Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hillary Clinton -What's Up with Her?

As with Obama, there are many people out there who consider her to be a solid, intelligent, government leader. I think - not so much. I have many reasons for my opinion but here is but one recent example.

I recently watched this short video of Ron Paul asking Hillary some questions about her Middle East policy. Check it out:

Ron is of course right on, on his assessment of the new Egypt outlook on Israel and the West. Hillary sidestepped his question. Now that Mubarek has been kicked out (with the US's full support), all those billions of dollars of weapons that the US has given them makes them a very dangerous entity. Don't forget that Egypt also has the largest Arab army in the world and a huge population as well. Mubarek was no angel but he was 100 % better off to Israel, his own people and us in the West than the crazy Islamists that are taking over now! What a colossal mistake!

Of course Israel wants stability and predictability. And that is exactly what they had with Mubarek in power and exactly what they don't have now. She' s either stupid (I don't think so), naive (maybe) or just so power hungry that she'll agree with whatever her boss says as long as she gets to keep her job (yes, that's it).