Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is Bernie Sanders Really Jewish?

According to Jewish law, if your mother is Jewish then so are you. Since he has yet to convert we can say with certainty that he is. 
That said, is he Jewish like Jackie Mason? I don't think so. He's Jewish like Karl Marx, the father of Socialism.  Not exactly a Jew to be proud of. FYI, Karl's Jewish father converted to Christianity because he was scared of anti-Semitism. Later Karl was baptized as a Christian as well. 

Sadly when I confront young Jewish adults about their love for Bernie the argument goes something like this:

1. I show them a video where Bernie condemns Netanyahu for budding into US politics when he spoke to Congress about the Iran Deal. I title it: Bernie is no friend of Israel.
They answer: Just because he doesn't like Netanyahu that doesn't mean he doesn't like Israel.

2. I send them an audio of Bernie condemning the IDF for indiscriminately murdering 10,000 innocent Palestinians.
They answer: Silence.

3. When Bernie gets heckled by a black man accusing Jews of running corporate America they say: You see, he answered that he's proud to be Jewish.
I respond: He never called out the man as being an antisemite, instead out of nowhere he makes a moral equivalence statement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

4. Finally I confront them face to face and call Bernie out for being anti-Israel and for distancing himself from all things Jewish.
They answer: Just like when you (me) criticized Obama for attacking Israel, Israel still stands. When we vote for president, issues pertaining to Israel are way down on my list.

Finally the truth comes out! I would respect the young foolish Jewish adults a little more (and I do mean only a little bit) if they would respond with the response for # 4 above in the first place. In other words, rather than defending Bernie as not being a self hater they should simply admit: I love all the free stuff we're gonna get from him and I really couldn't care less about Israel or Jewish issues.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Parable

2 Billion Martians came to our planet.  Some were peaceful some not. They came here for different reasons. Their rulers on Mars were dictators who ruled with iron fists. Yes, their firsts were actually made of iron.

All the martians had to follow Martian Law. Some didn’t like Martian Law. They felt very stifled and wanted to explore other planets and live free lives. They were tired of being told what to do, how to act and how to think. Their little Martian babies were brainwashed to follow Martian Law without questioning it. Most however were already indoctrinated over centuries of living under Martian Law. Their parents having even taught them that it was good to die as a martyr when defending their original Martian ruler, Marzipan. Many came to spread Martian Law as proscribed in the Book of Mars. This is the breakdown of the Martians that came to Earth:

           # Martians Description

  1. 500,000,000   Peaceful. They wanted to escape Mars and integrate and assimilate into Earth’s           Western style liberated, democratic cultures and live respectful lives along with their hosts. They were either secular Martians of they refused to see themselves as Martians any longer. They ran away from Mars and wanted to nothing to do with Martian Law any longer.
  2. 1,000,000,00  Came here to spread Martian Law. Although they were not terrorists, they     supported the terrorists in secret. They took every advantage of the good hearted people on Earth. This group had elements of group 3 below but were mostly non-violent especially when they were a small part of the population of their host countries.
  3. 250,000,000 Besides spreading Martian Law, most were violent. They started riots, demanded free housing, medical, money and felt that they were above our laws. They raped women, robbed and killed when they felt like it. They helped the group below any way they could, especially by housing them and financing their military. They tried to be our slave masters whenever possible.
  4. 250,000,000 Army of terrorists. This group was famous for beheading Earthlings and videotaping it in order to spread fear in the hearts of our people. They used any method to kill any non-Martian as well as Martians who belonged to the first group above.

At first, our leaders were clamouring over themselves to befriend this strange group of Martians. After all we love our fellow man/martian.  However after only a short time we shortly discovered that many of them were dangerous, lying, murderers. But still we let them in as we were already indoctrinated by political correctness. After a few months some of the most powerful Western nations mostly lead by their citizens had had enough and decided to limit Martian immigration. They sited that the murder, rape, robbery and general crime rate had gone thru the roof. They also cited that economically they could no longer support these Martians as they were bankrupting the country. They also noted that although by far the majority of the Martians were peaceful, after all half a billion of them were great citizens and wanted to assimilate, very few tried to stop the bad behaviour of the other groups. Even fewer attempted to identify the the army of terrorists. It was clear that the majority of the entire 2 billion Martians would prefer if planet Earth was controlled by Martians and followed Martian law. Most importantly people noticed that is was the second group of a billion Martians that were the biggest problem as they were destroying our countries by sucking the resources dry. Earthlings were working so hard to support them, so much so that Earthlings could no longer support themselves. The economy was in the toilet and society was rotting badly.

