Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Syrian Refugees' = Jihad by Immigration

Some of you might not like what I'm about to say. But I'm not here to make friends. Sometimes the truth is painful.

Why is it that we in the West are clamouring all over ourselves to take in millions of 'Syrian Refugees' while the wealthy Gulf States are not taking a single one of their brother Muslims?

Why is it that so many well intentioned, good hearted, peace seeking people including many Jews and Jewish organizations and even synagogues as well as Christian groups and churches are pushing to welcome the 'Syrian refugees'?

There are many Jews right here in my hometown of liberal Toronto, Canada that compare the 'Syrian refugees' with the Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust. Can we close our eyes to the horror that many 'Syrian refugees' are suffering? Shouldn't we as generous, humane people, let these poor folks into our great country? Are we that xenophobic? Imagine if we closed our borders to our parents generation who barely managed to survive the Holocaust? People like me wouldn't exist.

One last question: Why do I keep enclosing Syrian refugees in quotes?
The migrants pouring in to my country and others in the West are neither Syrians or refugees. Sure a small faction are Syrian as well as true refugees. But most are not. The majority are Muslim. They come from a variety of Muslim states such as Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. From the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Many are not suffering like true refugees suffer. Most are not displaced citizens and have a home albeit the home might be a tent. Of course their standard of living doesn't come close to ours. But that doesn't deem them a refugee. Many want to upgrade their economic status. I don't blame them. But we must look after our own first.

Now to the main point. As per the Quran, there are only 2 ways that a believer can achieve paradise, guaranteed:

1. Die while killing infidels (eg. suicide bomber)
2. Infiltrate and populate non-Muslim countries and make them Muslim

In fact the Muslim calendar is not based on Mohammed's birthday or death. It's based on the emigration of Mohammed and his followers to Medina where Islam was ultimately spread by the sword. Many Islamic leaders, from religious imams to ISIS leaders urge Muslims to immigrate to the West and even breed with non-Muslims in order to subjugate them. That's the main reason why the masses of poor Muslims don't want to go to the wealthy Gulf States. It's also true that these wealthy heartless arabs don't want to have more charity cases in their country. But why worry when by denying them entry they will ultimately see paradise as per rule # 2 above.

Their plan is simple: Under the guise of war torn refugees, they will storm the West en mass. The world economy is already weak and fragile. Mostly due to poor governance and demographics, the West has become a welfare state. I guess Russia won this one. Europe is one big socialist basket case teetering on bankruptcy. The muslims piling in who are used to living off meagre handouts from their theocratic states know how to play the 'give me game' before they even get there. Unlike the Jewish Holocaust survivors who never took a dime from the new governments who let them in, the muslim migrants are demanding of everything. From more money to better living quarters. Some are living in palaces throughout Europe. In no time, they make shit holes out of them. In many cases they burn the homes they living in. In short they will bankrupt us. Their pushy, confrontational culture clashes with our peaceful, live and let live way of living. As we continue to appease them rather than stand up to them, we will in time lose everything. When their population rises to a certain percentage (5% or more) they will demand more and get more. As politicians suck up to them, their demands will get louder. Sadly the government leaders who think appeasing them will solve our problems are only making it worse. Until its too late. By that time we either face a civil war, submit to them or become slaves to them or worse.

What's really scary is the way many Islamic leaders and organization have instructed the masses in detail on how to successfully commit jihad by immigration.

The first cohort of 'Syrian refugees' entering our country will be peaceful. They will hide their religious animosity to us western infidels. In fact they'll hide their own religiousness and identity. They will delete the videos of beheadings that they happily recorded on the cell phones. They will trim their beards and temporarily many will not wear the burqas they might be used to. They will be polite, wear big smiles and say thank you. In Canada our new leader, Justin Trudeau has decided to let in 50,000 'Syrian refugees' in his first year of power. After a year each of these migrants will bring in 10 dependant migrants. So after a year we could see half a million more muslims. We can easily look at history to see the pattern. In just a few hundred years countries like Indonesia who were predominately Buddhist, Hindu and Christian had become the largest Muslim populated country  in the world with 203 million muslims. It would be suicidal to be a practicing Christian or Jew to live there now.

