Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who Is Obama?

I was very frightened when Obama got elected the first time. No one really knew who he was. I am even more scared now that he got elected a second time. Now we know a little more about him. I strongly suggest that you watch Dinesh D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America documentary to get a good understanding of just who this man is. 

There are many things we can say about him. He's tall, black, fairly intelligent. charismatic but he's also an obvious socialist, anti-American, arrogant, narcissistic and pro-government. Despite what he usually says to us, he is also a Muslim. 

Thankfully he is only 1 man who is in power for a limited amount of time. He has caused much damage in the  few years he's been president but time stops for no one. He has managed to divide the US more than any president in recent history. He has befriended dictatorial, Islamist regimes who often either support terrorists or are themselves complicit in terror. At the same time he's pushed reliable friends and allies away. He has appointed people in important, powerful positions who support his views and are guaranteed not to criticize him in any way. He continues to take the US economy down by pushing for a welfare state. He smartly wants to forgive illegal immigrants by allowing them citizenship, thereby increasing his votes. When it comes to illegal Mexicans, this is truly an election show stopper. In general, by getting the public to increase their dependance on government handouts, he's guaranteed to continue to lead. He denounces successful, hard working people and corporations and makes them pay far more than their fair share.

His foreign affairs meddling is some of the worst in American history. He continues to back the wrong horse. When he decided to help push Egypt's Mubarak out the door and help get Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood into power, he had some of the world convinced that he really knows what he's doing.  He was attempting to show the world that by bending over and dumping a fairly reliable US friend after 30 years, that this is how you get a democracy going into Egypt. Could he have been more wrong? Despite the ongoing monetary and military aid, the Egyptian in the street does not like him or trust him. 

His attempt to blame the Benghazi embassy nightmare on an anti-Moslem video was/is disgusting. His attempt to use the CIA and FBI to spy on Americans and conservative groups who oppose him and his party reminds me of how the KGB  manages to control events in Russia. 

To be fair, the US intelligence experts haven't been so expert well before Obama was elected but he is not helping. I suggest reading Michael Widlanski's excellent book 'Battle for Our Minds'.  He wants to help Al Qaida and other rebels in Syria. Did he not learn anything from his Libya fiasco?

Turkey is in big trouble. Edrogan's bubble is finally busting. But do you know who Edrogan is? Why he's Obama's best friend. I can't wait for Obama to offer him asylum once he's kicked out of power. 

He's done next to nothing with stopping Iran's march to obtaining nuclear arms. Thank G-d for little Israel. They might have to save our asses again. That's if Obama doesn't let their state secrets slip onto Facebook. 

He's managed to diminish the US's military might while their enemies are watching closely. Countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq don't even take the States seriously any more and have become more emboldened every day.

He had a chance to make a huge difference in the US economy by allowing the Canadian Keystone pipeline to bring gas to the US. It would have created tens of thousands of jobs on both sides of the border. It would have created stable energy prices with a myriad of economic benefits. Instead he prefers to buy oil and gas from some of the worlds worse regimes. 

After playing for over 100 times since becoming president, I'm sure that his golf game has improved but I'm still not impressed.  

2016 can't come soon enough!