Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who's Side Is He On?

Not too long ago, Iran was deemed the world's # 1 enemy. More dangerous than North Korea, China or Russia. And rightly so. After all, they are guilty of some of the world's worse terrorism and due to their strategic oil wealth, are able to finance their atrocities with ease to every corner of the world.
Their often stated goal is to rule the world. When I first heard of this lofty objective by then leader Ayatola Komeni, I simply laughed it off as I'm sure most did. How can a country lead by a leader from the Dark Ages have a chance at succeeding at such a thing?

Boy have times changed and quickly. Iran's leaders are evil but they sure aren't stupid. We are the stupid ones. We have blessed the Iranian regime. The world leaders, led by none other than the one and only Barack Obama, has eased sanctions on Iran just when they were starting to work, in exchange for a piece of paper. This has lately been compared to the infamous British Prime Minister Chamberlain who agreed to cooperate with Hitler in exchange for a piece of paper. At the time Chamberlain was heralded as a super deal maker and hero of our time.  I urge you to spend a minute and watch the real footage of that: Chamberlain Peace Video

Well we know how that ended. The sad part is that after realizing that Hitler's word was meaningless and England had been duped, Chamberlain still didn't get it. He said that he wouldn't have done anything differently! How foolish can he be? Had England and the other world powers, quickly and communally threatened Germany with hard sanctions, including oil and steel embargoes, quite possibly we could have avoided WWII. Negotiating with them which let the Germans to buy time and successfully invade their neighbors was surely a sign of weakness and the Nazis smelt the fear dripping from the West.

Today's situation is so similar that you'd have to be a fool not to see it. There is nothing in this deal that will stop Iran from attaining her goal. With deadly nuclear arms in her hands, Iran would change the landscape of the Middle East by starting an arms race with other unstable Arab countries in the region and the world would never be the same again.

I know that by now many of you are sick of hearing about this 'mundane topic'. Here we go again. Another genius has to make his 2 cents worth known about the nuke deal with Iran.
But I cannot sit quiet on this. I refuse to. And if by chance my message gets out to even one person, it was well worth it.

In my blog I have on many occasions decried the danger of America's love affair with Obama. I have often times argued with friends and relatives about the danger of him leading the free world. I have backed up his disastrous foreign policy with detailed facts. To say nothing of his domestic policy.
I have said that if you are Jewish, Israeli or a supporter of either, than you need to run away from this man because he is not your friend.

I now say something different: This goes well beyond Jewish or Israeli causes. In fact I call on all anti-Semites. If you value world peace and freedom (including the freedom to hate Jews). If you are concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war with a rogue regime who unlike Russia, do not operate with a full deck and will not be deterred by a mutual nuclear threat, it's time to speak up. Now.  Or else pay the price when a suitcase filled with a nuclear bomb or missile drops in a city near you or your children.

I don't know who's side Obama is on, but I do know that it's not ours! He has made the U.S. Iran's protector, guarantor and sponsor. Hell the States might even impose sanctions against Israel if the tiny country decides to disable Iran's nuclear machine!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Poor Benny

Poor Benny Netanyahu. I really feel terrible for the current Prime Minister of the most attacked country on our planet. The tiny country of Israel is being attacked from all sides. From Norway to Chile. From China to South Africa.

By many people throughout the world  who hate Israel simply because it is the lone Jewish state and these people hate Jews.

By many governments in the world who either hate Israel because they represent their population's feelings mentioned above or due to their dependance on Arab oil.

By both individuals and governments who find it easier to appease the real enemies of Israel rather than risk the wrath of suicidal Arab/Muslim individuals (of which there are many) and/or their states (of which there are also many).

By a myriad of organizations both inside and outside of Israel who put the hate on either through ignorance or who are sponsored by enemies of Israel/Jews including the mainstream media.

Economically by the international BDS movement.

Politically by its enemies, biased media and even some of its allies (read 'current US administration').

Existentially by its neighbors most notably Iran who unquestionably wants to destroy it via nuclear weapons!

As the current Israeli leader, Benny is also under attack within Israel by most of Israel's Arab population (almost 2 million in number) who would and have attacked all previous Israeli leaders and of course by members of opposition parties as well as some of his own party members.

Quite a few Jewish Israeli citizens are not happy with the current economic situation in Israel (the high cost of housing) are not happy with him either.

So with all this on his plate, Benny has to fly to Rome and spend many hours with Obama's lackey, Secretary of State, John Kerry who plans to press Benny for more concessions to recycle the 'peace talks' with the Palestinian Authority. How humiliating, depressing and hopeless this ongoing task must be for Benny.  While Arabs from the Gaza strip, inside Israel, the West Bank and others who sneak inside Israel from neighboring countries continue to terrorize Israelis including young children, Benny has to pretend that all is well in the world and that there is nothing more important on his plate than to appease those who wish to make Israel and Jews disappear quickly off the face of the earth.