Legislation was eventually passed to limit Martian immigration and 90 % of the leaders and citizens were on the same page. The remaining 10% were comprised of people who somehow managed to avoid the negative affects of the Martians. They were either very wealthy leaders with armed guards or they lived in remote, isolated areas. Once in a while a Martian would enter their lives by raping their daughter and then they’d change their mind. The army and police were invoked to stop the Martian immigration until they could properly vet exactly which group the Martians were part of. If they couldn’t be sure, they couldn’t come in. In time, the Western countries liberated themselves from the yoke of the Martians and kicked all of them, save group one, out of their countries and life returned to normal.

If you substitute Martians with any other group of people, Jews, Christians, Blacks, Chinese or Indians  the story could remain the same. But if you substitute Muslims with Martians in the above parable, the ending is quite different and scary.
Why is it when it’s Muslims that we react differently?  Are we frightened? Are we already indoctrinated to an insane political correctness when it comes to Islam?

Why is it that very few world leaders & people have said that they want to limit Muslim immigration until migrants are properly screened rather than blindly letting them all in by the millions? Especially after having seen first hand the consequences of doing just that?

Here's one world leader who had the guts to say it. Ironically he pointed to Brussels as the problem not long before the recent terror attack there.  Hungary's Orban speaks out!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our Greatest Threat and Donald Trump

No, I didn’t say our greatest threat is Donald Trump. Far from it.

So what is our greatest threat you ask?
What about climate change? Nope.
President Obama? No.
Islam? No.
Now the questions get harder…

Islamic terrorism? Not quite.
Extremism? Nope.
Political correctness?  You got it!

I was fortunate to attend a lecture recently by a top Canadian security and intelligence expert, Tom Quiggin. He agrees or should I say, I agree with him. After all, he is the expert.

Based on his extensive research and years of common sense we can see what is going on right now all over the world. Islamic terrorism, jihad by immigration, a deep and vitriolic hatred of non-Muslims and even other Muslims by Muslims. Their hatred extends to but is in no way limited to: Jews, Christians, gays and women. 

The threat posed today by Islamic terrorism is very real. This includes jihad by immigration. Unless you’ve got your head in the sand, you can see Europe crumbling day by day into a pile of rubble. The muslim migrants who have been invading Europe for years and of late have been piling in non-stop at high speed are turning Europe into a dangerous, toxic dump. If you are a woman, you could be raped, if you are gay you could be hanged, if you are Christian you could be beheaded and if you are Jewish then G-d help you.
While most European countries are in real economic trouble, literally on the verge of collapse and constantly getting bailed out by the rest of us, they continue to destroy themselves by bringing in more muslim migrants. They are in a downhill spiral that they can’t seem to stop. Why?
Political correctness. When women’s complaints of rape are not only ignored but the women themselves are chastised & even charged by the police, this is due to political correctness. When parents of children who complain to their elected officials about their daughter's mistreatment & rape by muslim migrants are silenced this is due to…you guessed it, political correctness.
Merkel’s insane legislation to open Germany’s doors today and down the road, to the rest of Europe’s doors to an unending supply of unruly Muslim migrants is due to political correctness. The net result of this is the demise of Europe. France is on the cusp of not being able to recover as the republic it once was. Barring a civil war soon, France is finished.

Political correctness makes us too scared to assess danger when it exists so we can't even confront it. There are many people with good intentions who have already been unconsciously indoctrinated by political correctness and therefore judge people like me, who oppose blindly letting in millions of unscreened Muslim migrants, to be a xenophobe. Some are simply law abiding citizens who grudgingly accept their government's humanitarian spin. Of course government leaders are well protected and will certainly not be in danger from any them. At least not any time soon. Here in Canada for example, the tens of thousands of 'Syrian migrants' that have been brought here so far, have been sent to various cities across our great country by order of our new PM, Trudeau. Curiously, none of them have been sent to Trudeau's home city, our capital, Ottawa. 

