Friday, December 22, 2017

Europe Has It's Nerve!

Imagine a people who barely survived the worst genocide in modern history. The genocide took place in Europe. This group of people were small to begin with. But after the Holocaust their numbers were cut in half. This group had their own country for thousands of years which included wonderful leaders, judges, civilized people and government and founded the concept of true and real civility which along with other concepts such as time, monotheism, our basis of modern law and democracy. This light of civilization spread across the world to the rest of the people. Over time these people were conquered time and again by ruthless dictatorships who took over their land, tried to deter them from practising their faith, made slaves of them and killed them. But this small group of hard working, peaceful and determined people returned to their native land after every foreign invador. Some never left. 

If you haven’t figured this out yet, I’m talking about the Jews and the land of Israel. Jerusalem was established as the holy capital of Israel thousands of years ago by the Jewish King David. The holiest Jewish site in the world, our Temple was located there on what’s known as the Temple Mount.  Today what’s left of the temple which was destroyed twice and still waiting to be rebuilt, is a piece of the outlying wall which we call the Western Wall or the Kotel. This entire ancient, holy Jewish land is located in the eastern part of the city. 

Finally the president of the United States confirmed with reality, that the US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It was a brilliant show of integrity and leadership and common sense. Bravo President Trump!

EU Headquarters in Brussels

Enter the Europeans. At the UN and at other venues, their leaders are quick to condemn president Trump’s decision. They also admonish the Israeli PM for going along with Trump’s acknowledgement. 
Can you imagine the chutzpa (nerve) of Europeans for voicing their opposition to the same Jews who they persecuted or helped persecute and/or turned their backs on as the Jews were marched to the showers to be gassed alive or to the ovens to be turned to smoke and ash not that long ago?

I can’t. It’s beyond insulting for any one, especially the Europeans, to tell Israelis and Jew’s at large where they can put their capital. Of all people, the Europeans should shut up. Their holier than though attitude is sickening. Their love affair with Muslims is quite apparent. While many of their countries are suffering at the hands of millions of muslim migrants that they have invited in without any screening whatsoever, you’d think they’d have their hands full. Surely they’d be too busy to mind the affairs of anyone else when their own countries are on the brink of bankruptcy and their daughters are getting raped by muslim migrants in record numbers. Surprisingly, they are not too concerned with their own problems to blast President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish State or to blast the only democracy in the middle east for having the audacity of choosing their own capital. They have already decreed that all the Jewish holy sites have nothing to do with Judaism. They have even forgotten about their own religion, Christianity. In one fell swoop, they and most world states have agreed with the lying Islamic narrative that all of those holy sites are Islamic! 

Myself and others are waiting for a serious Islamic inspired terrorist event to occur in Europe. Germany would be an ideal place. We haven’t forgotten the Holocaust. Maybe then they will realize what they are doing and who their real friends are and turn things around. But I’m not holding my breath. Europe has lost any credibility it ever had. With all due respect: Europe please go to hell!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Next Year in Jerusalem - in the US Embassy!

The US and the rest of the world have been living in a fantasy world- until now. Jews, historians and realists have known that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State since the time of King David. The fact that ancient Jewish coins depicting Jerusalem have been found -means nothing. The fact that Jerusalem has been mentioned over 700 times in the Old Testament means nothing. The fact that it is never mentioned in the Koran means nothing. The fact that the oldest, modern day capital city in the world is somehow not recognized by other states is truly incredible.

Passed presidential candidates have promised to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but once elected declined to come through. Obama campaigned for an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but in no time back pedalled. He later opined that using the term 'undivided' was perhaps not the best word he could have used. 

Israel's parliament (Knesset), established in 1949, is located in Jerusalem. Israel's Supreme Court resides there. The office of the Prime Minister resides there. The holiest site for the Jews is the Temple Mount which includes a vestige of our Holy Temple -The Western Wall, is located there. 

In 1948 soon after Israel once again regained its status as the Jewish Nation, it was attacked on all borders by its Arab neighbours. They tried their best to wipe it off the map. It could easily be stated that this was the Jew's defining moment in modern times. The Israelis had no regular army or military weapons. The rag tag group of Jewish defenders were dispersed throughout the country as they had to defend their borders in every direction. At one crucial point they were faced with either defending Jerusalem or defending the rest of the country. Jerusalem, being high up in the Judean hills and kind of isolated from the rest of the country would be hard to defend. But the Israelis knew that without Jerusalem, Israel is nothing. So they managed to defend the western portion of the city. 

While the Jordanians held onto the eastern portion which contained the Jewish holy sites for 19 years they cleaned the area of Jews and made the Western Wall a toilet. Once Israel took back the Western Wall in 1967, Jews were once again allowed to pray at this holy site. Muslims continued to pray at their mosques and the Christians at their churches. Today with some of the best security in the world, people of all faiths pour in by the millions to enjoy the various religious sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel.

It's hard to take a government seriously when their policy is based on fiction. The antisemitic US State Department has from day one attempted to force the White House and other nations to not only ignore Jerusalem, but rewrite history and smother reality. Even though some US leaders disagreed with the State Department on this issue, they always caved in. Their staunchest ally just wasn't that important or maybe Arab oil was more so. 

Finally Mr. Unpredictable killed 3 birds with one stone: 
1. He stood up to the State Department and gave them the finger thus giving the US its credibility back. 
2. He gave notice to the Arabs that if they want peace, they have to acknowledge reality. Hopefully the local arabs will use this opportunity to throw out their corrupt dictator. 
3. He finally recognized the elephant in the room and kept his promise. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and recognized that it is the right thing to do. 

This is great news, no buts about it. Insanity means repeating the same actions but expecting different results. For over 20 years the White House has held back on moving its embassy to Jerusalem on the grounds that it might inflame the Arabs and ruin any chances of peace. Despite not doing this, we have had no peace and the PA and Hamas have been inflamed. Finally Trump has pushed through his inner circle who were determined to hold him back. Like him or not, you have to recognize that he did the right thing and it took courage and integrity to do it. G-d Bless Trump!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Do You Want To Change the World? Send an Email!

