Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama Is Dangerous!

For years I have been decrying the dangers of having Obama as the leader of the free world. I have been admonished for comparing his rise to power to Hitler. I have tried to highlight his hidden agenda. It was necessary to do so since the mainstream media not only refuse to criticize the man but instead hold him up on a pedestal at every opportunity. No doubt they will continue to do so as they will ignorantly praise him for attempting to restart peace talks in the Middle East.

Well now will those of you who either continue to love this man, make excuses for him or stand on the fence finally admit it? He's dangerous and he needs to go ASAP!

He shrewdly proposed to the world, that in order to get negotiations going again, that Israel should return to the 1967 borders. This would create indefensible borders for Israel (at one point it would only be 9 miles wide) and in effect would ensure that all Israelis would commit suicide!

What happened to the agreements already in place for years that a Palestinian state can only be created as a result of direct negotiations with Israel? What happened to no negotiations with the terrorist group Hamas who vow to wipe Israel off the map and 'Kill all the Jews' (later they'll kill the rest of the non-Moslems)?

I would respect the man (somewhat) if he was more like Ahmedinejad. Tell us what's really on your mind. Eliminate the Jewish State. More power to the Moslem world. Eliminate the US as a super power.

As a son of Holocaust survivors I realize that our fate can turn on a dime. History has showed us this time and again. Right now in Canada (where I'm from) we are fortunate to have a principled Prime Minister in Stephen Harper. One of the few leaders who stands up for Israel. But this is temporary. One day Harper will be replaced. What are the odds that we will get someone who sides with the rest of the world - Against Israel? Had modern day Israel existed as a Jewish homeland prior to WWII, the holocaust would never have happened. Six million Jews would have emigrated to Israel. In fact Hitler would have preferred it. The Nazis tried to deport the Jews out of Europe but no country would take them.

Although I love living here and am a proud, loyal Canadian, I am always comforted by the fact that I know deep in my heart, should things ever get ugly here, I can always go to Israel and feel safe. Letting Israel, one of the US's strongest allies, out to dry, shows us that Obama is not only Israel's enemy but that he's two faced as he does this under the guise of peace.

For those of you who agree with me, I suggest that you join the Joshua Campaign. Click on the title above 'Obama is Dangerous!'

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