This reminds me of when I was working as an IT consultant and I was dealing with some silly problems at work just after I learned that my father had passed away. It's hard to deal with BS when you know of much larger issues that are looming.

I'm sure that Benny would like nothing better than to tell Kerry to F Off! Something like: 'Do you think I have nothing better to do than to talk to you about chopping off more pieces of our tiny country and giving it to people (a bogus group of Arabs who call themselves Palestinians) who want to kill us? Or release another group of Arab prisoners most of which have been found guilty by a democratic court of law for such things as murder and who will undoubtably attempt to kill more Israeli's as soon as they are released?'

Like him or not, I for one would not want Benny's job even for a second and if I had it, I wouldn't last more than that. Poor Benny.....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who Is Obama?

I was very frightened when Obama got elected the first time. No one really knew who he was. I am even more scared now that he got elected a second time. Now we know a little more about him. I strongly suggest that you watch Dinesh D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America documentary to get a good understanding of just who this man is. 

There are many things we can say about him. He's tall, black, fairly intelligent. charismatic but he's also an obvious socialist, anti-American, arrogant, narcissistic and pro-government. Despite what he usually says to us, he is also a Muslim. 

Thankfully he is only 1 man who is in power for a limited amount of time. He has caused much damage in the  few years he's been president but time stops for no one. He has managed to divide the US more than any president in recent history. He has befriended dictatorial, Islamist regimes who often either support terrorists or are themselves complicit in terror. At the same time he's pushed reliable friends and allies away. He has appointed people in important, powerful positions who support his views and are guaranteed not to criticize him in any way. He continues to take the US economy down by pushing for a welfare state. He smartly wants to forgive illegal immigrants by allowing them citizenship, thereby increasing his votes. When it comes to illegal Mexicans, this is truly an election show stopper. In general, by getting the public to increase their dependance on government handouts, he's guaranteed to continue to lead. He denounces successful, hard working people and corporations and makes them pay far more than their fair share.

His foreign affairs meddling is some of the worst in American history. He continues to back the wrong horse. When he decided to help push Egypt's Mubarak out the door and help get Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood into power, he had some of the world convinced that he really knows what he's doing.  He was attempting to show the world that by bending over and dumping a fairly reliable US friend after 30 years, that this is how you get a democracy going into Egypt. Could he have been more wrong? Despite the ongoing monetary and military aid, the Egyptian in the street does not like him or trust him. 

His attempt to blame the Benghazi embassy nightmare on an anti-Moslem video was/is disgusting. His attempt to use the CIA and FBI to spy on Americans and conservative groups who oppose him and his party reminds me of how the KGB  manages to control events in Russia. 

To be fair, the US intelligence experts haven't been so expert well before Obama was elected but he is not helping. I suggest reading Michael Widlanski's excellent book 'Battle for Our Minds'.  He wants to help Al Qaida and other rebels in Syria. Did he not learn anything from his Libya fiasco?

Turkey is in big trouble. Edrogan's bubble is finally busting. But do you know who Edrogan is? Why he's Obama's best friend. I can't wait for Obama to offer him asylum once he's kicked out of power. 

He's done next to nothing with stopping Iran's march to obtaining nuclear arms. Thank G-d for little Israel. They might have to save our asses again. That's if Obama doesn't let their state secrets slip onto Facebook. 

He's managed to diminish the US's military might while their enemies are watching closely. Countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq don't even take the States seriously any more and have become more emboldened every day.

He had a chance to make a huge difference in the US economy by allowing the Canadian Keystone pipeline to bring gas to the US. It would have created tens of thousands of jobs on both sides of the border. It would have created stable energy prices with a myriad of economic benefits. Instead he prefers to buy oil and gas from some of the worlds worse regimes. 

After playing for over 100 times since becoming president, I'm sure that his golf game has improved but I'm still not impressed.  

2016 can't come soon enough!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Obama's Visit to Israel

So President Obama finally visits Israel. He ignored visiting there in his first term. Now he's been and gone. Was his visit a good thing? In his mind, I'm betting he thinks that he was awesome, spoke eloquently and accomplished his objectives. Some of which were to use his cool style to convince the young Israelis to abandon their mainstream political leaders, like their current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and lead the way to make the appropriate concessions with the Palestinians that will lead to peace. Some other under the cover agenda items included pressuring Netanyahu to apologize to the Turkish PM for Israel's killing of about 9 of their citizens during the Mavi Marmara boat fiasco. In time, we might eventually find out what other pressure tactics were used by the suave Obama on Israel's leadership.

