politician. He is full of political correctness. As such he is thrilled to cozy up to everyone. Including radical Islamists. He has in the past spoke with and endorsed an Imam in a mosque right here in Toronto who has ties with Hamas and who was caught on camera instructing his worshipers to destroy Israel and kill Jews. When asked about it he had nothing to say. He will court Jews, Christians and Muslims and continues to fight for bringing in more unvetted Muslim migrants into our fine city (lately he’s been asking for more money from the Federal government to accommodate them). More migrants = more votes for him. 
I don’t want us to turn into Europe, G-d forbid! With leaders like him, we will. Obviously Justin Trudeau is the real problem but John Tory’s appeasement is almost as bad. He is also a coward as he refused to debate her and orchestrates others to ignore her. If I was running I would be happy to debate my opponents. Let our real views get out there. Isn’t that what elections are all about?

Faith is the only candidate who understands the threat of radical Islam and has the courage to say so. She is also the only candidate who is against a hand gun ban in Toronto. Can you imagine if every city in the country decided to override federal laws and make their own? We’d have total chaos.

If we didn’t have serious existential threats mostly from Islamists today, John Tory would be a fine mayor. But he doesn’t get it. To me that is a red line. Just about anyone can be the mayor of a city. There are so many people that actually run the city (transit commissioners, health officials, etc.) that the mayor is often a figure head. But the mayor does set the tone for who we are and what we should be doing. 

I’ve said something similar about president Trump. If the world was in good shape, no serious Islamist terror threats every day accross the world, good US economy, job growth, few wars, fair trade policies etc. we wouldn’t necessarily need him as the US leader. But sadly, that is not the case at all. So we needed an outsider. Someone not corruptible. Someone with guts who understands the existential threats from radical Islam that are facing us every day. Someone who will shake the existing, corrupt, complacent and arrogant establishment. A bull in a china store.

So at this time in our lives we need him. Personally I think he was G-d sent. I view Faith Goldy the same way. We need her now. I wish she didn’t have those white supremacy ties but nonetheless she does have our backs.
BTW, some of my Jewish friends (I’m Jewish myself) were shocked that I’d support an antisemite like her. I asked them how she could be a real antisemite when she attends numerous Jewish and Pro-Israel demonstrations with the likes of the JDL (Jewish Defense League) ?  She is usually the only political leader to attend them and she has the guts to advertise her support of us. A real nazi doesn’t do that, ever. If you recall during WWII, Hitler made a pact with the Mufti of Jerusalem on how to eliminate the Jews in the Middle East as well as with other Muslim leaders. Furthermore, there are substantially many more Muslims than Jews in Canada and in Toronto. So if Faith had no principles, she would court the Muslim vote over the Jewish vote. But she absolutely does not do that. We also need leaders like her to balance our Alt Left government led currently by Justin Trudeau who has a definite love affair with Islam.
I’m not saying that I’m in love with her and that we should have her as our mayor forever. I am saying that we need her now and by voting for her we are sending an urgent message to the rest of the candidates (especially John Tory) that we are sick of their arrogance and their dangerous political correctness. 

Go Goldy go!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Legalizing Weed or Getting into the Pot Business

This post is about my country's angle on marijuana. I live in Canada. My prime minister is a guy named Justin Trudeau. If you've read my posts before you already know that I'm NOT a fan.

The long standing issue of what to do about pot has entered most governments by now. Not too many years ago, smoking pot could get you fined and even jailed right here in Canada. I myself was almost busted for smoking a joint not too many years ago by an over zealous young cop in Toronto. He held me up on at side street in Toronto for hours until I finally told him to either arrest me or let me go. Eventually he let me go but not after hassling me and my friend for half a day.

The many years of research show that smoking pot is by and large not a healthy habit. For young children, it's down right dangerous while for others it might render us silly. There are definitely some very useful benefits to weed as well. But this post in not about the good vs bad points regarding weed.

I've told my children at a young age that smoking pot is not good. I also told them that there are many  other things in this world that we do that if we do extensively, are not good. Ie. watching too much TV, eating too much, playing too much, studying too much (yes you read that right), etc.