As long as we continue to let them in unchecked, our way of life will slowly but surely disappear. The leaders who let them in will see it as a win-win since the more they let in, the more votes they'll get and the longer they'll be in power. Until one day they will be replaced by a muslim leader and our democratic, liberal, freedom loving society will be replace by sharia law. The following groups of migrants will no longer be so friendly upon arrival. Look at what's happening in Europe right now. Here is a video (1 of many) if you need to see some proof for yourself:

As for well intentioned Jews comparing Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust to the 'Syrian refugees': I find the comparison both ridiculous and insulting!
While the Jews had nothing, all was taken from them- their families and their homes, the migrants for the most part are not in the same ball park. The Jews survived the most horrendous torture of modern times, the Muslims have not come close. The Jews while keeping their identity integrated very well into western society and in fact contributed way above the average citizen. You don't have to look too hard to see hospital wings and university enters donated by Jewish philanthropists. While Jews have brought civility, peace and light the radical Muslim culture has brought hate and violence including intimidation, rape and murder to us. Sweden's rape rate has increased by an unprecedented 1500% !

If there was a way to screen the millions of muslim migrants to ensure they are not radicals and not terrorist I would surely agree. But there isn't. Every government's main job is to protect it's citizens. Are we already so indoctrinated with political correctness that we are blind to what's going on all around us? Did we already forget Paris twice and the murders in San Bernardino?

The West's policy of letting in millions of Muslim migrants is the most dangerous policy ever! Maybe once England, France, Germany or Spain go down and submit to sharia we will get the message but by then it might be too late. Instead of focusing on defeating ISIS we are focusing on climate change. This is beyond a sick joke. Instead of isolating Iran and ratcheting up sanctions we are giving them billions of dollars to fund their nuclear ambitions.

People with the best intentions are getting us killed!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Justin is Obama's Mini Me

Unlike the masses who either declare Justin Trudeau is Canada's newest G-d like saviour or simply say that we should give him a chance before we chastise him, I wish to make a few points.

When Obama was running as a presidential candidate prior to his first term, I did some basic research on him (the same research that anyone who cared could have done via Google searches) and found out some very troubling things. The # 1 issue was the convoluted history of the man that was shrouded in secrecy. Things that one would think would be easily ascertainable like where was he born, where did he live, who were is parents, where did he go to school, what was his religion, who were his friends and associates, who bankrolled him and what were his beliefs. All these very basic questions turned out to be almost impossible to determine one way or another even to this day!
When the most important person in the world is being considered for election I think we should all know every last thing about him/her and furthermore, that person should be an open book and let us all see the facts for ourselves. If it proves difficult to find this stuff out, one should be very concerned.
When some facts did come out, they weren't good news. For one (maybe I was the only one), when we found out that his pastor, reverend Wright, was vociferously anti-white, anti-American and anti-Semitic, I then and there declared that American's shouldn't vote for him. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Obama was basically a nobody who magically worked his way up to president simply on an empty platform called Hope and Change.

I was attacked at all levels by all kinds of people who declared that I was making it far worse than it was and since he was elected democratically, we should support him. Tired of the attacks, I caved in. I decided in the end, to give him a chance and see what he does. Even Charles Krauthammer said to the Jews in Toronto that he'll talk a great deal but do nothing, ergo nothing to worry about. After almost 2 terms I can say unequivocally that he is the worst president the States ever had. His foreign policy is a disaster. He has thrown his allies under the bus while bending over (literally) to our enemies. His obvious divisive national policy is a first. He continues to push his socialist agenda and is succeeding in making the US one of the largest welfare states in the world. His love for Islam including supporting radical Islam is perhaps his scariest policy. His nuclear deal with Iran is the WORST deal since Chamberlain signed a peace treaty with Herr Hitler.

While Trudeau's past is not shrouded in secrecy, there are certainly a lot of similarities. They both ran on the same demagoguery policy of Hope and Change. Hitler ran on the same platform. They are both socialists. No problem spending our money. While Harper ran a rare surplus economy, Trudeau already stated that he will put us in a $10 billion deficit. The US deficit is so big it will never get paid off. While Harper was an economist and got us through one of the worst mortgage crisis in recent history, Trudeau was a drama teacher. They are both philo-Islamic (they like Islam) and have both been influenced by Moslems and anti-Semites. Trudeau's brother made anti-West, anti-Semitic, pro-radical Islam, conspiracy styled movies and is his political advisor. While Harper was a rare steadfast supporter of Israel, like Obama who claimed he had Israel's back and then declared there must be daylight between the US and Israel, Trudeau already told Netanyahu that although Canada will remain Israel's friend, there will be a 'shift in tone' - gee I wonder what that will mean? All the mainstream media are in love with both men and refuse to criticize them. Canada's national (and tax payer funded) left wing CBC was constantly demonizing Harper while elevating Trudeau to cool G_d status.

