Monday, February 6, 2012

Israel vs Nuclear Iran

Should Israel attack Iran now, before it produces a nuclear bomb?
That is the question everyone is asking. Well, actually only those who think about the future.
I'm sure we've all heard many pundits saying that if Israel attacks Iran, it would bring on world war and cause the price of oil to sky rocket. The current leadership in the US has told Israel in no uncertain terms that it would not allow Israel to attack Iran if unprovoked. Most of the world powers also stand against Israel on this point. As do all of the other Middle East nations.

That said, do you recall when back in 1980, Israel attacked Iraq's attempt to produce a nuclear plant? After they flew in jets to destroy it, the world condemned the attack. Behind closed doors the story was quite different. The US down to the Saudi's applauded Israel's courageous move to wipe out a dangerous adversary lead by Saddam Hussain who was in the midst of building his nations own nuclear bomb. Can you imagine how the war with Iraq would have played out, had the Iraqis possessed the bomb?

Israel finds itself in a similarly precarious position, but worse. The whole world sits idly by watching without a doubt, the worlds most dangerous, fanatical regime, amassing arms and in the midst of building nuclear arms. This same country, Iran, states without hesitation, with clarity both in English, Farsi and Arabic of it's intentions to wipe Israel off the map and then later deal with the large satan, the US and ultimately to take over the world. Does this ring a bell? The only difference between Iran and Nazi Germany is that Iran is lead by their fanatical, diabolical religious beliefs while the Nazi's were for the most part secular. I believe that being sucked into the Islamist killing cult is far more dangerous as they compose the most irrational of all people. They don't fear death. Teaching their children to hate, kill and become suicide bombers is the new normal for them.

While the rest of the world sits with their heads in the sand, Israel is actively planning their attack. Of course they've helped slow down the Iranians progress so far, with computer viruses, lab explosions, and scientist assassinations. And thank G-d they have. But these are little steps. While the US, China, USSR and the UN continue to negotiate with Iran and attempt futile sanctions that to date have done little, Iran continues to build bunkers deep into their rock solid mountains in which to store their arms, uranium and other important nuclear equipment. Once these bunkers are built, they will be almost impossible to destroy. Even the latest US military men admit that they have nothing to destroy them with.

So now, it's not a question of: Does Iran actually possess the bomb? It's a new red line. Does Iran have the ability to move forward on their bomb and missile building in a protected place where no one from the outside can bother them?

For those who worry about the price of oil should Israel attack Iran now, they should worry more about the price of oil if Israel or the US does not attack Iran. Once Iran possesses the bomb, will they use it? You've got to be a fool to think they won't. We'll all have a lot more to worry about than the price of oil if G-d forbid that happens.

I wish that the world had better leadership who would take on Iran right now. I'm sure Israel would be happy to help. But given the real existential threat, Israel might have to go it alone again. Certainly nothing new about that.

I watched an incredible short video clip of a brave Douglas Murray in a debate at Cambridge University, England about this very topic. I have never seen a more inspirational speech. It actually brought tears to my eyes and I urge you all to view it. The link is:

Long Live Israel!

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