Sunday, March 16, 2008

FBI Boosts Training in Islamic 'Sensitivity'....

WOW! Instead of spending more effort to investigate the huge number of terrorist acts committed by Muslims world wide and certainly within the US (remember 9/11?), the FBI is thinking: Hmm, maybe we should be more sensitive to their needs.

That's like finding a child predator and instead of investigating him maybe we should do some studies on what kind of kids he prefers to prey on. This is crazy stuff!

If 9 out of 10 terrorist acts are committed by one group of people (read Muslims) then certainly we should spend 9 tenths of our efforts to investigate this one group of people to be most effective. If you wish to call this racial profiling, go right ahead. I call it Common Sense!

Doing anything else would be helping to Turn the World Upside Down!

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Bill Blair said...

Nicely done! What are they- nuts?
I think the Saudi's already control the FBI.