I refuse to applaud our newly elected Canadian leader. His approval of Obama's suicidal nuclear deal with Iran spells out all I need to know about him.

Like when the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist Islamic groups shot their guns off in celebration when  Obama got elected, ISIS also tweeted their approval of Trudeau.

When our enemies love our leaders, it's time to worry!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harper's Big Mistake

As a Stephen Harper fan in Canada, I was sickened by the constant bombardment of the conservative party's ads telling us ad nauseam  that 'Justin is just not ready'. You can watch the ad here:

The truth is the best policy. Did the conservative party really believe that Justy wasn't ready? Ie. don't elect him yet but it's ok to elect him next time. Whereas the Liberal's message was that Harper was evil and charged him and his party with all kinds of lies in order to win, the conservative message was quite the opposite: Justy isn't a petulant, arrogant, ignorant, spoiled, dangerous jack ass, he's simply 'not ready'. Those pathetic conservative ads helped to legitimize Justy as our next leader. If Stephen Harper really thought that, then he deserved to lose. But I don't really think he thought that. I think it was a combination of:

1. he didn't want the thankless job that badly any more
2. he had a terrible marketing team (or the team was working for the liberals) 

The conservative party needs to be far more aggressive. My adds would have said that Justy will never be ready. Harper was PM for almost 10 years. Any idiot knows that people want change simply for the sake of change. Even if he was the best PM ever and I think he was, most people think that he had his turn and it's time for someone else. I truly believe that most people didn't necessarily disagree with the policies or performance of the conservative party. They just wanted someone else. Conservatives should have started grooming someone else with the same principled values as Harper, a year ago. Harper himself should have nominated someone like Jason Kenny or John Baird for the job well before this election instead of staying in the race himself. Especially knowing who the 2 alternatives for our next PM were. Given the choice, I would prefer Mulcair over Justy but it's really neck and neck between who is more dangerous and what their motives are. If you live as a principled person, you understand economics, foreign policy, history and have decent values, you must do what's best for your country. Even if it means not running despite being the best person.

Good bye Prime Minister Stephen Harper. You'll be sorely missed!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Emboldening Iran or It's too F'n late!

Did you know that since negotiations with Iran, there have been more arrests, torture and murder inside Iran by Iranian officials? Meanwhile outside, Hezbollah, Hamas and dozens of other Iranian sponsored terror groups have been ratcheting up their terror game as well.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to defuse a volatile situation with peaceful negotiations. In fact it's an honourable thing to do. But one must always use common sense as to when to negotiate and if it makes sense to do so, how to go about it.

In the current Iran deal fiasco, secret negotiations were started years ago by the Americans. They had no business starting the dialogue. While the Nazi like Ayatollah administration was finally feeling the heat of sanctions and concerned about their future as leaders in Iran, the US came by grovelling for a deal. Just by the mere act of negotiations, the States and their partners in crime, emboldened the Iranian rulers to not only continue their past aggressions but to increase them.

This deal has sent Iran the best possible message. Continue what you are doing and in fact do it better and more often than before. A lot of people are talking about the deal and dissecting it apart to get at all the details. The fact is that even if Donald Trump wrote the deal himself, it would be meaningless. It's just a useless piece of paper that Iran will certainly ignore. They can't be trusted to keep their word. Surely the entire world must recognize this by now. So I will not waste my breath here, identifying the numerous, insane details (like Iran gets to do its own inspections) that make the deal dangerously bad. The much larger issue is what this entire fiasco has caused:

1. Islamist terror is way up. The # of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem for example is at an all time high. Yea I know you haven't seen it reported on CNN.
2. Like in corporate America or international markets, just the promise of capital can raise the value of stock prices exponentially. The converse is of course also true. So even if the deal falls through by some miracle (sadly I'm pretty sure it'll pass in the States), it's too f'n late! Many countries like China, Russia and European states have already started the ball rolling with regard to making billion dollar trade deals with Iran. The promise of sanction relief has opened the floodgates of cash into Iran.
3. This could be the worst: The Obama administration has stooped to an all time low with it's nasty insinuations that anyone who is against the deal is either a warmonger or a disloyal American. Many American Jews and in particular American Jewish politicians have been accused of caring more about Israel than the safety of Americans. This sick, racist and in particular anti-Semitic policy is wrong at every level and is dangerous for America. Funny how many black Americans had no issue voting for Obama despite either not knowing his policies or even disagreeing with them simply because he was black. No one dared to accuse them of being disloyal Americans.