There are so many things that need changing. As a Jewish activist I read about all the injustices happening to us  right now on a daily basis. When I attend events concerning antisemitism or attacks on Israel, the most common question asked by the audience is 'What can we do about it?

There are many things that in fact we can do. Some are difficult, some are easy. From  enlisting in the IDF, attending rallies and events, making donations to like minded organizations, contacting our elected government officials, reading books and articles, learning about Judaism & Jewish history, studying Torah,  sending emails to those that need to receive them. And more...

I can tell you (you probably are already aware) that thanks to the internet, sending an email is by far the easiest thing to do. And if many of us send emails it can affect change. I've seen it work. It's usually a matter of volume. Depending on the issue, it may not take too many emails before a company or organization or person can change their actions. For some issues it may take less and for others it may take far more emails to even get a response. But it's relatively easy to do and more or less cost free (other than your time).I try to make it a point to send an email approximately 5 times a week. When possible I try to include my contacts in the BCC (blind carbon copy) address part of the email in order that they can read exactly what I had to say to our adversaries or friends. Often I will be nicely surprised by some of these contacts also writing an email to the same person I did about the same issue. We inadvertently compete with each other as to who wrote the better letter. It's inspirational.

All forms of social media are great for getting out your message. Short tweets or longer blogs like this can prove effective. I even learned how to make videos, hopefully effective ones. I made a satirical video years ago called 'Change the World' which contains subtle support for Israel. You can watch it on Youtube here.  Obviously videos take a lot more effort to make than to compose a short email. I often read about an issue that will push me to send an email (either positive or negative). The positive emails are just as important as they help to encourage good behaviour. Sadly I find myself writing mostly negative ones lately.

 For example, I recently read about Harvard University's intention to offer a course comparing the notorious 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' to the scholarly work Eurabia. You can read about it here.  So I sent the following email to the president of Harvard U:

Dear President Drew Gilpin Faust: 

I just learned that Harvard is now offering a course ‘When the Elders of Zion Relocated to Eurabia: Conspiratorial Racialisation in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, 11/30/17, the Common Room) that equates the immense scholarship of Bat Ye’or with the notorious Russian forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Are you in any way, shape or form trying to compare the two? 

Bat Ye’or spent years writing several scholarly works that should certainly be studied at school in order to understand how Islam from its beginning was a treacherous, murderous, nonsensical but dangerous ideology and how it has so far successfully undermined democratic states. Look at Europe for one tiny example. Islamophobia is a made up word. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. With billions of Muslims in the world today the world has become a dangerous place.

Antisemitism on the other hand is real. I’m sure even you can recall the recent Holocaust where over six million Jews were murdered in history’s most terrible way. No one needs to worry about twelve or so million peaceful and hard working Jews. Between the far right neo-Nazis, the far left violent antifa movement and of course the many antisemitic Muslims taking over the world, it is us, Jews who need to watch our back. Both from people who want to harm us and from institutions like yours who want to whitewash the truth right down to offering courses like yours. 

Some sites that promote letter writing, often contain contact email addresses and even offer sample letters that are meant as a guide for you to put into your own words before sending. One can develop search skills to find the email of the person they wish to send an email to. It's often simple enough. If you want to send an email to the President of the United States, search 'contact president of the United States'. You might have to type your letter in a form presented by the organization's website rather than a free format email.

Some might say that they can't write for beans. Spell and grammar checkers have come a long way and are often automatically at play. Besides it's the content that is far more important than the grammar and spelling. I'd rather have 100 letters with poor spelling and grammar than 1 perfect letter. It's usually about volume. In any case, the more you write, the easier it becomes. I myself am no writer but I manage to crank some out here and there. Writing sharpens the mind and your writing skills will improve over time. It's never been easier to take up the cause.

If computers are not for you, pick up a phone. No phone? Write a letter and stick a stamp on it. In some cases letters in the mail are taken more seriously than emails.

Write from the heart and write often!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Anti-Semitism is Alive and Well in 2017

I'm boiling over with disgust. Here we are in 2017. One would think that in our modern world, society has advanced so far that maybe racism is mostly a thing of the past. In some cases it is. But when it comes to hating Jews, it absolutely is not.

Let's take a few recent cases: Has anyone heard of the country IJF? That's because it doesn't exist. It stands for the International Judo Federation. If you haven't heard, Israel came in 6th place overall with Tal Flicker winning a gold medal. Aside from Israel having to beg various countries to permit their team to fly into Abu Dhabi, where the competition was held, Israel was not allowed to show their banner flag like every other team did. Nor was the Israeli national anthem played when Israelis won medals. Look at their website: IJF
Scroll down a bit and you will see a list of winners by country. However instead of Israel they display IJF. Even the televised play by play announcers never mention the country Israel. Instead, they gab about all that money that Tal won. No mention of where he got his training in Israel. You know, the stuff that most sportscasters talk about. It really is hard to believe. Most of the Muslim competitors in the past have refused to shake hands with their Israeli counterparts. It's a shameful display of blatant antisemitism and so demeaning to the Jewish people.  The IJF should be held to account for allowing countries like the UAE to host such events and the world's mainstream media should be reprimanded for giving such behaviour a pass. Instead of the big cheeses at the IJF getting nice presents to look the other way, they need to be kicked out on to the street.

A photo of Tal singing Hatikva while they were playing the IJF song.

Moving to Canada, a student union at a prominent university in Montreal (McGill), was so upset that their anti-Israel, BDS motion was not passed, that they voted to throw out 3 directors of the board because they were Jewish and threatened them to boot. This action is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 30's. Many of us have contacted the university and it finally hit a little bit of the mainstream media. I await the appropriate action of charging those guilty students of hate crimes and expelling them from the school. Something tells me that I might be waiting for a very long time.