There are some rays of light, like Hungary’s Orban who refuses to bow down to the European Union and other potential leaders like Donald Trump who also gets it. I know some of you might want to stop reading this right now but I beg you to read on.

It’s quite simple. We all know that Trump often appears to be a childish, arrogant, bombastic fool. He says plenty of ignorant things no doubt. But he is anti-establishment which is very commendable since the establishment (both democratic and republican) are rotten to the core. It’s time to reverse direction. The US and the world are in very bad shape. Radical Islam is not the only reason but its a big one. And our political correctness in the West has made us blind to this problem and others. I don’t want my country to look at all like any European country. Not for me now and certainly not for my children later. If you’re ok with it, than keep on bringing in muslim migrants and delete this email right now. If one day G-d forbid you get attacked by a Muslim migrant, you'll come around.  Trump’s common sense, out of the box, bull in the china store way of thinking, gets it.
I think we can all agree, that of all the nominees, both democrats and republicans, Trump is definitely NOT politically correct. 

And that is exactly why I hope he is the next president.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crisis: Islam Has Invaded Our Schools

I’ve often written that we need to keep our eyes on the ball. Focus on the important issues and not get tangled up in academic arguments.
I’ve stated that the # 1 problem facing humanity currently is radical Islam and all of its supporters which are many. Newsflash: It isn't global warming. Helping a terrorist state like Iran obtain nuclear weapons is perhaps the greatest existential threat to not only Israel but the world at large. Likewise is Islam's conquest of the West by immigration.

But what helps fuel this anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, pro-Islamist world view? There are many contributing factors but I’m going to focus on the most important one: Our schools.

Since I live in Toronto, Canada I will use York University as an example.

Since 2007, the Egyptian born engineer Mamdouh Shoukri has been the president of York University in north Toronto. In the 1980’s York University had a large Jewish student body and staff (per capita) but thanks to Shoukri and others, York U has turned into a hotbed of hate if you happen to be Jewish or pro-Israel. 

A case in point is a mural displayed currently at York called ‘Palestinian Roots’ which won a competition by the BDS dominated student body clearly depicting an Arab holding stones, contemplating attacking Israelis which is the daily norm while watching a bulldozer about to knock down an olive tree. This painting is not in some back room office but is displayed prominately where the student body is forced to see it. Equally disgusting are the notes around the painting by the Muslim student which includes hateful and a one sided message aimed to discredit the Jewish Israelis with their ‘expansionist settlements’ while promoting the fiction of ‘indigenous Palestinian heritage and THEIR olive trees’. The nerve of the administration to bombard the student and staff bodies with this incitement to hate Jews and Zionists has reached a crisis. 

Click here to view the entire mural + description from York University.

Despite the plea from many students and people like Paul Bronfman to Shoukri to remove the offensive mural, it's still proudly displayed. Prominent Jewish organizations like CIJA are silent on this and in fact seem to want the Jewish student body to keep silent as well.

Currently York U has teemed up with East Jeruslam’s Muslim university Al Quds. This ‘university’ is proud to glorify suicide bombers to kill innocent Israelis and promotes the destruction of the Jewish state. In fact we as taxpayers help to fund this collaboration. 

I can list many nasty, attacks against Jewish or pro-Jewish students and staff as well as pro-Israel speakers at York. Suffice it to say, that if you identify as being Jewish by wearing a kippah or try to attend a pro-Israel event, you could get physically assaulted as many have been in the past.

Organizations like CIJA are out of touch with reality as are so many other left wing groups. They are great at organizing expensive fund raisers for themselves by calling on wealthy Jews and corporations to listen to mainstream lectures designed to be politically correct and inoffensive, all the while patting themselves on the back.

