Sunday, March 16, 2008

FBI Boosts Training in Islamic 'Sensitivity'....

WOW! Instead of spending more effort to investigate the huge number of terrorist acts committed by Muslims world wide and certainly within the US (remember 9/11?), the FBI is thinking: Hmm, maybe we should be more sensitive to their needs.

That's like finding a child predator and instead of investigating him maybe we should do some studies on what kind of kids he prefers to prey on. This is crazy stuff!

If 9 out of 10 terrorist acts are committed by one group of people (read Muslims) then certainly we should spend 9 tenths of our efforts to investigate this one group of people to be most effective. If you wish to call this racial profiling, go right ahead. I call it Common Sense!

Doing anything else would be helping to Turn the World Upside Down!

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Is this world upside down or what? The UN

Well, I could write a book about how and why the UN is an abject failure.

Not only does it not help, it actually makes the world a more dangerous place. It has been hijacked by radical Islamists, by crazed dictatorial regimes both on the far right and the far left, by countries with only power and money on their minds regardless of how it's attained.

The sad part in all of this, is that most of the world's few naive democracies still left, don't get it.

And if and when they do, it'll be too late. Our political correctness is killing us, literally.

We need to push our governments to pull out of the UN immediately. Let Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, etc. remain and continue to do their 'important' work. At least we won't be funding them anymore. I'm sure we can put our hard earned dollars to work in far better ways.

Why are the democratic countries still supporting the mess we call the UN?

Simple: We, the citizens of those countries haven't made it clear to our governments that we no longer want any part of it.

We've had enough of countries with some of the worst human rights records ever, running the UN's human right's council. We've had enough state sponsored scandals continuing daily with no consequences. We've had enough corrupt UN delegations partying in New York or wherever they may be, at our expense.

The United Nations (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one) is not doing the world any good. It is certainly helping to Turn Our World Upside Down!

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