A common trick by many Islamic nations is to sponsor students to attend universities in the West to attack Jews under the guise of anti-Zionism. These fake students register for 1 or 2 courses and as a result have plenty of time to attack Jews on campus and sponsor anti-Israel events like the annual hatefest called Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) which has spread from the University of Toronto to most universities throughout the western world. Whereas most students, Jewish ones included, are busy focussing on their studies, these antisemitic political activists have all the time and money in the world to publish sophisticated promotional media and bring in some of the vilest speakers on the planet. For the most part, the university administrations let them. Their defence usually falls under 'free speech'. Sure they alway add 'The university does not necessarily agree with the messages of the speaker'. Sadly, as a result many once neutral students who are often ignorant about the real situation in the Middle East, fall for the slanderous BS that they are forced to face on campus on a daily basis. This is the real tragedy.

I recently attended a wonderful speaker, Dr. Lawrence Hart, who teaches medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He might be the only professor who started a Jewish organization for the faculty at a university. There are often Jewish organizations for students such as Hillel but rarely if ever did one exist for the professors. He made an excellent point. Although we should never ignore our Jewish students, they do come and go but the professor are usually stuck on campus for years. He showed us slides of at least dozens of some of the worst antisemites who spoke at the school over a 15 year period including people like Norman Finkelstein who claims that the Jews made money on the Holocaust, to Hamas supporter George Galloway. His honest admission was that after 15 years his organization did little to fight antisemitism on campus. With no support from the administration (actually quite the opposite) it proved futile and nerve wracking to fight antisemitism when in fact he had to fight his administration instead. The event was sponsored by a fantastic organization called the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR).

Lastly there is the case of an imam in Toronto (Elkasrawy) who preached at a downtown mosque that Jews are filthy pigs who need to die. The Toronto Star (our largest print paper) promptly tried to whitewash his words and in his defence said that when arabs say Jews they really mean Zionists. Well in that case, that's not really hate speech, is it?

Israelis outside of Israel are often faced with blatant antisemitism, as tourists, students, employees and in business. Jews like myself living in the diaspora have faced it as well. Ever go for a job interview and not get the job and wonder if your religion had anything to do with it?

We need to motivate Jews and pro-Israel people of all religions to stand up to antisemitism. Think of it like crime on the streets. It will never go away and it's never easy to combat, but we don't give up. We have laws against it, and police to protect us. Sometimes a simple email (if enough are sent) can do the trick. In other cases a lot more effort is required. It would be helpful if parents and Jewish organizations educated our youth about this issue and identified specific problems and efforts to combat them rather than hide them under the table and pretend they don't exist.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I'm Disappointed with Trump

But not for the reasons you might think.

Yes, you heard me right. Very disappointing. So far he’s done next to none of what he said he would do. Drain the swamp? Fail. Build the wall? Not yet. Tax reform? Not yet.  Immigration? Fail. Move the embassy to Jerusalem? Fail. Put Hillary in Jail? Fail. Kill the Iran deal? Major Fail. Get Americans back to work? OK but I and others expected better.
Don’t get me wrong, I still am thrilled that he won over the other 2 losers but to put it politely, there is room for improvement.

If you read my previous blogs you would know that out of the almost 20 Republican candidates, Trump was never my first choice policy wise and certainly not personality wise. When he told us, prior to the election that he will try to make a peace deal with the Israelis and Palestinians I wanted to puke.  I would have preferred Cruz or Huckabee. But since they had no chance in beating Hillary or Sanders, I'm glad that Trump won. 

To be fair, every single person prior to being elected in a democratic country has great intentions and aspirations regarding various policies they wish to put in place. People vote for them based on these ideas. But for the most part, once they are elected they quickly find out that it's not that easy.

In Trump's case, he stepped into a wasp nest. Aside from the hysterical Left which is a huge population and who label him everything from a Nazi pig to a racist, misogynist retard, he also has to deal with his enemies within the Republican party which includes all kinds of Soros loving spies, Obama and company and his own left leaning family (Ivanka and Jared Kushner) who are constantly trying to influence him more to the center and shut him down. The mainstream media, post secondary education system (colleges and universities) and thousands of organizations both within and outside of the States hate him to death.

Now that is unprecedented. As far as I'm aware, no prior US president ever had to deal with that group of haters since day 1. I think he's being attacked on all sides perhaps even more so than Nixon was after Watergate. 

But my issue with him is simple: Do or at least try to do what you promised. Ignore the bullshit. Forget about appeasing your haters. Focus on those who elected you who were obviously the majority of the population. Push back against well meaning family members and others who want to make you someone you're not.  If you like tweeting, keep it up. If you like giving nicknames to people like 'little rocket man', continue. These are inconsequential things. His strong point never was communication. We all knew that going in. Any leader knows that you can't please all the people all the time. So the smart money should say- don't even try.

No one said being the president of the free world is going to be easy. But he also knew that going in. It's time that he got back to basics and be himself. It's not too late Donald. Free yourself from the restraints and get to work. I do hope that he doesn't turn into just one more forgettable loser like the Bushes, Clintons or Obama before him. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm Revolted with my Prime Minister!

I'm a proud Canadian. Always have been. But I'm disgusted with Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister.
I'm also a proud Jew and as any such person would do, we have an obligation to bravely stand up to anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism (the 2 are really one and the same). I have been an activist since childhood for Jewish/Israel causes and I am proud for all of my efforts in this regard.

We were blessed with (in my humble opinion) the best Prime Minister in our history with Stephen Harper who did great for all Canadians and especially the small Jewish population with his steadfast support of Israel. A tiny little country, always under existential threat from mostly a super large Muslim dominated Middle East. So she well deserved the world's support but mostly got world condemnation except for the odd state leader, like Stephen Harper.