As I read of numerous American politicians taking bribes from the Iranian lobby on both sides of the aisle, I want to vomit. Let's hope my vomit lands on that useless piece of paper!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Reward the Jews Got

As Irwin Cotler asserted, anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism. He’s so right. 

For the gift of shedding light on to the dark world, the gift the Jews received from the world was jealousy, hatred, torture and murder. While the pagan world was living in a barbaric, chaotic world where the strong murdered the weak, men raped and pillaged, children turned on their mothers (their fathers were not even in the picture), the Jews shared civilization with their fellow men, all stemming from the Torah. Our reward in modern times was the murder of 6 million Jews.

After thousands of years of Jews living peacefully in their G-d given homeland in Israel, the new political correct way of hating the Jews is to condemn the Jewish state. To call it illegal, apartheid and even a Nazi state is the best way to condemn the Jews these days.

It’s time that we Jews grew a backbone and stand up to the hatred. When will we learn that appeasement not only doesn’t work, it helps promote the hate. It’s time we shouted what needs to be said. The PA leadership currently lead by ‘Dr.’ Abbas needs to be jailed for hate crimes and murder. His doctorate was assigned by the KGB for his Holocaust denying thesis. Obama committed the biggest crime since Hitler by siding with Iran in its quest for building nuclear arms in order to destroy Israel and lead the world in destruction. Hilary, Kerry, Biden and their followers are all anti-Semites and deserved to be labeled as such. The pathetic American Jews who continue to support those leaders are descendants of the kapos (Jews who helped turn in other Jews in the Nazi camps- see picture below). They will be punished in due course just like the fate of those kapos who died in the gas chambers like their fellow innocent Jews. 

It still pains me to hear of some friends and family who still consider Obama a good guy, a trustworthy leader…. It’s sad that they can’t see the destruction he’s caused. Both internally within the US and internationally. As he willfully weakens the US he props up the world’s worst states. Starting with Turkey led by the Islamist Edrogan who he boasted was his best friend and foreign leader and ending with the Ayatolah of Iran who continues to wish for the destruction of Israel and America.

This is how some of the people must have felt prior to WWII. When the world started to turn sour. The rot was lead to the surface by the anti-Semites of Europe who not only hated Jews but hated anyone who got in their way to rule the world. Some people spoke their minds but most either ignored the situation or worse, they tried the appeasement method. We know how that worked out .

While the universities continue their business of condemning Israel and brainwashing our students that Israel doesn’t deserve to exist, the parents of these children don’t dare to confront the schools, professors, media, world leaders or their own children. These students are being groomed to be the next generation of Jew haters by condemning the only Jewish state.

Many condemn the US administration for failing to label the terrorists as Islamists. But why don’t these same people have the guts to label so many world leaders including Obama and his pals as anti-Semites? Now I’m not comparing his hatred of Jews to the deep Jew hatred of many Europeans who inherited their racism from generations. Obama’s # 1 problem is that he is a strong narcissist. He is much more than arrogant (as most leaders are). To be the leader of the world’s most powerful nation and to suffer from that affliction is dangerous. But lets not complicate things. Simply put, amongst his many other problems, he hates Israel so therefore he is an anti-Semite. He wants Iran to wipe Israel off the face of the map. He just handed them the keys to the nuclear bomb with a truckload of cash to do it.

