Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hillary Clinton -What's Up with Her?

As with Obama, there are many people out there who consider her to be a solid, intelligent, government leader. I think - not so much. I have many reasons for my opinion but here is but one recent example.

I recently watched this short video of Ron Paul asking Hillary some questions about her Middle East policy. Check it out:

Ron is of course right on, on his assessment of the new Egypt outlook on Israel and the West. Hillary sidestepped his question. Now that Mubarek has been kicked out (with the US's full support), all those billions of dollars of weapons that the US has given them makes them a very dangerous entity. Don't forget that Egypt also has the largest Arab army in the world and a huge population as well. Mubarek was no angel but he was 100 % better off to Israel, his own people and us in the West than the crazy Islamists that are taking over now! What a colossal mistake!

Of course Israel wants stability and predictability. And that is exactly what they had with Mubarek in power and exactly what they don't have now. She' s either stupid (I don't think so), naive (maybe) or just so power hungry that she'll agree with whatever her boss says as long as she gets to keep her job (yes, that's it).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gilad Schalit is a Free Man!

Was the Gilad Schalit trade a good deal for Israel?

This question has been talked about all over the globe recently. To be sure, it was a very difficult decision for the Israelis. There were many pros and cons. Here are a few:


1. By agreeing to trade Gilad for over a 1000 terrorists, this sends the terrorists a message that all they have to do is kidnap one Israeli and eventually they'll get to free thousands of their brothers in prison.

2. Justice is not served. There are thousands of convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons. Israeli courts have spent many gut wrenching months prosecuting these animals and have doled out sentences at the time. Now all of a sudden, they are free.

3. Israeli families and friends of the victims of the terrorists are suffering. It was hard enough for them to suffer the losses at the time they occurred; teenagers in discos, innocent civilians eating at restaurants, children killed in school buses, etc. Not to mention the many thousands of injured Israelis, hurt by the many suicide bombers and other Arab terrorists. Now they must add insult to injury by seeing the convicted terrorists walk free.


1. Gilad Schalit has become an icon for the fight for justice. Almost the entire world is familiar with his plight. Freeing him after all this time in captivity represents a huge success for Israel, both internally and to the world.

2. In Judaism, life is sacred. Unlike their enemies who don't value life at all, so much so that Arab mothers encourage their children to become suicide bombers, Israelis will do almost anything to save one of their own. Like many other things the Israelis do, they try to elevate the world to a higher standard - by example.

3. There are tens of thousands of convicted Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons. The cost to this tiny country is out of control. For much the same reason that they cannot not afford to govern hundreds of thousands of their enemies living in both Israel proper and what they called the West bank, the Israeli prisons are a microcosm of that. It costs Israeli's well over a million dollars a year just to house 1000 prisoners a year.

4. I'm sure that Netanyahu does not see this simply as negotiating with terrorists to free 1 soldier. He sees this as part of an overall strategic plan. This complex strategy has to do with the 'peace negotiations' with Abbas and engaging Egypt, US, Europe and others.

5. But by far the most overlooked 'Pro' for making the deal has got to be to help the IDF's moral. Every Israeli soldier needs to know that before they risk their lives defending their country, that their country has their backs. Should they get in trouble behind enemy lines, they must know that without a doubt, they will be rescued at all costs. Without strong moral, as one of Israel's most important resources, the IDF cannot operate successfully. And if that happens, many more lives will be lost.

I do agree with the premise of never negotiating with terrorists. Terrorists should be killed not negotiated with. But in this case I think Israel had no choice. That said, in my humble opinion, Israel's mistake was taking thousands of terrorists as prisoners in the first place.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama Is Dangerous!

For years I have been decrying the dangers of having Obama as the leader of the free world. I have been admonished for comparing his rise to power to Hitler. I have tried to highlight his hidden agenda. It was necessary to do so since the mainstream media not only refuse to criticize the man but instead hold him up on a pedestal at every opportunity. No doubt they will continue to do so as they will ignorantly praise him for attempting to restart peace talks in the Middle East.

Well now will those of you who either continue to love this man, make excuses for him or stand on the fence finally admit it? He's dangerous and he needs to go ASAP!

He shrewdly proposed to the world, that in order to get negotiations going again, that Israel should return to the 1967 borders. This would create indefensible borders for Israel (at one point it would only be 9 miles wide) and in effect would ensure that all Israelis would commit suicide!

What happened to the agreements already in place for years that a Palestinian state can only be created as a result of direct negotiations with Israel? What happened to no negotiations with the terrorist group Hamas who vow to wipe Israel off the map and 'Kill all the Jews' (later they'll kill the rest of the non-Moslems)?

I would respect the man (somewhat) if he was more like Ahmedinejad. Tell us what's really on your mind. Eliminate the Jewish State. More power to the Moslem world. Eliminate the US as a super power.

As a son of Holocaust survivors I realize that our fate can turn on a dime. History has showed us this time and again. Right now in Canada (where I'm from) we are fortunate to have a principled Prime Minister in Stephen Harper. One of the few leaders who stands up for Israel. But this is temporary. One day Harper will be replaced. What are the odds that we will get someone who sides with the rest of the world - Against Israel? Had modern day Israel existed as a Jewish homeland prior to WWII, the holocaust would never have happened. Six million Jews would have emigrated to Israel. In fact Hitler would have preferred it. The Nazis tried to deport the Jews out of Europe but no country would take them.

Although I love living here and am a proud, loyal Canadian, I am always comforted by the fact that I know deep in my heart, should things ever get ugly here, I can always go to Israel and feel safe. Letting Israel, one of the US's strongest allies, out to dry, shows us that Obama is not only Israel's enemy but that he's two faced as he does this under the guise of peace.

For those of you who agree with me, I suggest that you join the Joshua Campaign. Click on the title above 'Obama is Dangerous!'

Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama Administration and Egypt

Once again the Obama administration is quick to threaten it's ally for over 30 years. Once again they don't understand the mentality of the Arab on the street. The more Obama and Hilary open their mouth the more trouble they get the US into. Now is the time to shut up and learn what's really going on. Is it the Moslem Brotherhood (the worst of all radical Islamist groups) that's pushing the violence there? To the avg Egyptian, the US is a joke. For 30 years they back their dictator. Then when the people try to overthrow him, the US is suddenly on their side. Which side are they on?
The administration is once again dreaming of a new democratic Egyptian government, thinking that's what their people want. Wrong again. The Arab on the street wants to depose Mubarak. That's it for now. What will be tomorrow, who knows. But it surely won't be American style democracy. God help Israel and the West when his regime is gone.