Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama is Evil

To some of us, this is no surprise. Let me be the first to call him out. I've known that the president of the United States is evil for many years now and I suspect that a good many people think the same. Maybe one day we'll have the proof that it was he alone who gave the order for the American ambassador to the UN to abstain for the vote declaring Israel's 'settlements' illegal. Right now the State department denies promoting the anti-Israeli resolution. Until now, the States has always vetoed anti-Israeli resolutions from the UN Security Council. 

But Obama has put out the rumours for months if not years that he would eventually turn on Israel before he gives up his job to his arch enemy Trump. I really don't know why he won't admit it right now. Maybe he will in a week or so. That's how he operates. He's too much of a chicken shit to tell the world how he really feels about Jews and Israel. He hides his hate under the guise of political correctness. We could have easily seen where he was going when he said way back in 2009 that there needs to be daylight between the US and Israel in order for there to be peace. 

Despite him saying he had Israel's back, he's been constantly stabbing Israel in the back all the while insulting Jewish leaders in the States and elsewhere (Israel's PM). So finally near the end of his term (thank G-d) he's hit the jackpot. He agrees with (and pushed for) the insane resolution (one of hundreds) that accuses Israel of building illegal settlements in her own country, including in her own capital, Jerusalem. Furthermore he's promoting the lie that this is what is stopping any possible peace agreement between Israel and the arabs. Surely the lack of peace in the region has nothing to do with the Muslim doctrine to hate, subjugate and kill all non muslims with Jews at the top of their list!

The fact that it's the Muslims who are the terrorists seems to be somehow overlooked by Obama and his party. The fact that Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem are legally Israel's land which they have legal title to under the Mandate for Palestine seems to be irrelevant. 

This is not just some academic argument. This is a real life decision about whether to allow thousands of Muslim terrorists to rain down missiles, bombs and bullets on to innocent Israelis. All this from an indefensible border of less than 9 miles deep! Can you imagine a tiny country surrounded with millions of people who want to annihilate you and the world insists that you give them (your enemy) even more land that would turn your country into a tiny strip of densely populated land between the Mediterranean Sea and Judea and Samaria (West Bank). And why do these millions of muslims want to kill Israelis? Because they are Jews.

Donald Trump tried to stop the resolution which was originally submitted by Egypt who subsequently withheld the resolution. He almost succeeded but thanks to Obama they pushed the vote through the following day with other terror sponsoring or Islamist sympathizing states. 

Trump can't get in soon enough. Obama's game is to try to do as much damage as he can before he gets kicked out. Damage not only to his own country. From delegitimizing Trump's election to killing the national energy industry but also creating as many foreign policy disasters as possible. This libel thrown on Israel's back is just the latest. You can bet there will be more.

Is it bad? Yes but in a good way. The same way you usually feel worse after taking medicine for a sickness, things will get worse before they get better. But I do think they will get better once Trump is in. This just pushed the bubble up to the surface faster. Without Trump (good) and Obama (evil) we would be slowly sinking down. Without real nasty Islamic terror we wouldn't notice the slow deterioration of our countries in the West. Jihad by immigration is killing Europe but even they are blind unless they are exposed to nasty Islamism like the raping of their daughters or thousands of no go zones. And sadly many still don't get it because the terrorists didn't commit enough terror. The more shit Obama throws at us the more we are forced to evaluate reality and come to the only valid conclusion: He's no good. Islamism is no good. The UN which is run by Islamic, backward theocratic states is no good. The Democratic party which plans to elect as its leader Keith Ellison, an advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror sponsoring, Jew hating, American hating, Israel bashing groups (he is the first Muslim congressman) is no good.

I figure a few large Islamic terrorist events on the scale of 9/11 but hopefully in Germany where it's most likely and fitting to occur might finally open the eyes to the non believers. Those that still don't believe that Islam is the threat (it is not a religion like any other) and that Obama is no less evil. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bibi: Please Change the Conversation!

PM Bibi Netanyahu needs to change the conversation. I’m sick and tired of listening to him defending Israeli built settlements in Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank). The latest argument between him and secretary Kerry about whether or not the ‘settlements’ are an obstacle to peace is itself an obstacle to peace.

Although there are people like me who understand the deep hatred that the PA leadership harbours toward Israel and the Jews, I can see that most of the world might side with Kerry.

Bibi recounted correctly that for 50 years the Palestinians (I hate that word since there is no such people but am quoting Bibi here) have fought for the destruction of Israel, well before the 1967 Six Day War where Israel recaptured the land known today by some as the West Bank. So his defence is that since they hated us well before there were any Jewish settlements why would Jewish settlements today be an obstacle to peace?

Kerry agreed with Bibi’s history lesson. But still cried that despite the history, if Israel really wanted to make peace, they should stop antagonizing the Palestinians by building Jewish settlements in land that will one day be part of a Palestinian state and further more make that land non-contiguous -making any future state difficult to demarcate. 

As you can see, Bibi’s defensive arguments will ultimately fail as do all arguments which avoid the real truth, the real issue or as aptly known as the elephant in the room.