I feel like I’m swimming upstream against an impossible current. Just about every country in the world is jumping on the bandwagon to condemn Israel for made up crimes while ignoring the real criminal states and people. I certainly won’t be foolish enough to predict how it will all end but at the very least we who are being attacked need to grow a back bone and speak up and do everything to defend ourselves. It starts with our voices, emails, blogs, letters and phone calls and ends with physical self defence classes as offered by the JDL and legal arms. I advocate that my children learn how to use a gun. I hope they never have to use it but better to be prepared than to suffer the fate of our past generation in Europe. If it happened there it can happen anywhere. It’s been happening in Israel since it’s modern day reincarnation in 1948. If they didn’t have weapons and a well trained IDF, Israel wouldn’t exist today of course along with G-ds help. But G-d only helps people who help themselves.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Psychology 101

It’s so true. When one child is murdered, the whole world mourns loudly. But when millions are murdered the whole world yawns. 

Today we are faced with the world’s biggest threat since the nightmare of WWII. Iran is on the road to developing nuclear weapons. Iran is the world’s largest terrorist threat and sponsor of numerous other terrorist groups like Hezbola and Hamas. The world’s most powerful leader, President Obama is actually helping Iran to obtain and develop those nuclear weapons. He is jumping though hoops to do so.
It looks like a fait accompli. Meanwhile the world is looking the other way. While everyone has their heads in the sand, the Obama administration is bending over backwards to help Iran develop their nuclear weapons. Even going to the effort to supply and train them in the development of  the most advanced centrifuges.

Granted there are quite a few intelligent people who are on to this nightmare but compared to the billions who simply don’t care or pretend to agree with this irresponsible and dangerous strategy, these few will be rendered useless.

If you hate Israel, as Obama and his friends certainly do, then I understand why they are doing this. Because hate is strong and blind. It usually defies any logic. And this is the case here as well. The point is that helping Iran to arm themselves with nuclear weapons will not only harm Israel. It will harm the entire world. Especially those of us in the West. The West in this case means every non Arab or Muslim country. The irony is that those left leaning, appeasers of Muslim terrorists are the most likely to suffer first and the hardest. Countries like China and Russia will suffer the least because they have no qualms about using severe force (screw proportionality) to keep the Islamists at bay. While European countries and the US are bending over backwards to kiss Muslim ass but ignoring opportunities to ally with ‘moderate’ Muslim states like Egypt or help the Druze throughout the Middle East.

It will strike a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as well. Some of the most backward countries there are also the most wealthy. So they too desire and can afford to buy nuclear reactors, missiles and all the technology and experts to develop nuclear arms as well.

Can’t Obama and his friends see this scenario playing out? Are they that desperate to destroy Israel that they are willing to destroy the entire planet? Maybe. Because extreme hate defies logic.

But Obama is only one man. He’s not even that smart. Neither are his buddies. Do you really think that Biden is a genious? How about the Clinton’s? I don’t think so either.

But what about the rest of the people on the planet? How about American citizens? Are they all asleep? Well some are. And some of us have our own ‘problems’.

So how can we stop this train wreck? Maybe we can get a video of a poor Iranian child getting tortured in Iran. And have this video go viral with the title: Do you want this country to have nuclear arms?
According to Psychology 101, this just might do the job. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The More the World Changes, the More it Stays the Same

I just watched a video of President Obama speaking at a synagogue in Washington, DC celebrating Jewish American Heritage month. He said all the right things (more or less) in a funny and compassionate way. He does have some excellent speech writers for sure. This liberal Jewish audience applauded him vigorously much the way cattle eat heartily before going to slaughter.

Be very wary when he starts his speech with: 'I've got Israel's back.'
It always ends the same way. Because of his 'love' of Israel, he needs to do what he thinks is right. His deal with Iran will surely help protect Israel from a nuclear Iran, in his mind. The US constant pressure to make Israel give up more land to the Palestinians in order to formulate another peace deal is surely what he thinks is best for Israel. Now maybe he has genuine good intentions. I really don't know and I really don't care that much either. What I do care about is Israel's safety. And I always try to consider what is ethically and morally the right thing to do.

First point: Judea and Samaria (aka The West Bank) belongs to Israel legally. If they chose to give it away to their enemies and thereby commit national suicide is another point entirely. Let's be totally honest. If the US administration respected Israel's legal title to Judea and Samaria, Netanyahu would not even be talking about 2 states for 2 people.

Point two: Back to Israel's safety. As a Jew who's parents suffered through the Holocaust, when I say never again, I really mean it. I don't need a speech writer to press me to say those words. Without Israel I have no safety net and neither do the millions of Jews living through out the world whether they realize it or not. As long as Israel remains strong, militarily, economically, culturally, ethically and morally, we are safe. As long as Israel focuses on its Jewishness, we will be safe.

