Friday, March 6, 2015

What Bibi's Speech Can do

I'm tired of hearing all the nitpicking and pessimism. I thought Bibi's speech was brilliant and I believe that history will prove it to be one of the most important speeches in modern times. Obama looked like a pathetic, beaten man who was mumbling his usual illogical crap. After admitting that he never heard the speech, Obama still had plenty to criticize about it. All nonsense in any case. If you haven't seen the speech I urge you to watch it here:

I consider Obama an arrogant, narcissistic, petulant, socialist (and due to his upbringing) sympathetic to Muslims if not actually a Muslim himself. As such, even when he's dead wrong (as he most often is), he needs a way to save face in order to get out of a bad deal (no worse deal in modern times than the deal he's making with Iran). So what Bibi's speech hopefully did was to light a fire under the worlds collective ass and force them to pay close attention to the negotiations with Iran. Until now, Iran has been having the time of it's life enjoying the one sided (in their favor) negotiations with Obama and the other lackeys. But now that the world and especially Congress will be watching every word, the west's negotiating team will have to stand up (at least a little bit) to the Iranians. That's all it might take for the Iranians to walk away from the table. And then Obama, sensing that his countrymen (including many democrats) would be thrilled to kill the deal, would have his opportunity to save face by telling the world that although he tried to negotiate with Iran, they killed the deal and it's over. This I believe is a very likely scenario. Then the States and the rest of the world can focus on putting back the heavy sanctions and other strategies laid out by the Israelis. Of course as long as Obama is in power the world will not be safe. We need a Marco Rubio or equivalent to take over the reins as soon as possible!
Watch this amazing clip of a leader who truly gets it:

Time is of the essence! On the one hand, terrorist states and groups like Iran, ISIS, Hizbola, Hamas and others are turning the world on it's head along with countries like China, Russia and North Korea exploiting the situation. But there is a strong window of opportunity. There are today some very powerful countries that are truly ready to ally with a strong US leader. Egypt's Sisi is looking for someone he can trust to stop Iran, the Moslem Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and for the first time ever, to turn around radical Islam! The super wealthy Gulf States including the Saudi's are scared shitless of Iran and it's march to obtaining nuclear weapons. Of course Israel is by far and away the State's most important and dependable ally. Aside from defending themselves from their nasty neighbours who continue to terrorize them on daily basis, they continue to protect the world from the same dangers that they themselves face. 

What the world needs now (sounds like a song doesn't it?), is a strong, smart, fearless US president. Kind of like Ronald Reagan or maybe someone with a military background like retired Colonel West. Someone who will jump start the economy by revving up the military. Americans need to get off their asses and get back to work and earn some real money, not handouts. The first step would be to build the Keystone pipeline with their Canadian friends to the north. Aside from the thousand of jobs it would create, it would help get the world off of terror sponsoring oil producers like Iran, the Saudis and Venezuela and slowly but surely replace it with ethical oil from their # 1 trade partner, Canada. This Canadian oil would fuel the massive new manufacturing plants in the US. Russia and China would take a back seat and watch the States move back to the powerhouse position they deserve. Much like during WWII, it took Japan to wake up the sleeping giant. 

At this point this new US leader would reestablish the States as a reliable ally and protector of it's former allies (Israel and the Middle Eastern Arab states) and others all over the world. Once established, they could force China and others to stop buying Iranian oil. They could offer Egypt the oil rich part of Libya that is loaded with Islamist terrorists. Egypt is starving and needs oil badly to feed its people. And its finally willing to fight terrorism. It would be forced to finally clean out Gaza and reestablish a friendly relationship with Israel. Israel could finally kick out the PA leadership out of Judea and Samaria (some of you know this as the West Bank). Together they would help stabilize the Jordanian leadership (Israel has been doing this for decades already) and this larger alliance led by the US would force Assad in Syria to step down quietly. Funds from the wealthy Arab states would be squeezed out of them to supply the arms required to repulse the terrorists.  One by one countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq would see the writing on the wall and cave in to the large US alliance. The States could then make some serious deals with Russia in exchange for Russia to help isolate Iran. It would take a few years but finally the now powerful Islamist leadership in Iran would run for the hills. There are millions of Iranians who hate the Ayatola's Islamist regime. They want to live in peace, prosper in business (they are excellent business people), the women want independence, they like to dance at discos and listen to western style music. Not many want sharia and most don't give a damn about Israel one way or the other. If they saw that they had a real chance to kick their nutcase leaders out, they would in an instant. 

