Thursday, January 31, 2013

The West Discovers Morsi is an Anti-Semite but what about Abbas?

So finally the West finally discovers that the new president of Egypt, Morsi, is an Anti-Semite. Even the White House has felt the pressure to address his vitriolic statements that have come to light recently. After all, the Obama administration decided that after it announced that despite the current turmoil in Egypt where it appears that the country is literally falling apart, the States is still planning on giving Egypt a squadron of F16 fighter jets and 200 Abram tanks. These weapons are considered some of the most sophisticated in the world today. I guess the White House felt responsible for bringing Morsi into power so now they feel obligated to prop him and the Moslem Brotherhood up. Even the mainstream media like Time considered him so for his valuable contribution to help mediate a temporary cease fire in the latest battle with Hamas and Israel...

Some of the statements made by Morsi contain the same old sick words that Jews have heard for hundreds of years: 'Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs...'.  

Ok, so now we all know that Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood don't like Jews. What a surprise! Just maybe, despite the words of the Obama administration, the Moslem Brotherhood weren't the 'moderates' they originally thought them to be.

But what about Mahmoud Abbas? He's the leader of a group of Arabs who call themselves Palestinians (a name given by the Romans to the Jews back in the day) who Israel is expected to hand over precious land to. That 2 state solution is constantly being bantered about probably every few minutes somewhere in the world. Whereas Netanyahu, the democratically elected president of the only democracy in the Middle East is considered by many as a right wing, war monger, Abbas is somehow considered a moderate, intent on making peace with Israel. 

Did everyone forget about Abbas's doctoral dissertation that denies the Holocaust (hence the bogus title of Dr.)? I don't think anyone can argue that if you deny the Holocaust, that qualifies you as an Anti-Semite. Sadly, it is with this corrupt, 2 faced regime, that Israel is forced to 'make peace'.  The fact is that Abbas and Morsi are cut from the same cloth. Their intense hatred of Jews and of course Israel is symptomatic of most Arab and Moslem leaders throughout the world.

It's high time that the West rediscovers Abbas's Anti-Semitism as well!