Friday, May 2, 2014

Sterling vs Kerry

Sterling, an NBA franchise owner tells his soon to be ex-mistress that he doesn't want her sitting next to blacks, in private. She taped the conversation in the hopes of getting some more money out of him and/or seeing him punished as she knows her days of having him as her sugar daddy are numbered. That little event made world head lines especially in the US. I'm sure CNN will be talking about this for a month mixed in with some sporadic non-news about the still missing Malaysian airliner.

Around the same time, Secretary of State John Kerry tells world leaders that unless Israel agrees to a 2 state solution, it could become an apartheid state. Can you imagine that the US, arguably Israel's closest ally and historic benefactor continues the lies spread by Israel's enemies, that it is or almost is an apartheid state? And it barely gets mentioned in the big media world wide? Of course he tried to back pedal out of this one and I'm sure he'll succeed. After all, hardly anyone knows about it, since it was barely reported and most importantly, did you hear what Ronald Sterling said about blacks?

Even one of the largest Jewish organizations world wide, The Simon Wiesenthal Center was shocked that Kerry said that. How did they respond? After being shocked, they made sure to say that they commend his efforts to bring peace to the region and yes he should correct this nasty canard. The Center also voiced their support to the punishment laid out to Ronald Sterling. Guess which article was first in the Center's blog? Of course the Sterling post came first. Way down the list (position # 6) came the Kerry posting. Well if it ain't that important for the Jews that the US administration calls Israel, one of the most free, open, democratic countries in the world, an apartheid state, then why should the rest of the world give a crap?

Lastly, I laughed when I read the pathetic article about Kerry. The Wiesenthal Center was 'shocked' about Kerry's comments. Shocked? His boss and his boss's entire circle are no friend's to Israel, either on purpose or through ignorance. Anyone who thinks otherwise has his/her head in the sand. Kerry couldn't wait to get that comment out there in support of his truly apartheid Muslim friends. Abbas can get away with saying that he'll never ever recognize a Jewish state and once again befriends terrorist organizations like Hamas which openly call for Israel's destruction but somehow Israel would be apartheid if she didn't give away her land, Judea and Samaria! So in Kerry's eyes, Israel has a choice: commit national suicide by giving in to the 2 state solution or else be labeled apartheid by an anti-Semite like him. To me the choice is obvious.

PS: Please don't quote his brother's story how their ancestry is Jewish but they converted to Christianity because they couldn't take the anti-Semitism they were subjected to in Europe. Not only does that not help your case, it helps mine.