Fast forward to our sitting Prime Minister, Justin. He has proved himself consistently as no friend to the Jews while madly in love with the Muslim world.  When he first got elected I dubbed him Obama light. The truth is actually quite different. Thankfully he only rules Canada and Canada is very far from a world power. Because if it was, the world would be a darker place with Justin at the helm. While most people on the right (those who didn't vote for him or his Liberal party) see him as a good looking fool, I see him as a dangerous idiot.

The latest 2 items help prove my point.

1. He recently quietly gave a convicted Muslim terrorist (who happened to be born in Canada), Omar Khadr, 10.5 million dollars and a public apology because he was held in a US prison for killing a US medic in Afghanistan years ago.

2. Our federal food inspection agency decided to ban Israeli wines coming from Judea and Samaria (West Bank) with the label 'Made in Israel'.

Even many on the left who support Trudeau admit that he made a mistake (ie. went too far) on the Omar issue # 1. How offensive, to give our money as taxpayers to an unrepentant murderer and worse, try to hide it! He and his administration along with our national government sponsored media giant, the CBC, have made Omar into a hero or at least are actively trying to do so.

It's no different to when the PA or Hamas glorify suicide bombers after they kill innocent Israeli civilians. Omar's family including his wife are active Al Qaida members so you can bet where his new found money will go. The family of the murdered US medic have a court ordered judgement against Omar. It will be very interesting to see what the Canadian courts will do: will they protect the new millionaire, Omar or comply with the US judgement and give that money to the American widow and her family? Either way, by the time our courts decide on it (by the time you read this they will have already ignored the US court judgement, Al Qaida will already have spent it.

Regarding the Israeli wine labelling issue, this reminds me of what pre-war Germany was doing.
There are hundreds if not thousands of disputed, international territories that our food inspection agency could have got involved with regard to labeling. But they focused only on Israel. Whereas we have serious issues with unsafe food products in dire need of inspection, they are very busy with this 'high profile issue'. This is antisemitism folks.
I'm not too worried about any economic repercussions to Israelis about this since the BDS movement tried this before and it backfired as supporters of Israel supported the Buycott and bought even more Israeli wine. However since this order comes directly from our federal government - now I am worried. The latest on this is that this order has been reversed. We shall see but the fact that it was even considered as an order in the first place is downright scary.

Last but certainly not least is what Justin has done to our armed forces. Many army bases throughout Canada in the last year have had Canadian soldiers evacuated in order to house 'Syrian migrants'. These migrants are not necessarily from Syria but are certainly muslims from Islamic countries. Our soldiers are busy cleaning their toilets and getting them supplies including Korans, etc. How demeaning for our soldiers. Many of these migrants are the former enemy combatants that our soldiers have fought overseas and now instead of being trained as soldiers they are being trained as slaves to our enemies on our land. Why would a Canadian even consider enlisting in our army if they know in advance that this might be their fate? No less important is the huge cost to bring in, house and look after the ever growing stream of undocumented muslim immigrants. We're talking billions of dollars with no end in sight. I've talked about this before in previous posts so I'll stop here. Again our mainstream media like our CBC broadcaster will never ever mention this big secret.

I can't say this enough: I am revolted with our Prime Minister. I'm saying this now before anti-Islamophobia bills which are currently being considered, are passed in parliament and in which case I could face prison charges for this blog.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Common Sense is Dead!

Certainly when it comes to defending Jews, Israel and most existential, world changing events, common sense seems to be disappearing at an exponential rate.

For example, the world's love affair with the idea of helping to negotiate a peace deal between Israelis and the Palestinians really stands out as an idea that is so lacking in any common sense that it really exemplifies insanity. It's no less crazy than approaching a terrorist with a rifle in his hands, with the intention of giving him a kiss on the cheek and a great big hug and maybe confessing your love for him.

Israeli police woman, Hadas Malka was stabbed to death in Jerusalem by arab terrorists.

As a right wing Jew living in a predominately Liberal, left leaning Canada, I see this lack of common sense daily and to this day I find it astonishing. As Caroline Glick recently pointed out, Israel is losing the PR game to their Muslim enemies. Recent surveys point out this devastating predicament whereby most Jews in the West not only  don't care about Israel (because they have more important things on their minds like upgrading their car), but they are against the Jewish State in one way or another. Since most non-religious Jews have lost their love for Judaism, they see no reason to support the Jewish state. This is especially true amongst the younger Jewish population. And it's no wonder, since the left leaning, progressive stance of 99% of colleges in the West have been busy brainwashing our students to hate Israel, support BDS and even attack Jews.

In the US, the Democratic party has certainly painted itself as a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli, anti-Islamophobic, politically correct group. In Canada the previous Conservative party headed by the best Prime Minister we ever had in Stephen Harper was absolutely pro-Israel. Our not so new Liberal party headed by the worst Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is absolutely pro-Muslim and therefore anti-Israel. Most Democrats in the US and Liberals in Canada, including Jewish members of both parties are therefore anti-Israel. The obvious big divide in the US includes so many hysterical anti-Trumpers that seem to think they must oppose Israel if only because the president seems to support Israel.

Although it seems quite common sensical to me to understand exactly is going on, I find myself in the minority of world opinion. Most countries in the world would prefer a world without Israel (and I'm not just talking about Muslim majority countries here). Most people draw a moral equivalence between arab violence and Israeli self defence. Most people in the world think that Trump is an evil, Nazi like monster who needs to be put down. Most people think that Israelis are oppressors and occupiers of poor arabs. Most people are not well read, get their news in cool little sound bites from the MSM like CNN. Today when a terrorist event is first reported and the person who commits it yells allahu akbar, the news agency as well as the state's government where the event took place will say that the police are still looking for a motive and that it's too early to tell if it in fact it was a terrorist attack. They also take great care to never mention the worlds Muslim or Islam in the early part of the report, if at all.

