Friday, March 6, 2015

What Bibi's Speech Can do

I'm tired of hearing all the nitpicking and pessimism. I thought Bibi's speech was brilliant and I believe that history will prove it to be one of the most important speeches in modern times. Obama looked like a pathetic, beaten man who was mumbling his usual illogical crap. After admitting that he never heard the speech, Obama still had plenty to criticize about it. All nonsense in any case. If you haven't seen the speech I urge you to watch it here:

I consider Obama an arrogant, narcissistic, petulant, socialist (and due to his upbringing) sympathetic to Muslims if not actually a Muslim himself. As such, even when he's dead wrong (as he most often is), he needs a way to save face in order to get out of a bad deal (no worse deal in modern times than the deal he's making with Iran). So what Bibi's speech hopefully did was to light a fire under the worlds collective ass and force them to pay close attention to the negotiations with Iran. Until now, Iran has been having the time of it's life enjoying the one sided (in their favor) negotiations with Obama and the other lackeys. But now that the world and especially Congress will be watching every word, the west's negotiating team will have to stand up (at least a little bit) to the Iranians. That's all it might take for the Iranians to walk away from the table. And then Obama, sensing that his countrymen (including many democrats) would be thrilled to kill the deal, would have his opportunity to save face by telling the world that although he tried to negotiate with Iran, they killed the deal and it's over. This I believe is a very likely scenario. Then the States and the rest of the world can focus on putting back the heavy sanctions and other strategies laid out by the Israelis. Of course as long as Obama is in power the world will not be safe. We need a Marco Rubio or equivalent to take over the reins as soon as possible!
Watch this amazing clip of a leader who truly gets it:

Time is of the essence! On the one hand, terrorist states and groups like Iran, ISIS, Hizbola, Hamas and others are turning the world on it's head along with countries like China, Russia and North Korea exploiting the situation. But there is a strong window of opportunity. There are today some very powerful countries that are truly ready to ally with a strong US leader. Egypt's Sisi is looking for someone he can trust to stop Iran, the Moslem Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and for the first time ever, to turn around radical Islam! The super wealthy Gulf States including the Saudi's are scared shitless of Iran and it's march to obtaining nuclear weapons. Of course Israel is by far and away the State's most important and dependable ally. Aside from defending themselves from their nasty neighbours who continue to terrorize them on daily basis, they continue to protect the world from the same dangers that they themselves face. 

What the world needs now (sounds like a song doesn't it?), is a strong, smart, fearless US president. Kind of like Ronald Reagan or maybe someone with a military background like retired Colonel West. Someone who will jump start the economy by revving up the military. Americans need to get off their asses and get back to work and earn some real money, not handouts. The first step would be to build the Keystone pipeline with their Canadian friends to the north. Aside from the thousand of jobs it would create, it would help get the world off of terror sponsoring oil producers like Iran, the Saudis and Venezuela and slowly but surely replace it with ethical oil from their # 1 trade partner, Canada. This Canadian oil would fuel the massive new manufacturing plants in the US. Russia and China would take a back seat and watch the States move back to the powerhouse position they deserve. Much like during WWII, it took Japan to wake up the sleeping giant. 

At this point this new US leader would reestablish the States as a reliable ally and protector of it's former allies (Israel and the Middle Eastern Arab states) and others all over the world. Once established, they could force China and others to stop buying Iranian oil. They could offer Egypt the oil rich part of Libya that is loaded with Islamist terrorists. Egypt is starving and needs oil badly to feed its people. And its finally willing to fight terrorism. It would be forced to finally clean out Gaza and reestablish a friendly relationship with Israel. Israel could finally kick out the PA leadership out of Judea and Samaria (some of you know this as the West Bank). Together they would help stabilize the Jordanian leadership (Israel has been doing this for decades already) and this larger alliance led by the US would force Assad in Syria to step down quietly. Funds from the wealthy Arab states would be squeezed out of them to supply the arms required to repulse the terrorists.  One by one countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq would see the writing on the wall and cave in to the large US alliance. The States could then make some serious deals with Russia in exchange for Russia to help isolate Iran. It would take a few years but finally the now powerful Islamist leadership in Iran would run for the hills. There are millions of Iranians who hate the Ayatola's Islamist regime. They want to live in peace, prosper in business (they are excellent business people), the women want independence, they like to dance at discos and listen to western style music. Not many want sharia and most don't give a damn about Israel one way or the other. If they saw that they had a real chance to kick their nutcase leaders out, they would in an instant. 

What I laid out is simply just one possible, optimistic script. There are many other possibilities. 

Of course if Bibi's speech is soon forgotten and Obama remains tightly in the driver seat with the support of the mainstream media that he's gotten so far and no one else steps up to the plate, Herzog or Livni become Israel's next Prime Minister, then our future looks bleak....

Yet I remain hopeful. I believe Bibi's words were inspired by the Holy One and surely words from Him cannot be lost on us. But regardless whether or not you believe in Him, a powerful speech can change the course of the world. Look at Winston Churchill's speech to stir up England, America and other's to defend the world from the hands of the Nazis.