What I laid out is simply just one possible, optimistic script. There are many other possibilities. 

Of course if Bibi's speech is soon forgotten and Obama remains tightly in the driver seat with the support of the mainstream media that he's gotten so far and no one else steps up to the plate, Herzog or Livni become Israel's next Prime Minister, then our future looks bleak....

Yet I remain hopeful. I believe Bibi's words were inspired by the Holy One and surely words from Him cannot be lost on us. But regardless whether or not you believe in Him, a powerful speech can change the course of the world. Look at Winston Churchill's speech to stir up England, America and other's to defend the world from the hands of the Nazis.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The World is Not What It Seems

Did you ever watch a TV commercial advertising a product or service, declaring its incredible value and quality while you know full well what a piece of crap it really is? I just returned from a walk with friends and we were discussing cars. Sooner or later we've almost all broached that subject. No sooner than all my friends and myself were trading nightmare stories on some nasty vehicles we own(ed) when I saw the car advertised on TV and it was alleged to have won the best car award for a # of years. I have nothing against the manufacturer and in fact I'm sure their Korean made car has improved over the years but after all- you get what you pay for. Count on problems within the first year and if you don't have any consider yourself lucky. How can this be, I ask? Total BS!

That same night on CNN I watched all kinds of pundits talking about how ruthless the Republican Speaker of the House, Boehner is for inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress about the Iran's nuclear bomb ambitions, without clearing it with Obama first. How dare he! And how reckless of Netanyahu to accept! To punish them both, Obama will not see Netanyahu when he comes to the States. After all, he doesn't want to promote a bias so close to elections in Israel. 

Like the lying commercials that we are constantly being bombarded with, mainstream media continues to throw lie after lie at us until we either capitulate and start believing them or just ignore them and move on.

Since Obama seems to be on a path to allow Iran weapons of mass destruction and in fact threatened to veto any of his associates intentions to bring back serious sanctions against Iran until they actually stop developing such weapons, it behooves all government officials to do something about this. After all this is THE most serious problem facing our world today!

One can read all sorts of garbage attacking Boehner, Netanyahu, the Israeli ambassador to the US and starting all sorts of rumours about these people and playing politics with the US/Israel relationship on CNN, MSNBC and others.

Sample headline from MSNBC: 

Netanyahu, Boehner deal with their ‘colossal mistake’


They are playing games with our lives all the while missing the point. We must stop Iran, period. If inviting the most intelligent person to speak on this issue (Israel's PM) might help push the agenda and wake up Americans and the world to the problem, then do it! 

No mention however about the State department inviting the Brotherhood over to Washington. No doubt they were planning how they can oust the current, most intelligent leader of Egypt, Sissi. Talk about not interfering with an ally's politics. No mention of Iran's latest and most powerful ballistic missile spotted by Israel's satellite. 

How about Obama running to Saudi Arabia to attend the late king's funeral? He had no time to attend this years largest Holocaust Memorial in Auschwitz but he cut his visit to India short to exhort the great, wise, theocratic and brutal dictator in Saudi Arabia who helped finance and continues to finance some of the world's worst terrorists. 

There is no difference between the insane, lying commercials and Obama's administration and it's lackey media puppets except for one little thing: Most of the BS we watch on TV commercials are innocuous but when our government constantly and arrogantly lies to us, it's bloody dangerous. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Most Moslems are Peace Loving

Have you ever been in a discussion or read an article about the danger the world faces from radical Islamists and the most prolific retort is: But most Moslems are peace loving people!

I will attempt to set the record straight on this point for once and for all. The fact that most Moslems are peace loving is soooo irrelevant. Because they aren't peace loving enough to stop their own radical Islamists from terrorizing the world. Just like those who try to defend the Germans in WWII. The fact that those peaceful Germans let their war mongering, sadist minority rule, is what's important. You know how that worked out. 