So what is the real truth? Simple: Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank) belongs to Israel. Period. 
Through the Mandate for Palestine, Israel has legal title to this land. If you believe in the Bible, she’s had it for thousands of years. If you don’t, it started no later than 1917 with the Balfour declaration and was completed in 1948 when Israel became a modern day Jewish State. 
There are many fantastic organizations, some Jewish, some not, who defend Israel’s right to the disputed territories. Check this excellent one out: http://israelrights.com/en/

Don’t get me wrong. I have much respect and admiration of Bibi as Israel’s democratically elected PM. I’m sure there are many mitigating factors for him and some of his colleagues and predecessors going down the 2 state solution, road. But enough is enough. 

It’s way past time to change the conversation. Stop defending your settlements that are built on your own land. Stop appeasing the haters. Tell the world that the land is ours as per our legal title. If and when we decide to give it away for any reason, it’s up to us and only to us. 

As you might have figured out, I’m a Jewish activist. In Toronto, Canada we host a Gay Pride Parade every summer. Unfortunately, it was soon hijacked by an antisemitic group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (Quaia). There were quite a few citizens who didn’t like the group participating in the parade for various reasons. I didn’t like it because they were falsely condemning Israel of apartheid and doing so in someone else’s parade. The city created a tribunal to deal with complaints about the parade. I filled out the application and attended the tribunal to make my case against allowing Quaia to participate in the parade. The panel was composed of the former president of the Canadian Muslim Association, a lawyer who was part of Peace Now (an anti-Israel left wing ‘Jewish’ group) and someone else. I realized very quickly that this tribunal was a sham. They wanted me to defend Israel as not being an apartheid state. I refused to argue this point (I think I said that’s as silly as arguing that water is wet). My argument was simple. The large, expensive parade, in part paid for by my taxes, was to celebrate gay rights. It had nothing to do with Israel or any other country or political issue. I told them that thankfully we live in a democratic society. Quaia is free to organize their own parade on their own dime but should not be allowed to hijack our world famous Gay Pride Parade. 
It took a couple more years but we eventually won this battle. Quaia is no longer welcome to participate in our parade. I’m pretty sure that had I and others tried to defend our cause by attempting to prove that Israel is not an apartheid state, Quaia would still be participating in the parade.

When Bibi avoids the elephant, he makes it very difficult for people like me who try to defend Israel. He makes it easier for her enemies to attack Israel. Case in point is the PA’s latest efforts to insist that the UK apologize for the Balfour Declaration. 
I just wrote a letter to a British MP asking her to support the Balfour Declaration. But why should she listen to me when Israel’s own PM doesn’t seem to ever mention it?

I love Bibi, but if he won’t stand up for the Truth right now, it’s time for him to step down.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Left Leaning Jewish Liberals Need to Hear This

Jews are at a crossroads today. On the one hand, the data shows us that antisemitism is growing world wide. In just about every city in the West, antisemitic incidents are escalating. Here in Toronto, a typical incident consists of painting swastikas on Jewish establishments. But elsewhere such as in Paris, Orthodox Jews must hide their identity in public to avoid physical attacks––or worse. Although France had the highest percentage of Jews post WWII, today French Jews are fleeing in droves. Jewish students at universities are under attack and they are watched so closely that they keep their pro-Israel voices shut. Israel has been on the defensive for years. She faces existential threats from Iran and is barraged by Muslims either strapping on suicide belts or firing missiles at her from the Gaza strip or the Syrian border. For the past 8 years Obama and his administration has not been a friend to Israel or the Jews––despite his claims to the contrary. To say that most governments in the West have made us feel uncomfortable, would be an understatement. The relationship between Israel and the US government has hit an historical all-time low. Both the Clinton and Sander camps contain many high ranking antisemites. Physical assaults on Jews throughout Europe are at an all-time high. All religions except for Islam, have lost many members. Churches are empty and some synagogues are facing a difficult time retaining membership. As a result, many Jews have lost their Jewishness. This has been an ongoing issue for many years, but it seems to have reached a critical mass at this point. But people (and Jews are no exception) need a cause. They need to belong. So many American Jews (and others) have found it in the Democratic party in the States. Or in the Liberal party in Canada. Many are even on the left in Israel. They will even ignore the obvious Jew haters within their ranks. Sometimes, the leaders themselves are complicit in this hatred, which is often ignored for the common good of the group.

Now to the point: The people who really need to hear this message are the left-leaning, democratic, liberal, baby boomers, and some Jewish organizations (like the ADL) who despise Trump. People who need to heed this message are the protestors, who rail against Trump in almost every metropolitan city throughout the world. As I write this, hundreds are protesting him in Paris. As Paris is burning, thanks to radical Islamist terrorists and the terrible economic burden induced by massive waves of Muslim migrants, many are protesting a democratically elected Trump. I’m including most of the younger, often arrogant population as well. I’m even including a few misguided Jewish Holocaust survivors that fear Trump and the people who voted for him.