All that said, I and most Canadians wanted our government to simply decriminalize pot. Our prisons are crowded enough with real criminals (murderers, robbers, etc.) that we don't need to put people in jail for smoking a joint or possessing small amounts of pot. But now Trudeau has unilaterally decided to not only decriminalize pot but to get into the post business! Soon they will be growing it, distributing it, selling it and regulating it. Like any enterprise most governments get into, they can't compete with the private sector. Their employment policies generally make it difficult if not impossible to fire bad employees. Their overhead is through the roof. So for those pot smokers who think this will drive the cost of pot down, think again. I predict that perhaps for the first few months the cost will go down simply because all the illegal, non government producers/sellers will think that they need to drop their prices in order to compete with the government. But soon thereafter the prices will level out.

Will pot usage increase? Most experts think so. Until now our government told us explicitly how dangerous pot was for us. Some of us (quite a few in fact) believed them. Many of us simply like to follow the law. After all, most of our laws are designed to keep us safe so we, for the most part here in Canada are law abiding citizens. Now our government has done a 180. They went from putting pot users in jail to selling pot to the public. If I was a child, I'd be very confused. Not too many years ago, police were regular visitors at public schools with the job of teaching children about the dangers of pot, how to identify it and how to call the cops when you see someone dealing it. Now our government is all about pot. Today they are not saying that it's good for you. But the implication that it is, is simply staring us in the face, after all they are getting into the weed business big time.

The message is clear. When our PM has a choice to make, it will most likely be the wrong one.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Jewish Apathy Rings Loud and Clear

A few weeks ago, a protest was scheduled in Toronto by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and pro-Palestinians against B’nai Brith Canada. B’nai Brith rightly condemned CUPW for supporting the PA (and their postal workers) who continue to incite terror on to peaceful Israelis and dishonestly charges Israel as being apartheid. This sparked outrage with CUPW and its supporters so they staged a protest in my former Jewish neighbourhood (Bathurst Manor) in front of the B’nai Brith office. 

The Jewish Defence League (JDL) helped organize a counter protest which I attended.

Other than megaphones being screamed into from both sides, it was a quiet affair. I think there were more police present than there were protesters from their side. Our side had more than double their small number of about 20. We stood off on both sides of the street. Them with their union  and Palestinian flags and us with our Canadian and Israeli flags and signs. 

The disturbing thing was that no one from B’nai Brith showed up! Had they endorsed the counter protest, they would have encouraged hundreds if not thousands of Jews and other supporters to attend. They and the other myriad of Jewish organizations should have gotten together on this to show our solidarity against antisemitism. Had we had the numbers and the organizational support from our Jewish community we could have drowned the other side out and intimidated them with our numbers. We needed to send the message to the world and certainly to Toronto, that we will not tolerate antisemitism in our neighbourhood! 

Instead our mainstream Jewish community was apathetically silent. I understand that individual Jews who knew about the event but either decided not to attend or could not attend for various reasons is legitimate. I will not judge them. I don’t attend every protest rally in Toronto either. But the response from our Jewish leaders was so disappointing. I’ve heard their reasoning: They don’t want to draw attention to the protesters and give them undue publicity. In some cases I agree. But not in this one.

We, in 2018 who live in Toronto, Canada are free and relatively safe to protest. We are not in Iran or North Korea. We can and should protest vociferously against antisemitism. The mainstream media (MSM) won’t do it for us. (The event was reported by our friends at the Rebel Media - see link to video here.  Our pro-Muslim Liberal government won’t do it either. We must stand up for ourselves. We have approximately a quarter of a million Jews living in the greater Toronto area. There is no excuse for our silence. 

My parents are surely rolling in their graves knowing that pro-Palis have bussed into our Jewish neighbourhood with a high concentration of Holocaust survivors. Their hateful narrative was being shouted through megaphones that reverberated throughout the streets. It was beyond disgusting. 

Unlike some protests I’ve attended over the years during dark, cold, snowy nights in areas far from home, this protest fell on a warm sunny day. No one got hurt. At most we lost our voices. But I can honestly say that my friends and I who did attend the rally, felt great for doing so. Had you been there, you would have too. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trump is Israel's Best Friend

When President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and promised to move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv, that was huge. There was no downside and it was all upside. In fact the more countries that follow his move, the better chances for peace.