If you could tell any one of the 60 million people who died in WWII 'Are you aware that most Germans are peaceful?l' I can guarantee they'd think you are the biggest fool out there. Of course they'd think that is irrelevant. And they'd be correct. And then they'd be dead in the most horrific way, although the gas chambers were mostly reserved for the 6 million Jews who died in a most horrific way. Would you still be standing there saying that most of the Germans are peace loving?

Likewise but even more so, radical Moslems are the biggest problem facing the world today. If Moslems comprise a small percentage of the world's population, like for example the Jews who only comprise less than 2 tenths of 1 percent, then I would not be writing this article. Whereas the German population during 1939 was about 79 million and were mostly confined in 1 country, Germany, today there are over 2 billion 38 million Moslems and they are growing at almost 2% per year. They are spread out in just about every country in the world. Today there are almost 50 Muslim countries with the rest of us politically correct countries clamouring all over each other to add our country's names to the list. There are no moderate Muslim states. Yes there are moderate Moslems but most of them escaped their dictatorial, terrorist inspired, shariah compliant countries. Most of the terror in our world today is caused by Moslems. 

To make the math easy, lets say there are about 2 billion muslims today. Lets say that only 1% are radical. That leaves 20 million muslim terrorists out there who want to kill us and take over the world. Stick your head in the sand all you want, but these are the facts. Europe is already facing national suicide as they've let in far too many muslims and are facing economic, social and cultural ruin. Sweden once boasted the lowest per capita rate of rape. Now it faces the highest. Why? They've let in too many muslims who not only refuse to integrate with society but wish to impose their sick ideology on their host nation. In their view, it's not only okay to rape non-Muslim women, it's justified by their religious ideology. 

I'm so thankful that I live in Canada where we are a few years behind Europe. But things change. If Justin Trudeau gets in for example, his policy of appeasing Moslems will surely bring Canada down in no time. I don't want you to ever say that no one ever warned you about this danger. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Radical Islam Finally Strikes Canada

By now the world knows that 2 terrorist attacks occurred in Canada recently. First in Quebec, a Muslim terrorist runs over 2 soldiers and kills one. Days later, another Muslim terrorist shoots and kills a soldier at our War Memorial in our nation’s capital, Ottawa. Below is a pic of Cpl Nathan Cirillo who was shot in the back in Ottawa.

But what the world probably forgot about was that in 2006, 18 Muslim terrorists were arrested before they could blow up our Parliament building and behead our prime minister.

So what’s the common denominator in these events? The terrorists were all Muslim. And why is this fact relevant? Because they killed and struck terror into Canadians on behalf of their religion. It was their Muslim religion that spurred them on to their terrorist behavior.

There are no lone wolves in radical Islam. They are all connected and need that common hatred of non-Muslims to motivate them to act. And so far their actions come across loud and clear. This is just the beginning my friends. Surely we are in store for more of the same. Where next will it occur is anyone’s guess. We live in a very large country. Some would say it’s impossible to protect. I say that we must not give up or give in. And we have a long way to go to protect our country and our citizens. Letting radical Muslims who are supported financially and politically by terrorist regimes like Iran, speak at Toronto’s legislature building and who incite hate and yell anti-Semitic slurs do not warrant our government’s support simply on the grounds of free speech. On the contrary, these hate groups should be condemned publicly by members of our government. 

And speaking of our government, did anyone catch Justin Trudeau’s speech he made after the brutal murder of our soldiers right here in Canada? It reminded me of Obama’s constant apology to Muslims for the West’s Islamophobic behavior. BTW, lest anyone think I have it in for the Democrats in the US, President Bush was no better.
Let’s put it this way, if radical Muslims are terrorizing the world (and they most certainly are), then after one murders one of our own on our own soil, apologizing to the Muslim citizens for I don’t know what, is certainly not the first thing that I would do. Here is an excerpt:

To our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community, Canadians know acts such as these committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith. Continued mutual cooperation and respect will help prevent the influence of distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion. We will walk forward together, not apart.