The Message: The same group of mostly middle class, primarily Christian Americans & Canadians (e.g. plumbers, mechanics, farmers, construction workers, factory workers, blue-collar service workers and salespeople), who voted for Trump or would have if they could, are the same people who liberated our Jewish parents and grandparents from the Holocaust! This same group of whites and blacks and a smattering of others are the ones who risked and often lost their lives in order for us to survive. They liberated thousands of Jews who looked more like skeletons than humans in Auschwitz and other camps. These are the same brave men and woman who we ridicule for having the audacity for voting for the misogynist, racist, nut job, hater named Donald Trump. I think we owe them! We owe them a chance to enjoy the results from a legitimate democratic election. Why not stop attacking Trump every second of every day and give him a chance to succeed? If he succeeds we all win. The vicious lies have saturated the planet. From the lame jokes (lies) on the infamous SNL TV show to small unknown haredi newspapers who sometimes vacillate on him or his supporters. Poor Steve Bannon will be known as an antisemite in 20 years from now. His case resembles the ‘Jenin massacre'. Israel will forever be identified as the brutal murderers responsible for levelling an entire Arab city thanks to the constant repetition of this lie.

In addition to this cohort, there is a brave group of Righteous Gentiles who defend Jews and support Israel today. Some are Evangelical Christians, or just plain well informed Christians, some are Hindus, some are atheists and some are even Muslims. Some are white, some are black, some are Asian, some are gay, some are straight. We can learn a lot from them. I’m sad to report that in my own experience, many of these people are better engaged in supporting important Jewish & Israeli causes than many of these same democratic or liberal Jews who prefer to live with their heads in the sand. In Canada, we have “Israel Truth Week” which is often led by a Righteous Gentile named Mark Vandermaas who preaches that Jews must know that Israel holds the legal title to Judea and Samaria (aka The West Bank) thanks to the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate for Palestine. If we want to give it away for any reason, that’s up to us––but lets start with the truth. And there are many others across the world who warn us about the dangers from radical Islam. Have you heard from Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Geert Wilders, Brigitte Gabriel, Pat Condell, Douglas Murray and many others who have come to our rescue?

Christian Genocide in ME event in Toronto held at synagogue
credit David Lim

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my many Gentile followers of all faiths and colours. Many are people that I’ve never met. They are often the most vocal supporters/readers of my columns and emails and support my efforts to educate the public at large as to the real threats facing good people all over the world. These righteous friends defend those that need defending and in particular they identify antisemites and give credit to those who deserve it. We owe them a debt of gratitude. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and show them support.

The good news is that cracks have begun. It might have started with Brexit. Certainly the Trump win is a huge opportunity for real change and even Israel was elected to chair something within the UN! The Middle East is in turmoil; however, it could be a good turmoil vis a vis Israel. Hamas and Hizbollah are busy with ISIS. Saudi Arabia is focused on Iran and visa-versa. Former arch enemies such as Egypt may slowly become our allies. The stars have aligned. Now is the time for Israel to set the record straight. Enough insane talk about a two-state solution. Many former friends and backers to the PA have had enough. They too are sick of corruption and more importantly, they have their own problems to deal with. Abbas is irrelevant and obsolete. Bibi needs to stop talking to him or about him. Abas' own people hate him. But Trump won’t initiate the formal annexation of Judea and Samaria for Israel. The Jews have to do it on their own. Countries throughout the world need to take back their states. Charity starts at home. Let the wealthy Muslim countries take in millions of their own migrants from war-torn areas if they wish. We need to be pragmatic. We can see what happens when you let in millions of undocumented, unscreened Muslim migrants from terrorist-sponsoring countries. We do need to limit Muslim immigration. One has to be blind not to see what is going on in Europe. In step with the people who voted for Trump, lets give him a chance to succeed and let’s also support Israel to do the the same. Israel needs to finally do what’s in her best interest just like every other country in the world does. If this means embracing Righteous Gentiles and ignoring some liberal Jews, so be it.

This my friends, is a limited time offer!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is Bannon an Antisemite?

Almost since the day Trump won, I’ve been told that his new chief of staff Steve Bannon is an antisemite and is a member of the alt right.
I’ve read this on Facebook, from friends via email, from various blogs and of course CNN won’t shut up about it. Heck even large left wing Jewish organizations like the ADL have accused him of this. 

I immediately smelled a rat but conceded that I'll reserve judgement until I learn more about who this Bannon guy is. My first thoughts were:

1. Why should we take the words of his ex-wife, words said during a heated divorce no less? And even if they prove true, does that absolutely prove that he is an antisemite?  When I sent my kids to camp, I wanted them to go to a Jewish camp. I wanted them to associate with other Jewish children their age. Does that mean that I’m a racist?

2. A little digging about him and I found out that he was a former naval officer, worked for Goldman Sachs and worked in the entertainment industry. So we learned that he bravely served his country and worked for a large Jewish firm as well as in an industry known for it’s Jewishness. I ask you, is that something a real antisemite would do?

3. I can’t imagine that the Trump administration would nominate a chief of staff without intense scrutiny. Trump knows that the world is watching his every move and it would be folly to make a huge blunder right at the get go.

A day later, a colleague sent me an article by one of my favourite pro-Israel, Jewish activists, David Horowitz on the Breitbart web site. Here it is: https://www.google.com/amp/www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/11/14/horowitz-anti-bannon-hysteria-more-evidence-the-left-has-lost-touch-with-the-american-people/amp/

Turns out that the ‘renegade Jew’ article was written by David Horowitz on Breitbart’s site about Bill Krystol who lead the ‘never Trump’ campaign. It had nothing to do with Bannon hating Jews whatsoever!