So thanks Obama for attending shul in Washington and saying some nice words about Judaism and Jewish Americans. But I did not need to hear your ongoing diatribe about what you think Israel should do with their Arab neighbours. I found it most insulting. Kind of like the speech a boss gives to his employee just before firing him. 'John, I think you've done an excellent job here and I've always valued your work effort. It's because of your hard work ethic that I think you'd be a better fit working at another firm. Take good care (and get lost).'

Like most people, it's important to listen to what they say. But it's even more important to watch what they do. It's time liberal Jews stop listening to him and pay attention to what he is doing. And what he is doing is throwing Israel under the bus. That was his intention well before he became president and it hasn't changed since.

Friday, March 6, 2015

What Bibi's Speech Can do

I'm tired of hearing all the nitpicking and pessimism. I thought Bibi's speech was brilliant and I believe that history will prove it to be one of the most important speeches in modern times. Obama looked like a pathetic, beaten man who was mumbling his usual illogical crap. After admitting that he never heard the speech, Obama still had plenty to criticize about it. All nonsense in any case. If you haven't seen the speech I urge you to watch it here:

I consider Obama an arrogant, narcissistic, petulant, socialist (and due to his upbringing) sympathetic to Muslims if not actually a Muslim himself. As such, even when he's dead wrong (as he most often is), he needs a way to save face in order to get out of a bad deal (no worse deal in modern times than the deal he's making with Iran). So what Bibi's speech hopefully did was to light a fire under the worlds collective ass and force them to pay close attention to the negotiations with Iran. Until now, Iran has been having the time of it's life enjoying the one sided (in their favor) negotiations with Obama and the other lackeys. But now that the world and especially Congress will be watching every word, the west's negotiating team will have to stand up (at least a little bit) to the Iranians. That's all it might take for the Iranians to walk away from the table. And then Obama, sensing that his countrymen (including many democrats) would be thrilled to kill the deal, would have his opportunity to save face by telling the world that although he tried to negotiate with Iran, they killed the deal and it's over. This I believe is a very likely scenario. Then the States and the rest of the world can focus on putting back the heavy sanctions and other strategies laid out by the Israelis. Of course as long as Obama is in power the world will not be safe. We need a Marco Rubio or equivalent to take over the reins as soon as possible!
Watch this amazing clip of a leader who truly gets it:

Time is of the essence! On the one hand, terrorist states and groups like Iran, ISIS, Hizbola, Hamas and others are turning the world on it's head along with countries like China, Russia and North Korea exploiting the situation. But there is a strong window of opportunity. There are today some very powerful countries that are truly ready to ally with a strong US leader. Egypt's Sisi is looking for someone he can trust to stop Iran, the Moslem Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and for the first time ever, to turn around radical Islam! The super wealthy Gulf States including the Saudi's are scared shitless of Iran and it's march to obtaining nuclear weapons. Of course Israel is by far and away the State's most important and dependable ally. Aside from defending themselves from their nasty neighbours who continue to terrorize them on daily basis, they continue to protect the world from the same dangers that they themselves face. 

What the world needs now (sounds like a song doesn't it?), is a strong, smart, fearless US president. Kind of like Ronald Reagan or maybe someone with a military background like retired Colonel West. Someone who will jump start the economy by revving up the military. Americans need to get off their asses and get back to work and earn some real money, not handouts. The first step would be to build the Keystone pipeline with their Canadian friends to the north. Aside from the thousand of jobs it would create, it would help get the world off of terror sponsoring oil producers like Iran, the Saudis and Venezuela and slowly but surely replace it with ethical oil from their # 1 trade partner, Canada. This Canadian oil would fuel the massive new manufacturing plants in the US. Russia and China would take a back seat and watch the States move back to the powerhouse position they deserve. Much like during WWII, it took Japan to wake up the sleeping giant. 