If Justin Trudeau becomes our next Prime Minister, then G-d help us. Au contraire, I would be investigating the mosque that the murderer attended in Ottawa and if the imam was guilty of indoctrinating him and others to commit jihad, then off with his head. Oops, I meant send him to jail. That’s how we do it here.

PS: I've seen all kinds of media stating that these guys were simply troubled men. There are all kinds of psychologists analyzing these murderers trying to determine their sanity. Are you serious? Read my lips: ALL RADICAL MUSLIMS ARE INSANE!  Stop wasting your time trying to figure this one out. They all follow the same insane ideology! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Sorry!

Have you ever had to deal with an abusive boss who loses his or her mind and yells their face off at you for no particular reason? Then later they apologize. ‘Sorry, I had a bad day’ or ‘Sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night’.

Of course we all have. But what about that same boss, co-worker, teacher or spouse who constantly attacks you verbally but almost always apologizes later? Sooner or later we all ignore the apology. When that behaviour becomes routine, our response also becomes routine. We don’t hear it. It’s certainly not sincere if the situation is constantly being repeated. It’s obvious that the rage was meant to attack us personally. That is what we remember.
Just because someone apologizes, that doesn’t always erase the bad behavior. Nor should it.

Sadly, many of our world leaders suffer from this affliction. Especially when it comes to the Jews and Israel we have seen that behavior so many times already that their apologies become meaningless.

Joe Biden’s recent remark using Shakespeare’s anti-Semitic term ‘Shylock’ in a speech about bankers ripping off clients is one such an example. He later admitted that it was a poor choice of words only after he was chastised by the ADL. He’s probably the most apologetic vice president the US has ever had. That is not a good thing.

It reminds me of Obama’s first term speech about his country’s ally Israel. He clearly stated that Jerusalem always was and is the capital of the Jewish state. And it must remain undivided.  He later lamented his poor choice of words. ‘Undivided’ was not what he meant. What did he mean? Divided of course. West Jerusalem for the Jews. East Jerusalem for the Arabs. Like his VP, Obama is probably the most apologetic President the US has ever had. We all know all about his apology tour during his first term as President. After listening to his collective speeches, beginning in Cairo and occurring all over the world, one would think that before him, the US was an evil empire, despised by the world and deservedly so. Was the States perfect? Of course not. Far from it. But name me a country that has done more for world freedom?

But not to worry. He will fix it. From now on, the US will lead from behind. It will no longer stick its nose where it doesn’t belong, except when it comes to Israel.

He has made just about every possible wrong decision he could have. And his biggest is his constant defense of Iran. He has Iran’s back when it comes to ISIS. And it shouldn’t surprise us, after all they beheaded an American journalist. But when they killed a few hundred thousand people, he was silent. When Hamas killed an American student in Israel, he was also silent.

More importantly, he’s allowing Iran to continue to build nuclear weapons. And if Israel dares to destroy them, he might attack Israel. He’d start with denying Israel arms. In fact he already has. But don’t worry, if G-d forbid the Iranians succeed in launching nuclear weapons at some point, I’m sure we can all count on Obama to apologize. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Media Has a Lot to Answer For

So the war in Gaza is on and off. After thousands of rockets fired by Hamas in Gaza into Israel, Israelis have finally decided that enough is enough. The terrorist group Hamas is as ruthless as they come. They use their own children as cover when they fire at Israel, knowing that the IDF (Israel Defense Force) will not fire back if children are in their way.

Hamas insists both verbally and in writing that they will not stop until every Jew is dead. Note they said Jew, not Israeli.
As all other Muslim radicals, they will not stop with the Jews. Like the Nazis before them, they start with the Jews but end up killing everyone else including their own. Too bad, the rest of the world hasn’t woken up yet. BTW, the rest of the world includes none other than Israel’s # 1 benefactor, namely the US. It also includes the mainstream media. They have a lot to answer for. More about them later.  It includes most world leaders. And believe it or not it includes many Jews. Both in the diaspora and even in Israel.

Everyone has a right to choose a side. Even if they chose the wrong side. What I insist is that they admit it. In other words if you choose Hamas over Israel than simply admit that you hate Jews. That’s all I ask. Like most radical Muslims who are today’s Nazis, for the most part they readily admit that they hate Jews and all none-Muslims for that matter.