Today I read another article by Joel Pollak on Breitbart who is a religious Jew who worked with/under Bannon at Breitbart and made it clear that Bannon is a good friend to Jews, is a staunch defender of Israel and an American patriot. You can read it here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/11/14/stephen-k-bannon-friend-jewish-people-defender-israel/

In summary, not only is Stephen Bannon NOT an antisemite, he is a philo-semite (someone who likes Jews), defends Israel and is a loyal American and a great man. If he wasn't being appointed chief of staff I would assume that he would successfully sue for defamation of character.

I guess CNN, the Times and the rest of the MM (mainstream media) and the lefty organizations (Jewish or otherwise) didn’t get the memo. TRUMP Won!  Despite their vicious, unrelenting attacks against him and any conservatives (and Israel), the American people saw through their BS and voted for him. Yet they continue to twist fantastic accusations at Trump and any of his staff or supporters in hopes of shooting him down. I would think that by now even left leaners would get tired of CNN and other MM hysteric nonsense. Their bias is though the roof. They have become a joke in poor taste. Not entertaining in the least and certainly can’t be taken seriously any more (if they ever could have been).

CNN, ADL and every other organization or person who accused Bannon or Trump of being an antisemite needs to publicly apologize to them both. But they won’t! I can name dozens of real antisemitic bastards who are part of Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders camps and the Obama administration as well. 

One last thing - Since when does CNN or the Times care about antisemitism or insignificant events like the Holocaust anyways? All of a sudden they are our best friends (for the moment).

Monday, November 7, 2016

Why I Choose Trump

I notice that many right wing or pro-Republican pundits are careful not to choose a candidate. Even one of my favorite political analysts, Caroline Glick, simply pointed out why Trump has a chance to win despite all odds. He is anti-establishment and does not suffer from political correctness. You can read her excellent article here


But for undecided voters let me say what Caroline didn't here:

If you care about Israel and anti-Semitism it's really a no brainer. Hillary surrounds herself with some of the worst, powerful anti-Semites in the world. Most Jews know that our biggest enemies are self haters. Former Jews like Blumenthal and Soros (the billionaire) are 2 of her close advisors and funders. Then you have Abedin, her closest advisor for 20 years. A Muslim who has proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Her VP Keane is also sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and like Hillary and her boss have been funded by states who continue to sponsor terror groups. Let's not forget about her boss who no one can argue, does not have Israel's back, despite him saying so. 

On the other hand Trump's middle east advisor is an Israeli, his top advisor is his Jewish son in law Kushner. His Jewish (convert) daughter Ivanka remains a strong force on his team. His VP Pence has always supported Israel and remains a strong advocate for her. 

Despite the establishment trying to paint Israel as the bad guy, most Americans see through the BS and remain loyal supporters. They also fear the rush of Islamic immigrants and the trouble they bring, to the US. Surely they see what is going on in Europe. You don't have to love or even like Israel or Jews to see that. While Hillary wants open borders, increase immigration from states that harbour large numbers of Islamic terrorists, is more concerned about climate change than jobs, Trump wants the opposite. For no other reason than to protect its citizens, Americans need to vote for Trump. 

Here is a short summary: Trump sometimes says stupid shit and is often painful to listen to but Hillary was directly responsible for the murder of 4 Americans in Libya and had the audacity to blame it on a video. On top of that she is currently under investigation for using an unsecured email server for top secret emails and when confronted with it, she had all 30,000 plus deleted. The damage she has done to her country is unheard of for a Secretary of State. People with similar or lesser charges have gone to prison for that. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

UNESCO: Temple Mount is an Islamic Holy Site

If you want people to respect your opinion you must speak the truth and back it up with facts when required. The UN and all of its committees have proven time and again that they don't care about truth of facts. They only care about one thing: delegitimizing Israel at all costs.

In this case UNESCO proved its insanity by ignoring Israel's 3000 year connection to Jerusalem including of course the Temple Mount where the most sacred Jewish site continues to stand. As per Moslem doctrine, these Islamic countries (who submitted the document to UNESCO) attempt to replace years of history and other non-Islamic sites with their own. They have done this repeatedly throughout the world wherever they can get away with it.

Check out this short video of tens of thousands of Jews praying at the Kotel (Western Wall in Jerusalem) during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur (Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement) and tell me that it's not a Jewish holy site. https://unitedwithisrael.org/watch-pre-yom-kippur-prayers-at-the-western-wall/

Here is UNESCO's document not only declaring that the Temple Mount is really an Islamic holy site but condemning Israel all over the map on everything they could have possibly thought of. It's a very daunting attack that typifies the stealth jihad approach that many Islamic people and Islamic sympathizers continue to take. The attempted legalese belies the total BS that is in this document. I couldn't read too much of it as I have an aversion to BS.