Unlike most folks I like it (love it) when our enemies fight against each other. To me this makes common sense. Take the ongoing war in Syria where ISIS terrorists are fighting against Iranian and Syrian troops. We should take note of what Reagan did when Iran and Iraq were going at each other. He clandestinely helped which ever side was losing. That's exactly what we should be doing with Syria/Iran and ISIS. The more they kill each other, the better off we'll all be. No need to be sending in massive amounts of US or other western troops to intervene. Some say it's a huge humanitarian crisis and it would be a grievous sin to do nothing. I don't know about them but I prefer to keep our troops safe by not placing boots on the ground over there. Will innocents die if we don't intervene? Yes but they and our own will also die if we do. We can arm others who are capable of defending the innocents over there and will build safe zones for their people.  I don't think that we must all be experts in geopolitics to understand this concept.

Many think that by somehow forcing Israelis to concede even more territory to arabs who want Israelis dead, that peace will envelope the entire middle east. It might even solve the war with ISIS.
Again, common sense tells me quite the opposite.

While most countries in Europe are on the brink of disaster, rather than focus on limiting Muslim immigration, protecting their borders and throwing political correctness into the garbage can, they are doubling down on protecting their Muslim migrants and attacking Israel at the same time. While most countries there are economically bankrupt, they still manage to borrow money in order to throw it away on the Palestinians. So that Abbas and other corrupt arab leaders can enjoy lavish lifestyles while their people languish.

While so many people accuse the Jews of Israel to be the new Nazis, hardly a one knows about Israel's hand in providing top medical care to their enemies. Did you know that Hamas's leader's daughter was brought to a hospital in Israel for urgent medical attention?

Did you know that Christian Zionists in the US support Israel and Jewish causes far more than non-religous Jews who for the most part prefer to support left wing causes like Black Lives Matter, Justice  for Palestine and the ADL? When I say 'left wing' I also mean anti-Israel.

Quite a few former Israeli generals oppose the Taylor Force Act proposed by Republicans who want to limit funding to the PA until the PA denounces terrorism, stops inciting terrorist activity  and stops paying the families of dead terrorists. These ex-military men are wearing blinders. They continue to support the PA's police and security people (aka Abbas's henchmen) as they claim that these Palestinians help stop terrorist attacks. But they are loyal to Abbas and his dictatorial regime. Where is the common sense?

How does one deal with brutal thugs? By appeasing, hugging, kissing and giving them money and power? Or by standing up to them with strength? I'm in the opinion that Obama was the worst president in the history of the US. What was his greatest, disastrous policy? The Iran deal. Helping the world's most dangerous country to build nuclear bombs, missiles and a well equipped military is possibly the worst deal in modern times. I don't think that Obama lacked common sense. I think he had and still has nefarious intentions. Those who supported his decision or said nothing are the ones who lack common sense. 

We need to relearn common sense and fast.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Middle East Breakthrough?

You might have recently read that Trump lost it with Abbas. He supposedly actually yelled at him, accused him of lying to him. Back in March Abbas convinced Trump that the Palestinians are really interested in making peace with Israel. Those were the magic words that Trump needed to hear. I'm sure that he didn't question Abbas too much about it. He swallowed the bait.

But after Bibi told Trump and the public (for the millionth time) that Abbas promotes violence with Israelis by supporting terrorists, naming schools and community centres after suicide bombers, paying imprisoned terrorist families billions of dollars and brainwashing children at school to hate and kill Jews, Trump lost it on Abbas in his recent meeting with him.

I hope this is the breakthrough we've been waiting for. Making a fool out of Trump is the worst thing one can do. Abbas just did it. He's gotten away with it since he became the PA leader but previous US leaders were not Trump. As we all know he shoots from the hip. Like his predecessors he doesn't really understand the true muslim mindset.  He never understood the real existential threat that Israel faces from her neighbours. He thought he could be a hero by making the most challenging 'peace deal' in history. Now some of the truth smacks him in the face. Quelle surprise! Abbas is not interested in peace!

I sincerely hope that he ignores his left wing advisors like Kushner (all former Democrats) who continue to hound him to push Israel to make concessions with the Palestinians.

I hope he follows his own gut now that he was insulted publicly by Abbas and comes to the only logical conclusion: The Palestinians as a whole are not people to make peace negotiations with.
All their leaders are the worst kind of terrorists and Holocaust deniers. Instead of pleading with them to 'make peace' with Israelis, they should be tried as war criminals.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Can Israel Rely on Trump?

The short answer is: No.

Israel can't rely on anyone. If Jews have learned anything it's that we must rely only on ourselves. That doesn't mean that we should refuse help from others or make strategic alliances with other states, organizations or people even for short periods of time. Had Israel existed at the time of World War II, perhaps the Holocaust could have been averted. It probably would have because the Nazis at first wanted to deport all the Jews out of Germany (and then the rest of Europe) rather than murder them. But as we now know all too well, no other country wanted to take these pour souls in and protect them from slaughter.

During Israel's short modern day history, she has been betrayed repeatedly by virtually all of her allies. Britain wouldn't let ships loaded with Jews who tried to escape from the inferno aka Europe to Palestine during the big war. France reneged on a huge air force deal. MIGs that Israel had paid for and was in dire need to defend herself against massive Arab armies were held up. The US on various occasions had either done nothing to help Israel when she most needed their help in existential wars or worse, co-operated with Israel's enemies (eg: Iran deal). I could write an entire essay on just this topic alone.

Now Trump arguably Israel's best American President friend ever, is hosting the terrorist and self declared PA leader in the hopes of yet again making a peace deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis. In so doing he once again falls into the US trap of legitimizing Israel's enemies. The irony is that Abbas, the PA, Hamas and most of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are surely enemies of the Jewish state but are no less friendly to the States. They do not want to make peace with Israel any more today than they did 10 years ago. They want Israel and Jews everywhere to be destroyed forever. If American leaders can't figure this out yet then they are clearly insane.

I did support Trump in his presidency and I support him still today. I knew when he was running as a candidate that he is far from the best Republican in his support for Israel. It was obvious to me that he would be a game changer as far as US-Israel relations compared to his predecessor. While Obama was constantly stabbing Israel in the back, despite saying otherwise, Trump is truly Israel's friend. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Sometimes friends can get you killed with the best intentions.