What I said applies to the media. If every bit of misinformation being reported by the mainstream media started with ‘We hate Jews’, I could live with that. Those people who hate Jews would buy into the mainstream media, those who don’t would not.

This leaves us with the well meaning but often ignorant media who simply regurgitate what they hear from the larger news organizations. If CNN is constantly reporting the #’s of dead Gazans, then so must the thousands of smaller, local news media. My local TV news station in Toronto which is excellent at reporting the traffic, weather and local events, continues to publish the # of Gazans killed as a result of  the IDF. Their 1 minute snippet of the war in Gaza usually stops at the # of dead from each side. Since Israel cares about it’s citizens and builds many excellent bomb shelters, employs world class anti-missile system like the Iron Dome, uses sirens and phone apps to notify it’s citizens of incoming rockets and most importantly moves its citizens out of harms way whereas Hamas cares more about its leaders and its weapons than it does about its people, simply reporting the #’s of dead and injured people on both sides without the context, is anti-Israel. Of course in this scenario, many more Gazans will be killed or injured than Israelis.

Worse still is the constant barrage of  photos and videos of real and not so real injured and / or dead Gazans by the media. Can you imagine what could have happened if the media had the ability to publish images of the millions of  ‘innocent’ civilian Germans or Japanese who were killed or injured in WWII? What if every murderer gets filmed while he himself is shot up by police? Oh and don’t forget the headline: Robber gets brutally shot 6 times in the head by police. What if all context fails to make the news? The fact that the robber killed 3 innocent people in the bank in order to complete his transaction is omitted time after time? We would have utter chaos. Well intentioned people would be siding with the murderers simply because they didn’t know the truth. We could have easily lost WW II because the majority of the civilian population in the West would side with the enemy.

The media carries a lot of responsibility to report the news accurately and honestly. With it they have the power to topple entire nations. In the current war with Hamas, it is crystal clear to any objective, knowledgeable person that Israelis are the good guys trying to defend themselves from Muslim terrorists who wish nothing less than the murder of every Jew and the destruction of Israel, to begin with.

The mainstream media are helping to spin the story the other way entirely. Right now they are certainly being supported by most governments throughout our world but even well before Obama’s obvious anti-Israel administration came into power, much of the mainstream media being aligned with the Left, were anti-Israel.

The world is subtly but constantly being brainwashed by the media when it comes to Israel. It seems that even as Israel is trying to rid the world of evil, internationally known terrorists by the name of Hamas, Israel can do nothing right. They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

If G-d forbid Israel ever falls (I as a believer cannot ever fathom that) I will hold the mainstream media accountable.

I include the New York Times recent article below as an example (one of thousands) of the media's often subtle anti-Israel's stance. In this recent case, they imply a moral equivalence between a well defined terrorist group, Hamas and the only democratic, liberal, free country in the Middle East, Israel. 

Below the image is my letter to the NY Times.

Yes, they have a lot to answer for.

My letter to the NY Times:

Dear New York Times:

When it comes to Israel, you have a definite bias against it. Case in point was your August 19 article with the headline "Rockets Said to Be Fired from Gaza Strip Puncture Latest Cease-Fire". 
You implied that the rockets that hit Israel in the south, might not have been fired from Gaza. Perhaps the Israelis fired them at themselves.
But then you realized your ridiculous headline and changed it to: 'Rockets from Gaza and Israeli Response Breaks Cease Fire'. 
So now you are implying that there was no difference between Hamas firing rockets at Israel indiscriminately during the cease fire and Israel's response.
Surely you can agree that if a bank robber shoots some civilians in the course of the robbery and then the police shoot him, only he is guilty. The police are doing their job in keeping law and order.
It's a good thing that police are protecting us. Likewise when Arab terrorists from Gaza break their own cease fire and continue to fire rockets into Israel, only they are guilty of breaking the cease fire. Any response from Israel should be expected and is in fact a good thing. How would you have reported the robbery? Well if it occurred in Israel and if it was an Arab who was the robber then you might report it as 'Sadly a poor Palestinian who couldn't afford to feed his family, was shot by Israeli police'. You'd probably include some pics of his many children picking thru rubble and his wife crying at his funeral and blaming the Jews. 