When it comes to really helping some of us who need their help, like the Jewish students at our universities who are or feel threatened, you can count on CIJA not to help. I applaud Paul Bronfman who threatened York U president Shoukri to either remove the offensive mural or risk losing his funding. 

York U is not an aberration. It stands as a typical model for most universities throughout the entire world. Schools that promote BDS and identify Israel as an apartheid state. These schools silence any debate about this. Their political science professors are mostly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic, anti-Christian, anti-Western, and often receive funding from terror sponsoring states like Saudi Arabia, Iran and other wealthy Gulf states. 

While we sit silently, our own children are being slowly, methodically and sometimes not so subtly hypnotized into believing their anti-Israel (read anti-Semitic) agenda. These are the future leaders of our collective world. Had we prevented our schools of higher learning and more recently those of junior grades as well from this terrible disease, we probably would never had allowed some of our leaders to coerce us into such doomed positions. 

Like the Muslims in the Middle East who continue to promote vitriolic hate and murder to their young children at their schools, no less brainwashing children to become suicide bombers by killing innocent Israelis for a cause they absolutely have no understanding of and thus breeding generation after generation of haters, we in the West must put a stop to Islam from invading our own schools. This fight is no less important than stopping Iran from getting nukes. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Syrian Refugees' = Jihad by Immigration

Some of you might not like what I'm about to say. But I'm not here to make friends. Sometimes the truth is painful.

Why is it that we in the West are clamouring all over ourselves to take in millions of 'Syrian Refugees' while the wealthy Gulf States are not taking a single one of their brother Muslims?

Why is it that so many well intentioned, good hearted, peace seeking people including many Jews and Jewish organizations and even synagogues as well as Christian groups and churches are pushing to welcome the 'Syrian refugees'?

There are many Jews right here in my hometown of liberal Toronto, Canada that compare the 'Syrian refugees' with the Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust. Can we close our eyes to the horror that many 'Syrian refugees' are suffering? Shouldn't we as generous, humane people, let these poor folks into our great country? Are we that xenophobic? Imagine if we closed our borders to our parents generation who barely managed to survive the Holocaust? People like me wouldn't exist.

One last question: Why do I keep enclosing Syrian refugees in quotes?
The migrants pouring in to my country and others in the West are neither Syrians or refugees. Sure a small faction are Syrian as well as true refugees. But most are not. The majority are Muslim. They come from a variety of Muslim states such as Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. From the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Many are not suffering like true refugees suffer. Most are not displaced citizens and have a home albeit the home might be a tent. Of course their standard of living doesn't come close to ours. But that doesn't deem them a refugee. Many want to upgrade their economic status. I don't blame them. But we must look after our own first.

Now to the main point. As per the Quran, there are only 2 ways that a believer can achieve paradise, guaranteed:

1. Die while killing infidels (eg. suicide bomber)
2. Infiltrate and populate non-Muslim countries and make them Muslim

In fact the Muslim calendar is not based on Mohammed's birthday or death. It's based on the emigration of Mohammed and his followers to Medina where Islam was ultimately spread by the sword. Many Islamic leaders, from religious imams to ISIS leaders urge Muslims to immigrate to the West and even breed with non-Muslims in order to subjugate them. That's the main reason why the masses of poor Muslims don't want to go to the wealthy Gulf States. It's also true that these wealthy heartless arabs don't want to have more charity cases in their country. But why worry when by denying them entry they will ultimately see paradise as per rule # 2 above.

Their plan is simple: Under the guise of war torn refugees, they will storm the West en mass. The world economy is already weak and fragile. Mostly due to poor governance and demographics, the West has become a welfare state. I guess Russia won this one. Europe is one big socialist basket case teetering on bankruptcy. The muslims piling in who are used to living off meagre handouts from their theocratic states know how to play the 'give me game' before they even get there. Unlike the Jewish Holocaust survivors who never took a dime from the new governments who let them in, the muslim migrants are demanding of everything. From more money to better living quarters. Some are living in palaces throughout Europe. In no time, they make shit holes out of them. In many cases they burn the homes they living in. In short they will bankrupt us. Their pushy, confrontational culture clashes with our peaceful, live and let live way of living. As we continue to appease them rather than stand up to them, we will in time lose everything. When their population rises to a certain percentage (5% or more) they will demand more and get more. As politicians suck up to them, their demands will get louder. Sadly the government leaders who think appeasing them will solve our problems are only making it worse. Until its too late. By that time we either face a civil war, submit to them or become slaves to them or worse.