But give it a try if you dare:

The tragedy here is the number of (temporarily) non-Islamic countries who support this utter nonsensical lie. 24 voted for it, 26 abstained and only 6 voted against it. I wonder where my own country, Canada, stood on this vote.

Anyone who supports the UN or any of its subsidiaries is out of their mind.

Shanna Tova!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Was Peres the Hero the World is Making him out to be?

Well intentioned people can get you killed. Like Obama who pressed for the Iran deal, the worst deal in history, I'm sure he had reasonably good intentions. But in effect he paved the road for Iran to build nuclear missiles. I'm pretty sure Peres had good intentions when he initiated the disastrous Oslo Accords which cost many Israeli lives and helped spread the false narrative that Israel is illegally occupying Samaria and Judea (aka West Bank) . 

The fact that so many world leaders (arabs among them) are attending his funeral and saying nice things about him, helps prove my point. Had he been a staunch Zionist, the world wouldn't be so positive about him. The same folks who adored Yasser Arafat, one of the worlds most two faced, terrorist leaders, adore Peres as well.

Like all people who've led a long and complex life, he's done some good and bad things. But
I am against the world making him into a saint. He was far from it. Furthermore making him into a hero detracts from the real heroes in the world. 

I for one, will not miss him!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Secret Terror Attacks


It’s now the day after the latest attack in Nice, France where at least 77 people were killed.
And so far none of the major media nor French government officials have yet mentioned that the attacker was a Muslim. They’ve really gone out of their way to not mention the words Muslim or Islam or Islamist in any of the reporting of this vile attack. It’s almost funny how hard everyone is trying to keep this a secret. It seems that calling the murder of so many people and so many injuries a terror attack was itself a mighty feat for the French. 

I live in Toronto, Canada. Right now I’m up isolated up at my cottage. How do I know that the terrorist was a Muslim? Factually I don’t. But logically who else could it be? Sure it could be a random nutcase who got his hands on a truck and started to run over people. But the fact that the French leaders and the international media are so silent about identifying who the dead terrorist is tells me all I need to know. I have no doubt in my mind that this was a radical Muslim. Maybe related to ISIS or maybe related to one of hundreds of other Muslim terrorist groups. 

Like Obama’s policy of refusing to identify Islamists as our number one enemy, Hollande and others in France and elsewhere in Europe, it’s really best not to mention this big secret. Shsh….

As if not mentioning it, the problem will go away. After all we don’t want to offend any Muslims. Because if we do, then we could get hurt. It’s okay to offend Christians, Jews or anyone else but lets leave Muslims out of it. They are ‘special’.

And what will France do about their country literally falling apart under their noses? They’ll have a 3 day vigil! That’ll teach the terrorists. 

I find this so insulting that I could scream! Are we so dumbed down that we have to be told the news in tiny little increments? Of course in time (by the time you receive this email), we will finally be told that the terrorist was a Muslim. First we’ll find out that he came from a Muslim country. Then we’ll find out that his name was Mohamed. And finally we might be told that he was actually a Muslim terrorist.

If you can’t even identify your enemy then you have a slim chance of winning a fight with him. 
France’s long term policy of inviting millions of Muslims into their country has finally caught up with her. This policy is insane and any objective French citizen needs to speak up on this ASAP. They should adopt Donald Trump’s policy to limit Muslim immigration until they can figure this out. All immigrants to all countries need to be carefully screened prior to entry. This process often takes a year or longer. My country under the leadership of Justin Trudeau is following France’s pathetic role to national suicide by bringing in thousands of undocumented, unscreened Muslims at an unprecedented rate. Besides bankrupting our country (which is happening right now), we are on queue to have our own version of France’s numerous, tragic Islamic terror attacks right here as well. 

Believe me, if the terrorist was anyone other than a Muslim, we would by now know every last detail about the man, including his religion. When Bernie Madoff was caught stealing millions of dollars, I couldn’t find an article that didn’t mention his religion. It seems that his being Jewish was the most relevant fact in the event. 

With leaders like Hollande and a left leaning French population, France is lost. They lack the stomach to get their country back. They will keep importing more Muslims and they will continue to wear eye patches and eventually they will all drown. Their old school anti-Semitism is still quite popular. One doesn’t need to dig too deep to uncover it. Maybe some feel that this bond will protect them from their Arab brothers. But they are too blind to see that it will not. How many more tragic, Islamic terror attacks must occur for them to figure this out?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Most Poles were Anti-Semites

Alan Dershowitz wrote an excellent article titled 'A Visit to the Old and New Hells of Europe Provides a Reminder of Israel's Importance' in the Gatestone Institute.

You can read it here.

One of the comments coming from a man with a Polish name Wiktor Janowycz, seemed to object profusely about Alan's claim that Poland was an old hell of Europe. He mentions that Poland was a paradise to the Jews during the 14th century. Further that is was thanks to Germany (not Poland) that the Jews suffered during the Holocaust. He correctly asserts that most righteous Gentiles were Poles who risked their lives to save Jews. (That makes sense since Poland had by far more Jews than any other country in the world). 

I felt that my response was worthy of writing in my blog. It's obvious that Wiktor was clearly offended. I have met many other Poles like Wiktor. I think it's time (it's always time) to set the record straight on Poland.