At this point this new US leader would reestablish the States as a reliable ally and protector of it's former allies (Israel and the Middle Eastern Arab states) and others all over the world. Once established, they could force China and others to stop buying Iranian oil. They could offer Egypt the oil rich part of Libya that is loaded with Islamist terrorists. Egypt is starving and needs oil badly to feed its people. And its finally willing to fight terrorism. It would be forced to finally clean out Gaza and reestablish a friendly relationship with Israel. Israel could finally kick out the PA leadership out of Judea and Samaria (some of you know this as the West Bank). Together they would help stabilize the Jordanian leadership (Israel has been doing this for decades already) and this larger alliance led by the US would force Assad in Syria to step down quietly. Funds from the wealthy Arab states would be squeezed out of them to supply the arms required to repulse the terrorists.  One by one countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq would see the writing on the wall and cave in to the large US alliance. The States could then make some serious deals with Russia in exchange for Russia to help isolate Iran. It would take a few years but finally the now powerful Islamist leadership in Iran would run for the hills. There are millions of Iranians who hate the Ayatola's Islamist regime. They want to live in peace, prosper in business (they are excellent business people), the women want independence, they like to dance at discos and listen to western style music. Not many want sharia and most don't give a damn about Israel one way or the other. If they saw that they had a real chance to kick their nutcase leaders out, they would in an instant. 

What I laid out is simply just one possible, optimistic script. There are many other possibilities. 

Of course if Bibi's speech is soon forgotten and Obama remains tightly in the driver seat with the support of the mainstream media that he's gotten so far and no one else steps up to the plate, Herzog or Livni become Israel's next Prime Minister, then our future looks bleak....

Yet I remain hopeful. I believe Bibi's words were inspired by the Holy One and surely words from Him cannot be lost on us. But regardless whether or not you believe in Him, a powerful speech can change the course of the world. Look at Winston Churchill's speech to stir up England, America and other's to defend the world from the hands of the Nazis.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The World is Not What It Seems

Did you ever watch a TV commercial advertising a product or service, declaring its incredible value and quality while you know full well what a piece of crap it really is? I just returned from a walk with friends and we were discussing cars. Sooner or later we've almost all broached that subject. No sooner than all my friends and myself were trading nightmare stories on some nasty vehicles we own(ed) when I saw the car advertised on TV and it was alleged to have won the best car award for a # of years. I have nothing against the manufacturer and in fact I'm sure their Korean made car has improved over the years but after all- you get what you pay for. Count on problems within the first year and if you don't have any consider yourself lucky. How can this be, I ask? Total BS!

That same night on CNN I watched all kinds of pundits talking about how ruthless the Republican Speaker of the House, Boehner is for inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress about the Iran's nuclear bomb ambitions, without clearing it with Obama first. How dare he! And how reckless of Netanyahu to accept! To punish them both, Obama will not see Netanyahu when he comes to the States. After all, he doesn't want to promote a bias so close to elections in Israel. 

Like the lying commercials that we are constantly being bombarded with, mainstream media continues to throw lie after lie at us until we either capitulate and start believing them or just ignore them and move on.

Since Obama seems to be on a path to allow Iran weapons of mass destruction and in fact threatened to veto any of his associates intentions to bring back serious sanctions against Iran until they actually stop developing such weapons, it behooves all government officials to do something about this. After all this is THE most serious problem facing our world today!

One can read all sorts of garbage attacking Boehner, Netanyahu, the Israeli ambassador to the US and starting all sorts of rumours about these people and playing politics with the US/Israel relationship on CNN, MSNBC and others.

Sample headline from MSNBC: 

Netanyahu, Boehner deal with their ‘colossal mistake’


They are playing games with our lives all the while missing the point. We must stop Iran, period. If inviting the most intelligent person to speak on this issue (Israel's PM) might help push the agenda and wake up Americans and the world to the problem, then do it! 

No mention however about the State department inviting the Brotherhood over to Washington. No doubt they were planning how they can oust the current, most intelligent leader of Egypt, Sissi. Talk about not interfering with an ally's politics. No mention of Iran's latest and most powerful ballistic missile spotted by Israel's satellite. 

How about Obama running to Saudi Arabia to attend the late king's funeral? He had no time to attend this years largest Holocaust Memorial in Auschwitz but he cut his visit to India short to exhort the great, wise, theocratic and brutal dictator in Saudi Arabia who helped finance and continues to finance some of the world's worst terrorists. 

There is no difference between the insane, lying commercials and Obama's administration and it's lackey media puppets except for one little thing: Most of the BS we watch on TV commercials are innocuous but when our government constantly and arrogantly lies to us, it's bloody dangerous.