But cancelling the Iran nuclear deal is a much bigger and more important move. We know that Jerusalem is the capital of our Jewish homeland and without it, Israel would not exist. It must and will remain as the undivided Jewish capital. These words were said by the former president Obama. A day later he recanted his remarks. The point is that even if the US never recognized Jerusalem as our capital, it wouldn't matter all that much. We know it is and the world knows it as well even if they won't admit it.

Iran however is without a doubt Israel's and the world's largest threat. Iran is recognized as the world's largest sponsor of terror and as we all know, is on the way to produce nuclear bombs. There is no scarier threat to world peace today. So any attempt to put a kink in the Islamic Republic's nuclear ambitions is fantastic. While previous American presidents have said nice things about Israel and many have done much to help the only democratic ally in the Middle East, none have come close to the efforts to secure our friendship than the current Trump administration. In fact compared to the isolation and delegitimization attempts from the Obama regime, the current US administration has done a 180 degree turn identifying clearly to the world that the US really does have Israel's back and Trump and company have proved it in spades. From Nikki Haley's staunch defence of Israel at the UN to the president's constant warm words of praise to Bibi and Israelis and Trump's courageous attacks on the two faced Palestinian leadership (theocracy). 

If Donald does nothing else good towards our ally and partner, Israel, by cancelling the Iran nuclear deal he has done plenty.  In my mind, this one issue was by far the most important issue in the last US election. Any candidate who supported the deal (all the Democrats for example) were not to be trusted and quite frankly were brazenly insane. The EU has proven to be a bunch of weak minded, greedy, arrogant people. I can understand that they don't give a rats ass about Israel or the Jewish people. But they are so short sighted that all they care about is short term financial gain via trade with Iran while looking the other way when Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver them with the money that Europe and others are giving them. I predict that if Iran manages to develop these deadly weapons, that they'll hit European cities well before they ever hit Israel. 

I continue to read all sorts of negative views on Trump's incredible successes. Even Daniel Pipes recently warned us not to be 'giddy' after Israel's 70 year birthday and US embassy move parties in Jerusalem. I agree to the point of not idolizing anyone. He predicts that after the embassy is completed, Trump will propose a peace plan that will designate East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

I don't see that happening and I refuse to believe rumours. Israelis (even many Left wingers) believe that Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of the Jewish state. Dividing Jerusalem will simply not happen, not as long as Jewish men and women and their supporters inside and outside of Israel continue to believe in the Jewish state. 

The Palestinians already have a state. It's called Jordan. Hopefully with regime change in Jordan (hopefully coming sooner than later), arabs in Israel who call themselves Palestinians will be free to move there. 

Any Zionist who does not admit that Trump is Israel's best friend is living in another dream world. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My Response to Caroline Glick's Israel and Anne Frank's Jewishness

If you haven't read Caroline's brilliant post yet I urge you to do so now right here.
I loved it and adore her courage for writing it. I responded as follows:

Dear Caroline,

I have been waiting for some time for you to write an article like this. As per usual, I agree with every word. More importantly you have exposed Israel’s omnipotent Supreme Court as (my words only) a bunch of goyim. 
It’s obvious that the majority of them (if not all) are ashamed of their Jewishness and from their policy and decisions one can often come to the shameful observation that they often despise their religious Israeli Jews even more than their mortal enemies, radical Islamists. 

I myself am a secular Jew (in practice) who lives in Toronto Canada. But I am an anomaly because I support the Haredim. Those that contribute to Jewish society by supporting themselves and continue to keep Judaism alive. 
How does one keep Judaism alive? Buy studying the Torah of course. As you know (I’m sure) Haredim consider the study of Torah the best defence of the Jewish people. In other words it’s no less important and maybe more so, to have young Jewish men fervently study in Yeshivot than it is to send them to the army. 

I’m not a fool. I can certainly understand the secular Jew’s point of view. My own left-leaning cousins in Tel Aviv hate the Haredim much like Israel’s supreme court. Why should their children be sent to the IDF and maybe come home without an arm, leg or worse while the Haredim’s sons get to party it up in the safety of a yeshiva?

It’s certainly a sensitive point and one almost insolvable. Because in order to make a point to the other side, the other side has to see things your way. In other words for the Haredim’s words to have meaning to the secular Jews they must be Haredim. For the secular Jews (more accurately non-Haredim), for their words to have meaning to the Haredim, the Haredim must not be Haredim.