Have you seen the movie 'Two Barns' ? You can read about it here: https://cjhsla.org/2015/01/25/two-barns-english-version/
I urge you to watch it. It elaborates on my point. That  tens of thousands of Jews were murdered by Poles and other eastern Europeans before the nazis decreed 'The Final Solution'.
The documentary is about how hundreds of Jews lived together in peace and friendship with their Polish neighbours for hundreds of years in a small rural town. But one day decided to round up all the Jews and lock them into a barn and burn them alive! The story is even worse than that but I'll let you watch the movie yourself to learn more.

My response to the Wiktor's of the world:

We all know that Germany invaded Poland. We also are well aware of the many righteous Gentile Poles who risked their lives in order to help save poor Jewish souls. But what some of us might not know or prefer to forget were that far too many Poles welcomed the Nazis with open arms. Why? Because they shared their murderous, irrational hatred of Jews. Among the hundreds of nightmarish stories that my late mother and Holocaust survivor told me of the war, the one that stood out the most was as follows:
My mother was a Jewish Pole. She was born in beautiful Zakopane in the 'Polish Alps'. She was about 17 when the war ended. She decided to head back to her home town to look for survivors by train. Lucky for her she was blond haired and blue eyed and did 'not look' Jewish. On the train she heard a group of Poles talk about Hitler's failure. He failed to kill all of the Jews. Although she was trembling like crazy inside - she tried her best to be still and look unfazed. She knew then that her life depended on it. Had she 'looked Jewish' she would have been raped and killed on the spot - after the war by Poles. Does that mean that all Poles were bad? Of course not. But statistically many in fact most were.
Years later in Canada when she was asked where she was from by a stranger she'd answer 'I'm Jewish'. As a young child I asked her why she responded with her religion when asked where she was born. She replied: I'm a Jew who just happened to be born in the most anti-semitic country in the world.
With all due respect, I choose to listen to my mother!

Footnote: I'm not advocating hating the Poles today for what they did yesterday. But I am advocating telling the truth as it was and not sweeping the facts under the carpet because they were so disturbing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is Bernie Sanders Really Jewish?

According to Jewish law, if your mother is Jewish then so are you. Since he has yet to convert we can say with certainty that he is. 
That said, is he Jewish like Jackie Mason? I don't think so. He's Jewish like Karl Marx, the father of Socialism.  Not exactly a Jew to be proud of. FYI, Karl's Jewish father converted to Christianity because he was scared of anti-Semitism. Later Karl was baptized as a Christian as well. 

Sadly when I confront young Jewish adults about their love for Bernie the argument goes something like this:

1. I show them a video where Bernie condemns Netanyahu for budding into US politics when he spoke to Congress about the Iran Deal. I title it: Bernie is no friend of Israel.
They answer: Just because he doesn't like Netanyahu that doesn't mean he doesn't like Israel.

2. I send them an audio of Bernie condemning the IDF for indiscriminately murdering 10,000 innocent Palestinians.
They answer: Silence.

3. When Bernie gets heckled by a black man accusing Jews of running corporate America they say: You see, he answered that he's proud to be Jewish.
I respond: He never called out the man as being an antisemite, instead out of nowhere he makes a moral equivalence statement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

4. Finally I confront them face to face and call Bernie out for being anti-Israel and for distancing himself from all things Jewish.
They answer: Just like when you (me) criticized Obama for attacking Israel, Israel still stands. When we vote for president, issues pertaining to Israel are way down on my list.

Finally the truth comes out! I would respect the young foolish Jewish adults a little more (and I do mean only a little bit) if they would respond with the response for # 4 above in the first place. In other words, rather than defending Bernie as not being a self hater they should simply admit: I love all the free stuff we're gonna get from him and I really couldn't care less about Israel or Jewish issues.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Parable

2 Billion Martians came to our planet.  Some were peaceful some not. They came here for different reasons. Their rulers on Mars were dictators who ruled with iron fists. Yes, their firsts were actually made of iron.

All the martians had to follow Martian Law. Some didn’t like Martian Law. They felt very stifled and wanted to explore other planets and live free lives. They were tired of being told what to do, how to act and how to think. Their little Martian babies were brainwashed to follow Martian Law without questioning it. Most however were already indoctrinated over centuries of living under Martian Law. Their parents having even taught them that it was good to die as a martyr when defending their original Martian ruler, Marzipan. Many came to spread Martian Law as proscribed in the Book of Mars. This is the breakdown of the Martians that came to Earth:

           # Martians Description

  1. 500,000,000   Peaceful. They wanted to escape Mars and integrate and assimilate into Earth’s           Western style liberated, democratic cultures and live respectful lives along with their hosts. They were either secular Martians of they refused to see themselves as Martians any longer. They ran away from Mars and wanted to nothing to do with Martian Law any longer.
  2. 1,000,000,00  Came here to spread Martian Law. Although they were not terrorists, they     supported the terrorists in secret. They took every advantage of the good hearted people on Earth. This group had elements of group 3 below but were mostly non-violent especially when they were a small part of the population of their host countries.
  3. 250,000,000 Besides spreading Martian Law, most were violent. They started riots, demanded free housing, medical, money and felt that they were above our laws. They raped women, robbed and killed when they felt like it. They helped the group below any way they could, especially by housing them and financing their military. They tried to be our slave masters whenever possible.
  4. 250,000,000 Army of terrorists. This group was famous for beheading Earthlings and videotaping it in order to spread fear in the hearts of our people. They used any method to kill any non-Martian as well as Martians who belonged to the first group above.