If I wanted to read an anti-Israel paper I would consult with Al Jazeera. Your anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias is so blatantly obvious you should be ashamed of yourselves. Even a 4 year old can see that you are far from an honest news paper. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Antisemitism Marches on While the World Looks the Other Way

Thank G-d for the internet. I live in Toronto, Canada. The year is 2014.  I have cable TV at home with over 100 channels. Likewise at the cottage we have satellite TV with hundreds of channels. Most of our news channels are American. The main news headlines are as follows:

Pro-Russian rebels shot down a Malaysian airliner near Ukraine. 
Israel is in the midst of finally trying to quiet the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.
The war continues in Syria killing and displacing hundreds of thousands.

I've been following local and international news for many years. There is little to no mention of the antisemitic events that continue to occur throughout our world in any of the mainstream news media. If it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't even know that antisemitism exists anymore! 

Here are just a few items that should have been reported in the mainstream TV news:

Fatah leaders of the Palestinian government claim that Jews offer sacrifices made from the blood of Arab children.
Muslim demonstrators in Paris armed with axes, chanting 'Death to the Jews', tried to storm a synagogue.
Still in Paris: a Molotov cocktail was thrown into another synagogue; a 17 year old Jewish girl was pepper sprayed in the face by a man shouting 'Dirty Jewess, inshalla you will die'; a Jewish man was beaten up by 3 men who scrawled a swastika on his chest.; in 2006 a young Jewish man was kidnapped, tortured and murdered; in 2012 a Muslim murdered a rabbi and 3 children; this year 4 Jews were killed in a Jewish museum in Brussels by a Muslim; Jews were driven out of the Swedish city of Malmo by Muslims.

In Turkey (see photo above), Jews have been served notice 'to be very afraid and to get out', this after living in relative peace after 500 years. Their Muslim leader supports these fanatics. He, by the way, is considered to be Obama's best friend (his words, not mine).  

Here in Regina, Canada,  a peaceful rally in support of Israel was interrupted by pro-Hamas demonstrators who tore Israeli flags out of their hands and knocked down and attacked a woman just the other day. There was no mention of this in the news. In Toronto last week, a Jewish man who was peacefully demonstrating against Hamas was attacked by Arabs and then taken to jail by police. 

I could write a very large book documenting such despicable events. They have and continue to occur in almost every country in the world. I myself have been served up Jew hatred both as a child and as an adult looking for work and I live in Toronto! 

There are 2 very different worlds that I'm exposed to. Mainstream news like CNN and my national, government sponsored news CBC which has a decidedly anti-Israel and antisemitic bias and the real news which I get via the internet  through such knowledgeable people and organizations such as: Daniel Pipes, Caroline Glick, Arlene Kushner, Honest Reporting, Melanie Phillips, Ideology of Islam, Media Scan, CAMERA and thankfully by many others.

Why are these incidents not reported? Are they too painful to report or does nobody care? Perhaps we've reached a saturation point. When something happens so often that it becomes commonplace, nobody cares. If one Jewish girl gets attacked via an antisemitic act, it might get reported. But when it happens every day, hundreds or thousands of times per day in fact, nobody cares. Maybe it's simply because the world hates us. Some more than others for sure but I've been seen that little bit of Jew hatred subtly displayed by far too many people from all walks of life. From colleagues at work, to many world leaders. The constant barrage of antisemitism is insidious. It's crept into many well meaning, left leaning people and the brain washing continues. 

Make no mistake, these are not anti-Israel attacks, these are clearly attacks against Jews. Anti-Israelism is the new antisemitism. Little, if anything, has changed since the Holocaust. If fact, now that the world continues its love affair with attacking the tiny Jewish state, it's gotten a whole lot easier to hate Jews. 

It's so embedded in our culture that even I would be surprised to see any one of such events reported on mainstream media. Although one can search for anti-Israel or antisemitism on the internet and you wouldn't be able to read all of the items in your lifetime. Today, many Jews and righteous Gentiles would be shocked to hear such events and many intelligent folks don't even recognize the antisemitism when they hear or see it.

Six million Jews are turning in their graves!