Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Arab Spring

It's almost June, 2012. The Arab spring in Egypt resulted in Mubarak's resignation in February 2011. The entire world's headlines in every media outlet screamed of the new Arab spring back then. There were very few cautious individuals who held their breath as millions of Egyptians wanted an end to their leader's military rule. Most of these cautious folk were Israelis who stood to lose a lot if the 'spring' turned ugly. But they were the minority. By far, just about everyone, everywhere, with the help of the media like CNN, spinned a thorough, positive outlook on the events that were occurring. The old school, backwards, Arab dictatorships throughout the Middle East were finally coming to an end. The spring would usher in new hopes for democracy, freedom, release from repressive policies and economic doom.

At the time the world ignored the Islamists cries throughout Egypt and elsewhere. Well it's time to wake up. The long standing land for peace agreement between Israel and Egypt is all but dead. The natural gas agreement between Egypt and Israel is gone. The pipelines have been perpetually bombed out since Mubarak's ouster. Where at one time, the extreme, Islamist, terrorist organizations like the Moslem Brotherhood were outlawed in Egypt, they now pretty much run the show. Their cries are clear: Destroy Israel, Kill the Jews.

And why is this such a big deal? Egypt has the largest Arab population in the Middle East at over 90 million people. It has a large, fairly porous border with Israel where terrorists run and hide freely in the large Sinai peninsula which Israel traded for peace. As it continues to be indoctrinated by Islamists, it's economy is flying into the toilet. If people thought times were tough when Mubarak ran the show, think again. At least when his regime was in power, there was a cold peace between his country and Israel. There was even some limited trade and military cooperation between the 2 countries. There was a version of law and order. The tourism industry was strong.  Now? Not so much. Tourism is dead. The minority Christian population is quickly being wiped off the map. The elections are a joke. One common theme amongst all the parties vying for leadership is again: Destroy Israel and Kill the Jews.

Where at one time, Egypt contained the terrorists like Hamas in the Gaza strip, now they want to open up their borders and help them attack Israel.

In this video you can hear one of the clerics cry to liberate Jerusalem on behalf of the moderate (according to the Obama gang) Moslem Brotherhood. Note: They didn't say liberate East Jerusalem, they want it all:

Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Will Liberate Jerusalem

For all you naive, politically correct, bleeding heart liberals who continue to get your news from CNN, the NY Times, The Guardian, AP, CBC and most of the news outlets in the world, surely you must now admit:

If I was an Egyptian, I would have called this a Naqba (disaster).