At first, our leaders were clamouring over themselves to befriend this strange group of Martians. After all we love our fellow man/martian.  However after only a short time we shortly discovered that many of them were dangerous, lying, murderers. But still we let them in as we were already indoctrinated by political correctness. After a few months some of the most powerful Western nations mostly lead by their citizens had had enough and decided to limit Martian immigration. They sited that the murder, rape, robbery and general crime rate had gone thru the roof. They also cited that economically they could no longer support these Martians as they were bankrupting the country. They also noted that although by far the majority of the Martians were peaceful, after all half a billion of them were great citizens and wanted to assimilate, very few tried to stop the bad behaviour of the other groups. Even fewer attempted to identify the the army of terrorists. It was clear that the majority of the entire 2 billion Martians would prefer if planet Earth was controlled by Martians and followed Martian law. Most importantly people noticed that is was the second group of a billion Martians that were the biggest problem as they were destroying our countries by sucking the resources dry. Earthlings were working so hard to support them, so much so that Earthlings could no longer support themselves. The economy was in the toilet and society was rotting badly.

Legislation was eventually passed to limit Martian immigration and 90 % of the leaders and citizens were on the same page. The remaining 10% were comprised of people who somehow managed to avoid the negative affects of the Martians. They were either very wealthy leaders with armed guards or they lived in remote, isolated areas. Once in a while a Martian would enter their lives by raping their daughter and then they’d change their mind. The army and police were invoked to stop the Martian immigration until they could properly vet exactly which group the Martians were part of. If they couldn’t be sure, they couldn’t come in. In time, the Western countries liberated themselves from the yoke of the Martians and kicked all of them, save group one, out of their countries and life returned to normal.

If you substitute Martians with any other group of people, Jews, Christians, Blacks, Chinese or Indians  the story could remain the same. But if you substitute Muslims with Martians in the above parable, the ending is quite different and scary.
Why is it when it’s Muslims that we react differently?  Are we frightened? Are we already indoctrinated to an insane political correctness when it comes to Islam?

Why is it that very few world leaders & people have said that they want to limit Muslim immigration until migrants are properly screened rather than blindly letting them all in by the millions? Especially after having seen first hand the consequences of doing just that?

Here's one world leader who had the guts to say it. Ironically he pointed to Brussels as the problem not long before the recent terror attack there.  Hungary's Orban speaks out!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our Greatest Threat and Donald Trump

No, I didn’t say our greatest threat is Donald Trump. Far from it.

So what is our greatest threat you ask?
What about climate change? Nope.
President Obama? No.
Islam? No.
Now the questions get harder…

Islamic terrorism? Not quite.
Extremism? Nope.
Political correctness?  You got it!

I was fortunate to attend a lecture recently by a top Canadian security and intelligence expert, Tom Quiggin. He agrees or should I say, I agree with him. After all, he is the expert.

Based on his extensive research and years of common sense we can see what is going on right now all over the world. Islamic terrorism, jihad by immigration, a deep and vitriolic hatred of non-Muslims and even other Muslims by Muslims. Their hatred extends to but is in no way limited to: Jews, Christians, gays and women. 

The threat posed today by Islamic terrorism is very real. This includes jihad by immigration. Unless you’ve got your head in the sand, you can see Europe crumbling day by day into a pile of rubble. The muslim migrants who have been invading Europe for years and of late have been piling in non-stop at high speed are turning Europe into a dangerous, toxic dump. If you are a woman, you could be raped, if you are gay you could be hanged, if you are Christian you could be beheaded and if you are Jewish then G-d help you.
While most European countries are in real economic trouble, literally on the verge of collapse and constantly getting bailed out by the rest of us, they continue to destroy themselves by bringing in more muslim migrants. They are in a downhill spiral that they can’t seem to stop. Why?
Political correctness. When women’s complaints of rape are not only ignored but the women themselves are chastised & even charged by the police, this is due to political correctness. When parents of children who complain to their elected officials about their daughter's mistreatment & rape by muslim migrants are silenced this is due to…you guessed it, political correctness.
Merkel’s insane legislation to open Germany’s doors today and down the road, to the rest of Europe’s doors to an unending supply of unruly Muslim migrants is due to political correctness. The net result of this is the demise of Europe. France is on the cusp of not being able to recover as the republic it once was. Barring a civil war soon, France is finished.

Political correctness makes us too scared to assess danger when it exists so we can't even confront it. There are many people with good intentions who have already been unconsciously indoctrinated by political correctness and therefore judge people like me, who oppose blindly letting in millions of unscreened Muslim migrants, to be a xenophobe. Some are simply law abiding citizens who grudgingly accept their government's humanitarian spin. Of course government leaders are well protected and will certainly not be in danger from any them. At least not any time soon. Here in Canada for example, the tens of thousands of 'Syrian migrants' that have been brought here so far, have been sent to various cities across our great country by order of our new PM, Trudeau. Curiously, none of them have been sent to Trudeau's home city, our capital, Ottawa. 