What's really scary is the way many Islamic leaders and organization have instructed the masses in detail on how to successfully commit jihad by immigration.

The first cohort of 'Syrian refugees' entering our country will be peaceful. They will hide their religious animosity to us western infidels. In fact they'll hide their own religiousness and identity. They will delete the videos of beheadings that they happily recorded on the cell phones. They will trim their beards and temporarily many will not wear the burqas they might be used to. They will be polite, wear big smiles and say thank you. In Canada our new leader, Justin Trudeau has decided to let in 50,000 'Syrian refugees' in his first year of power. After a year each of these migrants will bring in 10 dependant migrants. So after a year we could see half a million more muslims. We can easily look at history to see the pattern. In just a few hundred years countries like Indonesia who were predominately Buddhist, Hindu and Christian had become the largest Muslim populated country  in the world with 203 million muslims. It would be suicidal to be a practicing Christian or Jew to live there now.

As long as we continue to let them in unchecked, our way of life will slowly but surely disappear. The leaders who let them in will see it as a win-win since the more they let in, the more votes they'll get and the longer they'll be in power. Until one day they will be replaced by a muslim leader and our democratic, liberal, freedom loving society will be replace by sharia law. The following groups of migrants will no longer be so friendly upon arrival. Look at what's happening in Europe right now. Here is a video (1 of many) if you need to see some proof for yourself:

As for well intentioned Jews comparing Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust to the 'Syrian refugees': I find the comparison both ridiculous and insulting!
While the Jews had nothing, all was taken from them- their families and their homes, the migrants for the most part are not in the same ball park. The Jews survived the most horrendous torture of modern times, the Muslims have not come close. The Jews while keeping their identity integrated very well into western society and in fact contributed way above the average citizen. You don't have to look too hard to see hospital wings and university enters donated by Jewish philanthropists. While Jews have brought civility, peace and light the radical Muslim culture has brought hate and violence including intimidation, rape and murder to us. Sweden's rape rate has increased by an unprecedented 1500% !

If there was a way to screen the millions of muslim migrants to ensure they are not radicals and not terrorist I would surely agree. But there isn't. Every government's main job is to protect it's citizens. Are we already so indoctrinated with political correctness that we are blind to what's going on all around us? Did we already forget Paris twice and the murders in San Bernardino?

The West's policy of letting in millions of Muslim migrants is the most dangerous policy ever! Maybe once England, France, Germany or Spain go down and submit to sharia we will get the message but by then it might be too late. Instead of focusing on defeating ISIS we are focusing on climate change. This is beyond a sick joke. Instead of isolating Iran and ratcheting up sanctions we are giving them billions of dollars to fund their nuclear ambitions.

People with the best intentions are getting us killed!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Justin is Obama's Mini Me

Unlike the masses who either declare Justin Trudeau is Canada's newest G-d like saviour or simply say that we should give him a chance before we chastise him, I wish to make a few points.

When Obama was running as a presidential candidate prior to his first term, I did some basic research on him (the same research that anyone who cared could have done via Google searches) and found out some very troubling things. The # 1 issue was the convoluted history of the man that was shrouded in secrecy. Things that one would think would be easily ascertainable like where was he born, where did he live, who were is parents, where did he go to school, what was his religion, who were his friends and associates, who bankrolled him and what were his beliefs. All these very basic questions turned out to be almost impossible to determine one way or another even to this day!
When the most important person in the world is being considered for election I think we should all know every last thing about him/her and furthermore, that person should be an open book and let us all see the facts for ourselves. If it proves difficult to find this stuff out, one should be very concerned.
When some facts did come out, they weren't good news. For one (maybe I was the only one), when we found out that his pastor, reverend Wright, was vociferously anti-white, anti-American and anti-Semitic, I then and there declared that American's shouldn't vote for him. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Obama was basically a nobody who magically worked his way up to president simply on an empty platform called Hope and Change.

