Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crisis: Islam Has Invaded Our Schools

I’ve often written that we need to keep our eyes on the ball. Focus on the important issues and not get tangled up in academic arguments.
I’ve stated that the # 1 problem facing humanity currently is radical Islam and all of its supporters which are many. Newsflash: It isn't global warming. Helping a terrorist state like Iran obtain nuclear weapons is perhaps the greatest existential threat to not only Israel but the world at large. Likewise is Islam's conquest of the West by immigration.

But what helps fuel this anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, pro-Islamist world view? There are many contributing factors but I’m going to focus on the most important one: Our schools.

Since I live in Toronto, Canada I will use York University as an example.

Since 2007, the Egyptian born engineer Mamdouh Shoukri has been the president of York University in north Toronto. In the 1980’s York University had a large Jewish student body and staff (per capita) but thanks to Shoukri and others, York U has turned into a hotbed of hate if you happen to be Jewish or pro-Israel. 

A case in point is a mural displayed currently at York called ‘Palestinian Roots’ which won a competition by the BDS dominated student body clearly depicting an Arab holding stones, contemplating attacking Israelis which is the daily norm while watching a bulldozer about to knock down an olive tree. This painting is not in some back room office but is displayed prominately where the student body is forced to see it. Equally disgusting are the notes around the painting by the Muslim student which includes hateful and a one sided message aimed to discredit the Jewish Israelis with their ‘expansionist settlements’ while promoting the fiction of ‘indigenous Palestinian heritage and THEIR olive trees’. The nerve of the administration to bombard the student and staff bodies with this incitement to hate Jews and Zionists has reached a crisis. 

Click here to view the entire mural + description from York University.

Despite the plea from many students and people like Paul Bronfman to Shoukri to remove the offensive mural, it's still proudly displayed. Prominent Jewish organizations like CIJA are silent on this and in fact seem to want the Jewish student body to keep silent as well.

Currently York U has teemed up with East Jeruslam’s Muslim university Al Quds. This ‘university’ is proud to glorify suicide bombers to kill innocent Israelis and promotes the destruction of the Jewish state. In fact we as taxpayers help to fund this collaboration. 

I can list many nasty, attacks against Jewish or pro-Jewish students and staff as well as pro-Israel speakers at York. Suffice it to say, that if you identify as being Jewish by wearing a kippah or try to attend a pro-Israel event, you could get physically assaulted as many have been in the past.

Organizations like CIJA are out of touch with reality as are so many other left wing groups. They are great at organizing expensive fund raisers for themselves by calling on wealthy Jews and corporations to listen to mainstream lectures designed to be politically correct and inoffensive, all the while patting themselves on the back.

When it comes to really helping some of us who need their help, like the Jewish students at our universities who are or feel threatened, you can count on CIJA not to help. I applaud Paul Bronfman who threatened York U president Shoukri to either remove the offensive mural or risk losing his funding. 

York U is not an aberration. It stands as a typical model for most universities throughout the entire world. Schools that promote BDS and identify Israel as an apartheid state. These schools silence any debate about this. Their political science professors are mostly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic, anti-Christian, anti-Western, and often receive funding from terror sponsoring states like Saudi Arabia, Iran and other wealthy Gulf states. 

While we sit silently, our own children are being slowly, methodically and sometimes not so subtly hypnotized into believing their anti-Israel (read anti-Semitic) agenda. These are the future leaders of our collective world. Had we prevented our schools of higher learning and more recently those of junior grades as well from this terrible disease, we probably would never had allowed some of our leaders to coerce us into such doomed positions. 

Like the Muslims in the Middle East who continue to promote vitriolic hate and murder to their young children at their schools, no less brainwashing children to become suicide bombers by killing innocent Israelis for a cause they absolutely have no understanding of and thus breeding generation after generation of haters, we in the West must put a stop to Islam from invading our own schools. This fight is no less important than stopping Iran from getting nukes.