Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Sorry!

Have you ever had to deal with an abusive boss who loses his or her mind and yells their face off at you for no particular reason? Then later they apologize. ‘Sorry, I had a bad day’ or ‘Sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night’.

Of course we all have. But what about that same boss, co-worker, teacher or spouse who constantly attacks you verbally but almost always apologizes later? Sooner or later we all ignore the apology. When that behaviour becomes routine, our response also becomes routine. We don’t hear it. It’s certainly not sincere if the situation is constantly being repeated. It’s obvious that the rage was meant to attack us personally. That is what we remember.
Just because someone apologizes, that doesn’t always erase the bad behavior. Nor should it.

Sadly, many of our world leaders suffer from this affliction. Especially when it comes to the Jews and Israel we have seen that behavior so many times already that their apologies become meaningless.

Joe Biden’s recent remark using Shakespeare’s anti-Semitic term ‘Shylock’ in a speech about bankers ripping off clients is one such an example. He later admitted that it was a poor choice of words only after he was chastised by the ADL. He’s probably the most apologetic vice president the US has ever had. That is not a good thing.

It reminds me of Obama’s first term speech about his country’s ally Israel. He clearly stated that Jerusalem always was and is the capital of the Jewish state. And it must remain undivided.  He later lamented his poor choice of words. ‘Undivided’ was not what he meant. What did he mean? Divided of course. West Jerusalem for the Jews. East Jerusalem for the Arabs. Like his VP, Obama is probably the most apologetic President the US has ever had. We all know all about his apology tour during his first term as President. After listening to his collective speeches, beginning in Cairo and occurring all over the world, one would think that before him, the US was an evil empire, despised by the world and deservedly so. Was the States perfect? Of course not. Far from it. But name me a country that has done more for world freedom?

But not to worry. He will fix it. From now on, the US will lead from behind. It will no longer stick its nose where it doesn’t belong, except when it comes to Israel.

He has made just about every possible wrong decision he could have. And his biggest is his constant defense of Iran. He has Iran’s back when it comes to ISIS. And it shouldn’t surprise us, after all they beheaded an American journalist. But when they killed a few hundred thousand people, he was silent. When Hamas killed an American student in Israel, he was also silent.

More importantly, he’s allowing Iran to continue to build nuclear weapons. And if Israel dares to destroy them, he might attack Israel. He’d start with denying Israel arms. In fact he already has. But don’t worry, if G-d forbid the Iranians succeed in launching nuclear weapons at some point, I’m sure we can all count on Obama to apologize.