Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who's Side Is He On?

Not too long ago, Iran was deemed the world's # 1 enemy. More dangerous than North Korea, China or Russia. And rightly so. After all, they are guilty of some of the world's worse terrorism and due to their strategic oil wealth, are able to finance their atrocities with ease to every corner of the world.
Their often stated goal is to rule the world. When I first heard of this lofty objective by then leader Ayatola Komeni, I simply laughed it off as I'm sure most did. How can a country lead by a leader from the Dark Ages have a chance at succeeding at such a thing?

Boy have times changed and quickly. Iran's leaders are evil but they sure aren't stupid. We are the stupid ones. We have blessed the Iranian regime. The world leaders, led by none other than the one and only Barack Obama, has eased sanctions on Iran just when they were starting to work, in exchange for a piece of paper. This has lately been compared to the infamous British Prime Minister Chamberlain who agreed to cooperate with Hitler in exchange for a piece of paper. At the time Chamberlain was heralded as a super deal maker and hero of our time.  I urge you to spend a minute and watch the real footage of that: Chamberlain Peace Video

Well we know how that ended. The sad part is that after realizing that Hitler's word was meaningless and England had been duped, Chamberlain still didn't get it. He said that he wouldn't have done anything differently! How foolish can he be? Had England and the other world powers, quickly and communally threatened Germany with hard sanctions, including oil and steel embargoes, quite possibly we could have avoided WWII. Negotiating with them which let the Germans to buy time and successfully invade their neighbors was surely a sign of weakness and the Nazis smelt the fear dripping from the West.

Today's situation is so similar that you'd have to be a fool not to see it. There is nothing in this deal that will stop Iran from attaining her goal. With deadly nuclear arms in her hands, Iran would change the landscape of the Middle East by starting an arms race with other unstable Arab countries in the region and the world would never be the same again.

I know that by now many of you are sick of hearing about this 'mundane topic'. Here we go again. Another genius has to make his 2 cents worth known about the nuke deal with Iran.
But I cannot sit quiet on this. I refuse to. And if by chance my message gets out to even one person, it was well worth it.

In my blog I have on many occasions decried the danger of America's love affair with Obama. I have often times argued with friends and relatives about the danger of him leading the free world. I have backed up his disastrous foreign policy with detailed facts. To say nothing of his domestic policy.
I have said that if you are Jewish, Israeli or a supporter of either, than you need to run away from this man because he is not your friend.

I now say something different: This goes well beyond Jewish or Israeli causes. In fact I call on all anti-Semites. If you value world peace and freedom (including the freedom to hate Jews). If you are concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war with a rogue regime who unlike Russia, do not operate with a full deck and will not be deterred by a mutual nuclear threat, it's time to speak up. Now.  Or else pay the price when a suitcase filled with a nuclear bomb or missile drops in a city near you or your children.

I don't know who's side Obama is on, but I do know that it's not ours! He has made the U.S. Iran's protector, guarantor and sponsor. Hell the States might even impose sanctions against Israel if the tiny country decides to disable Iran's nuclear machine!