I knew then that Trump won't necessarily do what's best for Israel. But I also knew that as long as the US elected a president that was even handed with Israel, she would do well. Israel did pretty dam well economically and in other ways even when Obama was trying to screw her. As always I considered the choices. I realized quickly that the biggest challenge facing the world and America in particular was political correctness. Americans were craving to stop it. So was I (I still am). Ted Cruz was a far better friend to Israel than Trump ever was or will be. But Ted couldn't beat Hillary so wishing him in was a waste of time.

As long as Trump helps the job market in the US he'll be a great president. As long as he protects his citizens from the dangers of radical Islam, he'll be a great president. In short, as long as the US does well, Israel will too. Despite Trump not really getting the Middle East or understanding the mindset of the Arab on the street or learning about the history of the true indigenous people of Palestine - The Jews and despite this huge mistake of inviting an antisemitic, Islamic terrorist leader to the White House in order to make the deal of the century at Israel's existential cost, he's still miles ahead of either lying Hillary or the self hater Bernie. It would be a much more dangerous world with either of them as leader.

As for Israelis, they know that they can not rely on any US president. Some are better for the Jews and some are worse but Israelis have learned that they must continue to be self sufficient. They can't put their trust all in one basket. They need to continue to reach out to the world.  It's not a matter of sound economic policy, it's a matter of life and death.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why I'd vote for Marine Le Pen

Maybe I'm a contrarian. But I must say that I'm sick of everyone attacking this brave woman. It's easy to attack people out of context. Most of the media attention about her is negative. Like they did with Trump, they simply ignored his scary and pathetic competition while attacking him. The media are treating her the same. She is attacked on anything she says or does whether good or bad.

Let us dig a little deeper, shall we?

All choices are relative. Her Left wing competitors will continue to take France down. As France sits today, it is in ruins. Economically bankrupt. Teetering on an implosion. Since their compulsion to bring in millions of Muslims from Algeria, Tunisia and other Muslim states France has steadily moved into a dangerous welfare state.
Her competition is so pathetic that they will continue to woo the Arab votes at all costs.

She is the only candidate who recognizes the danger of Muslim immigration. No one really knows the exact number of Islamic terrorists living in France due to all the no-go zones throughout the country as well as the indoctrination of political correctness for far too long.

France's standing as a prime tourist destination rests on the shoulders of the number of terrorist attacks. As that number increases (and under the current leadership it certainly will), the tourists will disappear.

She bravely distanced herself from her father's antisemitic views to the point of kicking her own father out of the party. She has gone after antisemitic members of her party as well.

If I was a Jew living in France, I would prefer to vote for her over the same old garbage that has turned France into a land fill. I'm not naive enough to think that either she or her party are my friend. But neither am I naive enough to think that the past governments (regardless of party) were my friends either.

The bottom line: I would rather live in a country that won't let anyone wear any religious clothing in public than to live in a country where I can wear my kippah in public but most likely I'd be dead by a Muslim terrorist before I got to safety!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What, more peace negotiations?

Lately I find myself inundated with articles about reviving peace negotiations with Israel and the Palestinians. Most are a version of the '2 State Solution'. You know, the one that wants 2 states for 2 peoples living side by side in peace? How to get to that objective has been problematic to say the least. The old Saudi 'peace plan' has resurfaced once again. And it must be good because:

a) like I just said, it's being talked about again
b) Qatar and most of the other Middle East Arab countries support it
c) that's all I got

Since Trump is sucking up to the Sunnis (similar to the way Obama was sucking up to the Shiites),
even he might jump on board. Let's hope not.

The plan isn't all that bad. All Israel has to do is:
a) give up more land: Judea and Samaria (West Bank), Golan Heights, East Jerusalem which has the Western Wall (no big deal, she's done that before)
b) let millions of Arabs move to Israel (they call it 'right of return'- ya right)
c) create yet one more Muslim state loaded with terrorists, right next door
In short, commit national suicide.

All the Palestinians have to do is:
a) nothing

Arab League summit in Riyadh

I had a nightmare where I was in the midst of a terrible disease. The worst part was when the doctors were deciding which limb to cut off of me first in order to keep me alive just a little longer. After they cut off my leg they waited another couple of weeks before they debated what next to cut off and so on. As you can see, this was quite a nightmare. Very similar to all of the crazy ideas put out by various nut cases and/or well meaning people. NONE of these plans have Israel's back. 
Someone (a Jew no less) suggested that maybe the Nazi's idea of moving the Jews to Madagascar might have worked. After all, look at the problems for Jews in modern day Israel.
All these proposals (especially the 2 State idea) share one common theme: The absolute destruction of the Jewish state. It may not happen over night but sure as night follows daylight, it would happen.
Let's pray that Israelis are smarter than the rest of us and despite some of the weaker left wingers, they as a nation will not commit national suicide.

The insanity is that this discussion doesn't seem to want to stop. Can we please talk about something else? I sure hope that Israeli leaders are focusing their attention on other important matters (like a nuclear Iran). Hopefully they are only playing lip service to the Trump administration's dangerous game of 'making the deal of the century' by revamping peace negotiations with Israel and the PA.
I know that it's a no win, complete waste of time and energy and the worst part is that the world always expects that in order to achieve peace, Israel must concede more territory. I know that the Arabs just want to weaken Israel until one day they can run them over and finally destroy them.
I know that every other country has their own agenda and none of them really give a hoot if Israel exists or not. I know that giving sovereign territory to Israel's enemies will not solve the crisis in Syria or anywhere else.  I know all this and I'm just a regular dude. No brilliant geopolitician here.

Just about every world leader (not only from the main powers) have voiced their opinions as to what Israel should do about this hot potato. Even when their own countries are being challenged existentially by Islamists and other issues, they still love to focus their attention on to what concessions Israel must make in order to achieve peace with the terrorists known as the PA.

