Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama and Israel

Now that he has been president for well over a year, how is he doing at running the most powerful country in the world?

I'm afraid that none of my fears have been allayed. Especially his war on terror. You see most of the worlds most active, dangerous terrorists are radical Moslems. It's not that I don't like Moslems. I like all people equally. I'm just stating what should be an obvious fact. A fact that seems lost on Obama and his administration. In fact, most of the Jews in the US voted him in. Most of them now regret it. The pressure at the time to elect the first black president, someone who stood for 'change' , was immense. Even when his dubious background, his secret background as a Muslim, his numerous anti-Semitic friends with ties to radical Moslem organizations were slowly coming to view in some (very few) media (thank goodness for the internet), very few public leaders or media addressed them or questioned his integrity. If anyone did, they were either shot down or ignored.

Of all of the issues he faces, terrorism is by far the most important issue or should be.
A very obvious point here is what he's done with the long standing, trusting relationship between the US and Israel. He's managed to push his one Middle East ally away whilst befriending numerous Arab dictatorial regimes, many who outright sponsor the world's vilest terrorist organizations.

I've read many articles on this. The reasons given have been all over the map. Most very valid.
However I'm going to throw one more opinion into the soup. It's about human behaviour and it's fairly obvious once you think of it.

Obama's popularity has fallen due to his broken promises, lies and dangerously poor performance especially on the international front. Believe me, a lot more people wanted to elect a black president than KKK folks didn't. Americans are not idiots. Most do realize that Israel is an undeniable strategic friend to the US. It's the one constant in the world and especially within a very dangerous middle east. Typical in a relationship, the worst behaviour is spent on your partner. While you are able to hold your tongue to strangers who may in fact require a tongue lashing, you feel a lot more comfortable taking it out on your spouse or child.

Example: when a crazy driver cuts you off and you manage to catch up to him and give him the finger, you might be faced with a bullet in the head. On the other hand, going crazy on your partner at home (hopefully) might mean that you get the silent treatment for a day. Likewise the Obama administration knows that if it threatens Arab countries or the PA, they can rely on more 9/11's. Threatening Israel (their ally) on the other hand usally has no major, obvious negative consequences. Certainly there won't be any Israeli terrorist flying jets into US buildings.

It's time Israel spoke up. Stop trying to appease the US government for some far fetched 'peace' plan with people (PA) bent on destroying the tiny Jewish state.


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Well done, Leon.

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