Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama Administration and Egypt

Once again the Obama administration is quick to threaten it's ally for over 30 years. Once again they don't understand the mentality of the Arab on the street. The more Obama and Hilary open their mouth the more trouble they get the US into. Now is the time to shut up and learn what's really going on. Is it the Moslem Brotherhood (the worst of all radical Islamist groups) that's pushing the violence there? To the avg Egyptian, the US is a joke. For 30 years they back their dictator. Then when the people try to overthrow him, the US is suddenly on their side. Which side are they on?
The administration is once again dreaming of a new democratic Egyptian government, thinking that's what their people want. Wrong again. The Arab on the street wants to depose Mubarak. That's it for now. What will be tomorrow, who knows. But it surely won't be American style democracy. God help Israel and the West when his regime is gone.