I don't know about you but I'm so sick of hearing about this. To the Saudis I'd say thanks but no thanks. With friends like you who needs enemies. To the rest (even well intentioned folks) I'd give them a big fat yawn. What else d'ya got?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Is the Koran Evil?

I'm well aware of many Western experts on the Koran as I receive hundreds (maybe thousands) of articles explaining its contents. Many condemn us for not taking a closer look at it. They read it to expose the dangerous material that lies therein. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that we learn Arabic in order to properly understand it.

While I'm glad that some of us in the West have invested a lot of time and effort to understand in detail, the contents of Islamic texts, I have not done so. Nor do I plan to. No, I'm sorry but I cannot quote you the book, paragraph and verse that says 'Kill the Jews and other infidels'. Knowing that somewhere in there it does say that or something very close to that, is good enough for me.

The Koran is just a book. From what I do know about it, it's a nonsensical, sick, comic book. I refuse to waste my time to learn any more about it, thanks. Kudos to those of you who have the patience to do so. But I really don't think it's necessary for all of us to do so.  More importantly I don't think it's really that important. What is far more important (my 2 cents) is to take note of what many of the people who follow that book do. That is to say, it's not what they read that counts near as much as what they do. For that matter I don't really care about what they read. I do care that they kill, injure and rape people.

Recent attack in London by Muslim extremist

The big issue is that Muslims comprise such a large population and live all over our world. Let's face it, if there were just a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand Muslims of which only a few hundred or even ten thousand were radical, extremist, terrorists and they mostly lived in Saudi Arabia, who would care? It's doubtful that anyone would even know about them. But since Muslims number well over a billion people of which millions are radical, extremist, terrorists and they exist all over the world, we are certainly aware of them and most of us care about them. Whether we admit it or not is another discussion entirely.

Let's put it another way. Many of us read trash (myself included- sometimes). We watch porn. Our kids play violent games on the internet. Most of us watch violent movies and TV shows often with regularity. Does that mean that we are bad people? NO. Should we be watched? NO. Some of us say nasty things. (most of us, again myself included) Does that mean we are bad people? Maybe, maybe not. How many of us have said in anger "I'm gonna kill you for doing that!" As long as we don't follow that up with a murder, we're still good people. So it's the actions that ultimately count. Now if we were to see that many people who watched violent movies or read violent, hateful books became violent and hateful, that would be a different story. We might then have to take those books and movies off the shelf. But thankfully, so far for Christians, Jews and others in democracies in the West, this is not the case, so no worries. Read all the trash you want folks.

I recently read an article about an Australian politician who ran on the premise of limiting Muslim immigration. But when confronted by a group of local Muslims about her knowledge of the Koran she was mute and kind of made a fool of herself. It's that article that inspired me to write this blog. Although she was condemned by some of my colleagues who are experts on Islam for not doing her homework and being able to quote directly from those books on the hateful aspects of Islam, I say no. I wouldn't admonish her for not knowing anything about them. Far more important would be able to list a number of recent Islamic terror events that occur daily throughout the world.

I never get into religious arguments with Muslims or others. One can take hateful sounding verses out of context from my Torah or the New Testament. Rather than me trying to explain the meaning of some of these verses, an expertise I don't have, I prefer to talk about the common actions of Muslims and compare their behaviour vs the followers of other popular religions. I also try to refrain from arguments about the definition of Islam. Is it a religion of peace or is it a political ideology of hate? Obviously I think it's the latter but I won't waste too much energy on this. Rather I'm happy to spend my energy on the dangers of modern day Muslims based on their actions. On any given day we can expect to hear about a serious tragedy in the West perpetrated by a Muslim extremist like the recent tragedy in London. Of course there are thousands of such events going on 24/7 in lesser known locals that we will not hear about. Despite the attempts to censor media about attacks from Muslim migrants by various governments in the West such as the leaders of Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium and others, these attacks are ongoing and getting worse.

If you do care about the very real threat from Muslim extremists I urge you to vote for government leaders who view the threat as real, not under rose coloured sun glasses and under the guise of diversity or political correctness. And don't condemn them if they are not Koranic experts.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


While I'm no prophet, what I'm reading lately about discussions between the Israeli government and the Trump team tells me that we might have blown our chance for a one state Israeli solution regarding the disputed territories. I've been pleading with the Israeli government to seize the moment as soon as Trump was elected to formally declare that Judea and Samaria are part of the Jewish State of Israel. I told Netanyahu that it's up to him and his colleagues to move forward on this quickly. This was a limited window of opportunity to change the shape of the growing nightmare on what to do with the 'West Bank'. I told him that Trump certainly won't do it for them. He can't be seen to be more of a Zionist than they.

It was high time for us to inform the world that this area is and has always been Israel's. For thousands of years it belonged to Israel. For a very short period of time Jordan occupied it and made it Jew free. They destroyed the Jewish holy sites. They made the Jewish holiest site, the Western Wall into a toilet! In the 1967 Six Day War when Israel was attacked on all sides for no reason other than 99% of Muslims hate Jews, G-d was on Israel's side and Israel won that war and reclaimed Judea and Samaria. It was another modern day miracle. The rules of war are simple: In a defensive war any land obtained by the country being attacked is legally theirs. So even if you don't believe in history, the Mandate for Palestine or the holy Torah which brought light to the entire world, according to modern rules of engagement in international law, Judea and Samaria (aka The West Bank) belongs to Israel. All of it. Not just Area A or B or C.

For many years, far too many Israelis and other folks have declared incorrectly that according to the demographics that they forecasted, the West Bank would contain far too many Arabs for Israel to govern in any case. Turns out that they were listening to the lies from Arab leaders. Modern day demographics based on actual population studies and birth rate records prove quite the opposite. Jews continue to outnumber Arabs in the territories as well as inside Israel proper and the divide is growing, thank G-d!

