Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Poor Benny

Poor Benny Netanyahu. I really feel terrible for the current Prime Minister of the most attacked country on our planet. The tiny country of Israel is being attacked from all sides. From Norway to Chile. From China to South Africa.

By many people throughout the world  who hate Israel simply because it is the lone Jewish state and these people hate Jews.

By many governments in the world who either hate Israel because they represent their population's feelings mentioned above or due to their dependance on Arab oil.

By both individuals and governments who find it easier to appease the real enemies of Israel rather than risk the wrath of suicidal Arab/Muslim individuals (of which there are many) and/or their states (of which there are also many).

By a myriad of organizations both inside and outside of Israel who put the hate on either through ignorance or who are sponsored by enemies of Israel/Jews including the mainstream media.

Economically by the international BDS movement.

Politically by its enemies, biased media and even some of its allies (read 'current US administration').

Existentially by its neighbors most notably Iran who unquestionably wants to destroy it via nuclear weapons!

As the current Israeli leader, Benny is also under attack within Israel by most of Israel's Arab population (almost 2 million in number) who would and have attacked all previous Israeli leaders and of course by members of opposition parties as well as some of his own party members.

Quite a few Jewish Israeli citizens are not happy with the current economic situation in Israel (the high cost of housing) are not happy with him either.

So with all this on his plate, Benny has to fly to Rome and spend many hours with Obama's lackey, Secretary of State, John Kerry who plans to press Benny for more concessions to recycle the 'peace talks' with the Palestinian Authority. How humiliating, depressing and hopeless this ongoing task must be for Benny.  While Arabs from the Gaza strip, inside Israel, the West Bank and others who sneak inside Israel from neighboring countries continue to terrorize Israelis including young children, Benny has to pretend that all is well in the world and that there is nothing more important on his plate than to appease those who wish to make Israel and Jews disappear quickly off the face of the earth.

This reminds me of when I was working as an IT consultant and I was dealing with some silly problems at work just after I learned that my father had passed away. It's hard to deal with BS when you know of much larger issues that are looming.

I'm sure that Benny would like nothing better than to tell Kerry to F Off! Something like: 'Do you think I have nothing better to do than to talk to you about chopping off more pieces of our tiny country and giving it to people (a bogus group of Arabs who call themselves Palestinians) who want to kill us? Or release another group of Arab prisoners most of which have been found guilty by a democratic court of law for such things as murder and who will undoubtably attempt to kill more Israeli's as soon as they are released?'

Like him or not, I for one would not want Benny's job even for a second and if I had it, I wouldn't last more than that. Poor Benny.....