But one can make some cogent arguments about this in defence of the Haredim. And further the situation on the ground is not black and white. Jews as a whole can be divided into possibly thousands of groups. Some of us are Jews in name only. We might identify as Jews but follow no traditional, cultural or religious practices whatsoever. The next level might be Jews who love eating lux, cream cheese and bagels and thusly consider themselves Jewish. Out of the religious sector there are likewise many distinct groups and some not so distinct.

That’s why when some of my friends are verbally attacking religious Jews I must insist that they define exactly which group they are referring to. On one side are the Neturei Karta who look in dress exactly like any Hassid you might see (who are themselves composed of many sects). This group is violently anti-Israel to the point of siding with Iran’s muslim leaders. On the other side might be my sister’s sizeable group. They are not Hassids so their dress and religious behaviour is similar to modern orthodox Jews. They happen to be Litvash, named after the Jews of Lithuania and the rav who was their spiritual leader there.The Mizrachi Jews who may include some modern orthodox Jews often study at yeshivot but might also include a stint with the IDF. 

Jews like my sisters group and other Haredim have learned after hundred of years that if you give up on the Torah, the world will crumble. In fact they (and other Jews who have studied the Talmud-explanation of the written Torah) have learned right from Genesis that the world exists for the Torah. The Torah must be studied 24/7. In fact that’s why they believe G-d made the earth spin on it’s axis as it revolves around the sun, and results in time zones around the world where at the same point in time, one section is day while another is night. One can’t study Torah when asleep.

To get to the point, the gadolim (the rabbinic leaders who all members of one sect of the religious Jews follow) insist that the secular Jews and others (muslims who brazenly seek Israel's destruction) who make up the government of Israel can’t be trusted. Based on some if not many government leaders' behaviour (corruption) and policy (give back holy Jewish land to our enemies) who can argue with them? 

In times of absolute necessity is it required for yeshiva students to sign up for the IDF? If the gadolim decide that yes, we have no choice and must do so, then their Haredi group would absolutely sign up. The fact is that more and more Haredim are signing up in recent years. It would help if the military leadership provided religious soldiers all that they require to keep the mitzvot (Jewish commandments & customs) while serving.

This situation seems to be improving albeit slowly. If a young Haredi man is observed to be screwing around and not taking his Torah study seriously, then their Rav (rabbi) might order him to join the IDF. If you’re not going to save us by studying Torah then you might as well try to save us by joining the IDF where you might receive the discipline you need. 

The truth is that studying in a yeshiva is not a party. Young Jewish boys are often sent away from home to yeshivas (schools for serious Jewish study) in other cities. They are forced to bunk with other boys they don’t know. They miss their parents and siblings. Studying is long and hard and is taken very seriously and in many cases done in a dank basement of an old decrepit building. In other worlds, it’s not a party. I doubt that many secular Jews could or would do it. 

The other important fact to consider is that today the IDF is saturated with too many soldiers. Yes you read that correctly. Even the IDF will admit it. Throwing more soldiers into battle is not necessarily the key to win. In fact it might simply cause more casualties and do the opposite. Today's battles are more and more frequently done via high tech drones, cyber war fare and intelligence gathering. Every country’s military’s leaders will admit that the makeup of their military has changed significantly over the last 20 years and is still morphing at lightning speed. The days of large armies marching towards their enemies are long gone. 

Looking at Israel’s situation I see it as one more amazing miracle. Despite the religious sector being in the minority of the population, they continue to be part of government coalitions and as such hold some power. While some (maybe even many) consider that a bad thing, I do not. The miracle is that the country continues to not only exist but to succeed in all areas. Socially, culturally, scientifically and religiously. 

My defence to those who hate the Haredim is simply this: If you value Judaism at all, then you must thank the Haredim for keeping Judaism alive. Haredim have the least number of Jews who leave the religion. In all other non-religious sects, Jews often leave due to intermarriage and for often losing any connection to Judaism. Also, unlike Haredim and other religious Jews who have a very high birth rate, secular Jews have a low birth rate. After a couple of generations if we were all secular, the Jewish religion as we know it (not just bagel eating Jews) would disappear into thin air. 