I was attacked at all levels by all kinds of people who declared that I was making it far worse than it was and since he was elected democratically, we should support him. Tired of the attacks, I caved in. I decided in the end, to give him a chance and see what he does. Even Charles Krauthammer said to the Jews in Toronto that he'll talk a great deal but do nothing, ergo nothing to worry about. After almost 2 terms I can say unequivocally that he is the worst president the States ever had. His foreign policy is a disaster. He has thrown his allies under the bus while bending over (literally) to our enemies. His obvious divisive national policy is a first. He continues to push his socialist agenda and is succeeding in making the US one of the largest welfare states in the world. His love for Islam including supporting radical Islam is perhaps his scariest policy. His nuclear deal with Iran is the WORST deal since Chamberlain signed a peace treaty with Herr Hitler.

While Trudeau's past is not shrouded in secrecy, there are certainly a lot of similarities. They both ran on the same demagoguery policy of Hope and Change. Hitler ran on the same platform. They are both socialists. No problem spending our money. While Harper ran a rare surplus economy, Trudeau already stated that he will put us in a $10 billion deficit. The US deficit is so big it will never get paid off. While Harper was an economist and got us through one of the worst mortgage crisis in recent history, Trudeau was a drama teacher. They are both philo-Islamic (they like Islam) and have both been influenced by Moslems and anti-Semites. Trudeau's brother made anti-West, anti-Semitic, pro-radical Islam, conspiracy styled movies and is his political advisor. While Harper was a rare steadfast supporter of Israel, like Obama who claimed he had Israel's back and then declared there must be daylight between the US and Israel, Trudeau already told Netanyahu that although Canada will remain Israel's friend, there will be a 'shift in tone' - gee I wonder what that will mean? All the mainstream media are in love with both men and refuse to criticize them. Canada's national (and tax payer funded) left wing CBC was constantly demonizing Harper while elevating Trudeau to cool G_d status.

I refuse to applaud our newly elected Canadian leader. His approval of Obama's suicidal nuclear deal with Iran spells out all I need to know about him.

Like when the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist Islamic groups shot their guns off in celebration when  Obama got elected, ISIS also tweeted their approval of Trudeau.

When our enemies love our leaders, it's time to worry!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harper's Big Mistake

As a Stephen Harper fan in Canada, I was sickened by the constant bombardment of the conservative party's ads telling us ad nauseam  that 'Justin is just not ready'. You can watch the ad here:

The truth is the best policy. Did the conservative party really believe that Justy wasn't ready? Ie. don't elect him yet but it's ok to elect him next time. Whereas the Liberal's message was that Harper was evil and charged him and his party with all kinds of lies in order to win, the conservative message was quite the opposite: Justy isn't a petulant, arrogant, ignorant, spoiled, dangerous jack ass, he's simply 'not ready'. Those pathetic conservative ads helped to legitimize Justy as our next leader. If Stephen Harper really thought that, then he deserved to lose. But I don't really think he thought that. I think it was a combination of:

1. he didn't want the thankless job that badly any more
2. he had a terrible marketing team (or the team was working for the liberals) 

The conservative party needs to be far more aggressive. My adds would have said that Justy will never be ready. Harper was PM for almost 10 years. Any idiot knows that people want change simply for the sake of change. Even if he was the best PM ever and I think he was, most people think that he had his turn and it's time for someone else. I truly believe that most people didn't necessarily disagree with the policies or performance of the conservative party. They just wanted someone else. Conservatives should have started grooming someone else with the same principled values as Harper, a year ago. Harper himself should have nominated someone like Jason Kenny or John Baird for the job well before this election instead of staying in the race himself. Especially knowing who the 2 alternatives for our next PM were. Given the choice, I would prefer Mulcair over Justy but it's really neck and neck between who is more dangerous and what their motives are. If you live as a principled person, you understand economics, foreign policy, history and have decent values, you must do what's best for your country. Even if it means not running despite being the best person.

Good bye Prime Minister Stephen Harper. You'll be sorely missed!