The short answer though is: Obama's visit was absolutely NOT a good thing.

For starters, the timing was terrible for Israel. Israel was struggling to create a government until just days prior to his visit. Surely the Israeli leadership had many other more important issues to tackle, rather than to focus on appeasing their nemesis in Obama.

In general, despite Obama's sometimes beautiful words, his visit was a slap in the face to most Israelis. His purposeful avoidance of speaking to the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) was the most obvious insult. Instead, he insisted on speaking to mostly university students who are for the most part left leaning, liberals (by Israeli standards). Even here he did not allow students from Ariel University in the West Bank to attend his speech.

Even though, he mostly said the right things, some rang hollow while others made some listeners wince. His hollow words were his constant assertion that he will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. While most Israelis understand Iran's truly existential threat, most Americans and for that matter, most of the rest of the world, does not. Just like the simple case of someone else being threatened by gun point, perhaps a robbery captured on video on TV, we the viewers may gasp but in the end we march to the kitchen to get another slice of pizza. Since we are not in that desperately, dangerous position, we just won't get it.
Further, since Obama's history of back pedaling on issues, hiding secrets and outright lying, Israelis, even including the left leaning liberal students, don't trust him. Nor should they.

He continues to live in some kind of magical, mystery world with blinders on. He still continues to praise the Arab Spring and doesn't even get his super colossal mistake of pushing Mubarek out the door while ushering in the Moslem Brotherhood. As if supplying them advanced weapons worth billions of dollars plus tons of cash, isn't enough, he's considering jumping into Syria to help the rebels kick Asad out of Syria.  Those same rebels who hate Americans as much as they hate Jews and will have no problems dropping chemical weapons on Israel given the chance.

At the beginning of his speech he joked about how the media built a wall of lies about his crummy relationship with Netanyahu. You know the saying that there exists a bit of truth in every joke? Well please tell me how Netanyahu, the State of Israel, and American Jewish leaders were treated by him and his administration over the past few years? You'd have to be living on Mars to not agree that he has  imposed a very strained relationship with one of his closest allies, to put it mildly.

He showed his continued arrogance by sticking his nose into another country's business. The same arrogance he detests shown by the British Empire and other empires, obviously does not apply to him.

Therein lies the point. To get slapped in the face is bad enough. But to get slapped in the face while telling you that he is your best friend is the ultimate insult. I sincerely hope that most people, especially Israelis are not that ignorant or gullible.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The West Discovers Morsi is an Anti-Semite but what about Abbas?

So finally the West finally discovers that the new president of Egypt, Morsi, is an Anti-Semite. Even the White House has felt the pressure to address his vitriolic statements that have come to light recently. After all, the Obama administration decided that after it announced that despite the current turmoil in Egypt where it appears that the country is literally falling apart, the States is still planning on giving Egypt a squadron of F16 fighter jets and 200 Abram tanks. These weapons are considered some of the most sophisticated in the world today. I guess the White House felt responsible for bringing Morsi into power so now they feel obligated to prop him and the Moslem Brotherhood up. Even the mainstream media like Time considered him so for his valuable contribution to help mediate a temporary cease fire in the latest battle with Hamas and Israel...

Some of the statements made by Morsi contain the same old sick words that Jews have heard for hundreds of years: 'Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs...'.  

Ok, so now we all know that Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood don't like Jews. What a surprise! Just maybe, despite the words of the Obama administration, the Moslem Brotherhood weren't the 'moderates' they originally thought them to be.

But what about Mahmoud Abbas? He's the leader of a group of Arabs who call themselves Palestinians (a name given by the Romans to the Jews back in the day) who Israel is expected to hand over precious land to. That 2 state solution is constantly being bantered about probably every few minutes somewhere in the world. Whereas Netanyahu, the democratically elected president of the only democracy in the Middle East is considered by many as a right wing, war monger, Abbas is somehow considered a moderate, intent on making peace with Israel. 

Did everyone forget about Abbas's doctoral dissertation that denies the Holocaust (hence the bogus title of Dr.)? I don't think anyone can argue that if you deny the Holocaust, that qualifies you as an Anti-Semite. Sadly, it is with this corrupt, 2 faced regime, that Israel is forced to 'make peace'.  The fact is that Abbas and Morsi are cut from the same cloth. Their intense hatred of Jews and of course Israel is symptomatic of most Arab and Moslem leaders throughout the world.

It's high time that the West rediscovers Abbas's Anti-Semitism as well!