My lecture to Haredim and others is that we must not attack or hate others that are not like them. Including Gentiles (goyim). Case in point, it was mostly the Christian farm boys and a myriad of other men and women from all denominations and places, some plumbers, salespeople, doctors, rich and poor who helped rescue us from the ovens in the Holocaust. Many of those people made the ultimate sacrifice to help save the free world including religious Jews from thousands of shtetels (small Jewish villages) throughout Europe. In fact we must forever be indebted to them. 

I see the Haredim like my sister as intelligent, wise and practical. Without spending hours and hours watching CNN or Fox (they usually don’t have TV’s or radios and have limited internet if at all) they somehow know the ’story’. They know that if they subscribe to the ‘2 States for 2 Peoples’ paradigm that it would mean the end of Israel. They clearly got the message early on that Obama is not our friend. Not the secular Jews friend nor the friend of Haredim.

While many intellectual, liberal, non-Haredi Jews throughout the world continue to vote for leaders who would throw Israel under the bus if they could and who simply do not see the real picture, these often apolitical Haredim (men, women and children who live in super crowded places like Bnei Brak or Mea Shaarim) and who devote their lives to the study of Torah, get it. Their gadolim seem to get it. They have insight. Maybe their insight comes from the ultimate place, Hashem. Many world leaders especially some not so religious Israeli leaders, often seek advice from these great wise men. 

It’s essential that we find common ground with each other and learn to appreciate each other. I believe that we all serve a purpose. Maybe mine is to be a Jewish activist. I might be secular in practice but I am no less Jewish than my Haredi sister and I think she would agree.

Today I find that many of my righteous Gentile friends are more vocal of their support of Jews and Israel than some of my Jewish friends. Like the Muslim silent majority who refuse to reign in their vocal and active terror obsessed minority and thus render themselves irrelevant, I urge the majority of Jews who are leaving any connection to Judaism or Israel to wake up now and find some positive defence of Jews who may appear to have nothing in common but in reality need each other's recognition and support.

Taking Caroline's article to the next level, I would advocate that in order to get Israel's supreme court back to order, they need to include one or more Haredi, wise, spiritual leaders. If we can have Islamic enemies of the state in the Knesset why not have a real Jewish leader in the judiciary?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

John Bolton's Appointment is Trump's Best Accomplishment So Far

President Trump has done so many great things. Just becoming the President of the US was huge. It stopped the world from disintegrating into a hell hole. Previous American leaders were slowly but surely heading in the wrong direction. When Obama took the lead, he hastened the pace. Worse still was his two faced method of doing so. You recall him often saying to Israel 'I've got your back' meanwhile he was always attempting to orchestrate the destruction of Israel. But this post is about Trump and his latest appointee, John Bolton, as National Security Advisor.

If you are a supporter of Jews and Israel then you might think that his consideration of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and identifying Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as his greatest accomplishment to date. There is no doubt in my mind that that was indeed an awesome and important deed. I can't thank him enough for that. But in many ways appointing Bolton to his administration is a far greater accomplishment. I would have been thrilled to have Bolton as president but I knew that he was not electable. I'm sure he did too. Second best would be to have him in a prominent role in the next administration. In fact I was deeply upset when Trump opened office, that he did not appoint John to such a role. The State Department has always been a thorn in all right wing governments and even with some Democratic leaders. This often antisemitic and therefore anti-Israel, pro-Arab government organization needed draining above all others. Yet Trump appointed Tillerson. I didn't get it. Surely Trump knew that the majority of people who worked there were not his friends (I'm being kind). Didn't he know that Rex wouldn't change a thing? Only a person like Bolton would have the guts and know how, to kick the scum out of that department which still has many Hillary and Obama lovers who are more than happy to stab Trump in the back and throw Israel under the bus. 

Bolton has a long, distinguished career under various administrations both Democrat and Republican. His knowledge in geopolitics is possibly the best in the world. His predictions come true. He is also a historian and loves facts and knows them well. He doesn't seem to rely on getting his information from CNN but instead has deep rooted connections throughout the world and therefore has valuable insights. He predicted North Korea's nuclear proliferation under the Clinton administration and was mocked for speaking out against the deal at the time. Yet he did not shut his mouth. He also vociferously opposed the Iran deal. Thank G-d someone did. On existential issues he speaks out, as well he should. He does not follow the herd and has never been a sycophant and I doubt he becomes one now. Trump needs someone knowledgeable that he can trust. He does not need people to shut him up or control him nor does he need people to simply nod their heads in agreement with whatever he says. 