Thanks to Iran's desire to rule the world with nukes, the Sunni states including Israel's neighbour to the west and its former enemy Egypt are now far less concerned about their made up 'Palestinian' issue and are far more concerned about their own well being. Add to this the ongoing nasty war with Syria vs ISIS. This also would be advantageous for Israel as it shifts the focus away from Israel as the world is engaged with that war.

For far too many years, especially the last eight when Obama was in charge, it could have been lethal for Israel to formally annex her land. But when revolutions occur, these are the moments when changes can successfully be made. And Trump's win was no doubt another miraculous revolution. We had a chance right then to make our move. But months later why are we discussing what sort of limits we can put on 'settlement' construction on our land with Donald Trump?

I'm sorry but this looks very bad. Netanyahu should have told Trump directly to his face early on exactly what I wrote above instead of pussy footing around and using the same old language of settlements, peace negotiations, etc. Trump would have respected Netanyahu and Jews even more had they done so. We knew at the beginning that Trump was no historian. Like any successful businessman he needed an executive summary, a five minute history lesson to probably get him on side. But instead our timid approach got us this.

We blew it!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Have Jewish Groups Who Sponsor Syrian Migrants Gone Too Far?

What I find so painful, is when so many Jews (my friends and family included) are patting themselves on the back because they are championing the 'Syrian migrants' cause even to the point of many synagogues sponsoring Muslim families to move to my city of Toronto and elsewhere!

What they are really doing is guaranteeing that their grandchildren and mine will have to deal with muslims who hate us and will no doubt cause us trouble. Trouble ranging from yelling threats at us on the street to raping our grandchildren and even worse. Like in France, we'll have to hide our Jewishness. No more kippahs in public. It's just too dangerous.

One doesn't need to look beyond Europe to see the actual effects of letting in millions of unscreened 'Syrian migrants'. I enclose 'Syrian migrants' in quotes because more often than not, they are not at all Syrian. Most are not in any serious danger. As has been the case in the last 50 years or longer, they are moving to the West for economic reasons. Period. That's the same reason that most immigrants have been moving to the West forever. A chance at a better life. The difference between the majority of the muslim migrants and the rest of the immigrants is that the former, although may certainly be excited for a better life, are not seeking liberty or freedom from religious persecution. Every legitimate poll out there confirms my worst fears. The vast majority of muslims world wide prefer living under sharia law. This means that they are not only okay with taking our laws into their own hands but strive for this event. Not every muslim is a terrorist but most (don't take my word for it, look as the data) dream for a society where only they dominate.

So while our liberal/democratic/progressive Jewish friends are enjoying a feel good moment today by demonstrating against Trump's sane policy to protect us from potential terrorists and many who albeit are not necessarily terrorists themselves but are haters of all non-Muslims with Jews at the top of their hate list, it's our children and grandchildren who will pay the ultimate price for their moment of weakness.

I often hear their attempt to guilt us into helping the 'Syrian migrants'. This often comes at the cost of helping our own. Who hasn't heard their pleas that these poor souls are no different than our parents when they fled Europe. As a child whose parents survived the Holocaust, I find it most insulting to compare my folks with any of the Muslim migrants! Our Jewish survivors were not a security threat. Not a one of them. Nor were they a burden on society. Quite the opposite. They often founded businesses, large and small, worked hard and employed many local citizens. Furthermore all immigrants back then were screened, face to face with an immigration officer. They often required someone already in Canada or the US to sponsor them before they were even allowed to leave Europe. Today in Canada only 1 in 10 immigrants face an immigration officer!

Our email inboxes have been replete by pleas from my country's largest Jewish organization, (CIJA) Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, for donations to sponsor 'Syrian migrants' and to support anti-Islamophobic laws in Canada. I told them that they need to focus their energy on Jewish causes instead of trying to gain favour with a political ideology (Islam) wherein tens of millions of Muslims following that ideology want to kill us.

So if you haven't guessed by now, the answer to the title of my blog is: Hell Yes!

PS: This just in. A 'Syrian migrant' just got arrested in Edmonton for multiple sexual assaults. Click Here

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why Trump isn't Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem So Fast

If you are a zionist like me, you might be somewhat disappointed that Trump didn’t even mention his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, during his inauguration speech.

We were all waiting for him to announce it the following day, then the day after that. There were rumours all over the map about Trump’s advisers looking into possible locations within Jerusalem for the new embassy building. Other sources suggested that they may simply change the signage on the current US consulate office in Jerusalem to the embassy. But it’s now Wednesday and still no announcement. In fact I just read that some Palestinian Authority folks have claimed that Trump’s people have assured them that they don’t plan to move the embassy any time soon. Do I normally believe anything that comes out of the arabs mouths? Not usually. But in this instance- maybe I do.

I can imagine the discussion between Bibi and Trump prior to his inauguration speech going something like this:

Trump: So Bibi, I have a lot on my plate right now as you can imagine. What do you think about moving our embassy to Jerusalem?

Bibi: I totally understand the pressure you must be facing on this from the entire Muslim world and beyond. In fact if you did, we too might suffer at the hands of Palestinian terrorists along with Hamas, Hezbollah and others going crazy. We have other priorities such as Iran. Their nuclear threat is a far greater issue to us than moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump: Fair enough. If you don’t see it as a high priority mission right now than I can move it down the list. I’ll focus on the Iran deal instead.

Bibi: Thanks so much Mr. President. You’re the best!

In other words, if the embassy doesn’t get moved, it has nothing to do with Trump.

Sadly it’s the left leaning Jewish Israeli's  who are not in love with the idea of making Jerusalem their Jewish capital. Bibi is included in this cohort even if he is more centrist. Unfortunately most if not all of his predecessors felt the same way. My proof? The Temple Mount would never have been given control to Jordan's Muslim authority. 2 nasty Mosques dominate our most religious site. Jews are prohibited to pray at the Temple Mount, etc. I can go on and on.

I believe that Bibi has led Trump to believe that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is just not that important to him and if Trump doesn’t move it, it'll be Israel's fault not Trump's!