There are some rays of light, like Hungary’s Orban who refuses to bow down to the European Union and other potential leaders like Donald Trump who also gets it. I know some of you might want to stop reading this right now but I beg you to read on.

It’s quite simple. We all know that Trump often appears to be a childish, arrogant, bombastic fool. He says plenty of ignorant things no doubt. But he is anti-establishment which is very commendable since the establishment (both democratic and republican) are rotten to the core. It’s time to reverse direction. The US and the world are in very bad shape. Radical Islam is not the only reason but its a big one. And our political correctness in the West has made us blind to this problem and others. I don’t want my country to look at all like any European country. Not for me now and certainly not for my children later. If you’re ok with it, than keep on bringing in muslim migrants and delete this email right now. If one day G-d forbid you get attacked by a Muslim migrant, you'll come around.  Trump’s common sense, out of the box, bull in the china store way of thinking, gets it.
I think we can all agree, that of all the nominees, both democrats and republicans, Trump is definitely NOT politically correct. 

And that is exactly why I hope he is the next president.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crisis: Islam Has Invaded Our Schools

I’ve often written that we need to keep our eyes on the ball. Focus on the important issues and not get tangled up in academic arguments.
I’ve stated that the # 1 problem facing humanity currently is radical Islam and all of its supporters which are many. Newsflash: It isn't global warming. Helping a terrorist state like Iran obtain nuclear weapons is perhaps the greatest existential threat to not only Israel but the world at large. Likewise is Islam's conquest of the West by immigration.

But what helps fuel this anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, pro-Islamist world view? There are many contributing factors but I’m going to focus on the most important one: Our schools.

Since I live in Toronto, Canada I will use York University as an example.

Since 2007, the Egyptian born engineer Mamdouh Shoukri has been the president of York University in north Toronto. In the 1980’s York University had a large Jewish student body and staff (per capita) but thanks to Shoukri and others, York U has turned into a hotbed of hate if you happen to be Jewish or pro-Israel. 

A case in point is a mural displayed currently at York called ‘Palestinian Roots’ which won a competition by the BDS dominated student body clearly depicting an Arab holding stones, contemplating attacking Israelis which is the daily norm while watching a bulldozer about to knock down an olive tree. This painting is not in some back room office but is displayed prominately where the student body is forced to see it. Equally disgusting are the notes around the painting by the Muslim student which includes hateful and a one sided message aimed to discredit the Jewish Israelis with their ‘expansionist settlements’ while promoting the fiction of ‘indigenous Palestinian heritage and THEIR olive trees’. The nerve of the administration to bombard the student and staff bodies with this incitement to hate Jews and Zionists has reached a crisis. 

Click here to view the entire mural + description from York University.

Despite the plea from many students and people like Paul Bronfman to Shoukri to remove the offensive mural, it's still proudly displayed. Prominent Jewish organizations like CIJA are silent on this and in fact seem to want the Jewish student body to keep silent as well.

Currently York U has teemed up with East Jeruslam’s Muslim university Al Quds. This ‘university’ is proud to glorify suicide bombers to kill innocent Israelis and promotes the destruction of the Jewish state. In fact we as taxpayers help to fund this collaboration. 

I can list many nasty, attacks against Jewish or pro-Jewish students and staff as well as pro-Israel speakers at York. Suffice it to say, that if you identify as being Jewish by wearing a kippah or try to attend a pro-Israel event, you could get physically assaulted as many have been in the past.

Organizations like CIJA are out of touch with reality as are so many other left wing groups. They are great at organizing expensive fund raisers for themselves by calling on wealthy Jews and corporations to listen to mainstream lectures designed to be politically correct and inoffensive, all the while patting themselves on the back.

When it comes to really helping some of us who need their help, like the Jewish students at our universities who are or feel threatened, you can count on CIJA not to help. I applaud Paul Bronfman who threatened York U president Shoukri to either remove the offensive mural or risk losing his funding. 

York U is not an aberration. It stands as a typical model for most universities throughout the entire world. Schools that promote BDS and identify Israel as an apartheid state. These schools silence any debate about this. Their political science professors are mostly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic, anti-Christian, anti-Western, and often receive funding from terror sponsoring states like Saudi Arabia, Iran and other wealthy Gulf states. 

While we sit silently, our own children are being slowly, methodically and sometimes not so subtly hypnotized into believing their anti-Israel (read anti-Semitic) agenda. These are the future leaders of our collective world. Had we prevented our schools of higher learning and more recently those of junior grades as well from this terrible disease, we probably would never had allowed some of our leaders to coerce us into such doomed positions. 

Like the Muslims in the Middle East who continue to promote vitriolic hate and murder to their young children at their schools, no less brainwashing children to become suicide bombers by killing innocent Israelis for a cause they absolutely have no understanding of and thus breeding generation after generation of haters, we in the West must put a stop to Islam from invading our own schools. This fight is no less important than stopping Iran from getting nukes.