Bolton's intelligence forces him to recognize Israel for what she is. The best ally the US has. As such he opposes the creation of a Palestinian State which he rightly predicts would pose an indefensible border with Israel and has been a consistent friend to Israel regardless of the administration he was part of.

Trump has many enemies. He also won't be the leader for ever. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. It's therefore important for Trump to appoint as many great people to run the country as he can while he can. Bolton is certainly such a person. I know no one better.  Bolton will make Americans safer, the world a better place and certainly not throw Israel under the bus which has sadly happened far too many times under so many different US administrations. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thanks for the Laughs Justin

I'm talking about my Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

When he was first campaigning he was recognized by most people throughout the entire world as this young, cool, handsome man who is the son of one of the most famous Canadian politicians ever. His father was posted on just about every local and international magazine back in the day. Who can forget him paddling a canoe down a beautiful river wearing an original buckskin jacket? His dad was intelligent (more or less) and well educated. He was a lawyer (that's got to count for something, right?) and like Trump, knew how to make use of the media. Although probably still thought of as a great Canadian PM by many, the rest of us consider him a disaster. He helped raise interest rates thru the roof with his tight money policy and his politics was dangerously divisive. Mostly thanks to him, our French province of Quebec has been elevated above the rest of us and the separation issue will likely never go away. So although he almost broke our country, he did it with flair.

Which brings me back to his son, our current leader. He certainly has his father's flair and he is also dangerously destroying our country or at least trying to. Under our previous leader, Harper left us in excellent economical shape. We actually had a surplus budget when he left. Now thanks to the spending of Trudeau's Liberal government we are billions of dollars in the hole and counting. His immigration policy is simply to let in anyone he wants. No vetting required if you are of the right religion or race. He has dangerously stripped down our military to the point that any mickey mouse country with the will to conquer us, could if it wasn't for the protection of our US neighbours. His foreign policy is a disaster IMHO. Not the best friends with Israel. Much better with the Palestinians. 

Here he is at a local mosque with ties to terrorists:

His love affair with political correctness is equally dangerous and I find it beyond offensive. All leaders are arrogant but I believe he's reached new heights. I've said this before: Thank G-d we are a powerless country. On the world stage we are near the bottom. Because if we were a world leader like the US, we would make the world a dangerous place with Trudeau at the helm. Despite his reckless policies we are blessed to live in a huge country with bountiful resources like minerals, precious metals, fresh water, trees for lumber and paper, miles of farms and a huge coastline that still boasts some of the best commercial fishing. These resources help keep us above water. Had Canada been a country in Europe we'd be in super big trouble. His immigration policy would compete with Germany's and we be flooded with millions of unscreened Muslim immigrants from backwater countries. Again no thanks to him, we are surrounded with 2 huge oceans that make it difficult but certainly not impossible, for these migrants to charge in here.

Like Obama, when Justin was first elected, he was treated like a god. The mainstream media kept quiet on all of his mistakes (there were/are many) and kept elevating him to hero status. Now the world including many Canadians who voted for him, think he's a fool. On the web right now one can find thousands of articles and funny pics of him travelling around the world in different outfits trying to impress foreign dignitaries. But it isn't working. It's backfiring! Take his latest junket to India. Besides taking a Sikh terrorist with him and his family he made quite the impression when he and his family wore saris when he met official Indian government officials. While the Indians all wore western styled suits, he came out dancing in a sari. There he is showing off his dancing skills again. I guess his background as a part time drama teacher is paying off. He is difficult to listen to. His typical, meaningless boiler plate like 'Diversity is our strength' is all he's got. If you want to know his preference in foreign policy simply count the pictures of him with the foreign country's national garb. The internet is full of them. You can bet that before he left for India, he didn't dare prep himself on the needs of Indians, what trade deals we can make or consider bringing the appropriate cabinet ministers. No, his first priority was getting the appropriate costumes and learning the local dance moves.

I challenge you to find another world leader who is considered such a fool today! No one takes him seriously anymore, nor should they. He has made Canada the laughing stock of the world. I feel like crying but I'll laugh instead. Here is one of many hilarious memes on our PM and his outfits.

Trudeau visits Israel

Enjoy our legacy!  Justin, thanks for the laughs!