Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How You Should Vote in the US Election

So they finally faced off in their first debate. A lot was riding on this and it paid off. Even the polls sponsored by the majority of left leaning democrats (for the most part) had to admit that Romney kicked Obama's ass! Of course the media came to Obama's defense with all kinds of excuses. My favorite: Al Gore suggested that Obama was off his game because he wasn't used to the high altitude in Denver. And to think that had I been able to, I would of voted for him as president back in the day.
I too swallowed the media spin back then just like many of the dumbed down Americans do today with their love affair with the empty shirt, President Obama.
At least I came around to my senses and so can you.

Obama had no answers to Romney's attacks on the state of the US economy. I'm not sure if you know how big the # one trillion is. According to CNN: "If you start spending a million dollars every single day since Jesus was born, you still wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars." It's true that Obama inherited a deficit but he managed to blow the US debt (money borrowed and spent by the government) by over 1 trillion dollars in less than 4 years! That's by far the fastest rate of spending by any previous president! More jobs lost since the depression. More than half the population on some form of government welfare program. Obama's answer is to continue what he's been doing since in office. That is, more spending, more government hires, more taxes, more welfare programs, more union support, etc.
Romney wants to close existing loop holes (much like the current loop hole laden sanctions on Iran) to make those that don't pay their far share of taxes- pay up and cut taxes on small business  (since they are the primary job creators) and the middle class (since they fund most of everything). He's focusing on jobs so those new employed people will spend more, create wealth and use that money (that's currently non-existent) to fund vital government programs.

Until this debate, most people thought that Romney was either an idiot or just some rich prick who only cares about other rich pricks. Why did they think that? Because of the media spin that has fawned over Obama all these years. Yes Romney is a wealthy man but he's self made. While Obama attacks business people with comments like 'You didn't build your business, the government enabled you to do so', people like Romney risked his money, used his ingenuity and worked his ass off to succeed despite government interference. What has Obama done? For the most part he is a self declared 'organizer'. Of what? We're not too sure. After 2 books, we still don't know the exact details of his past. For G-d's sake, we're not even sure where he was born, what religion he is, who brought him up, etc.

I hope that this debate has shed some light on who these people are. Obama without the world's best speech writers, without following his teleprompter was just an empty shirt. Pay attention to his closing address. He meanders on about.....nothing. He really doesn't have a clue. Or maybe he does. Maybe his real agenda is to bring America down. He himself believes in 'wealth redistribution'. He thinks that the UN should run the show. He wants more rights for illegal immigrants so he can more votes. He wants more government - more votes. He wants to keep the economy down so that the poor rely on government handouts. The more handouts, the more votes he'll get.

According to Gallup, Romney won 72 to 20, the largest debate win that Gallup has ever found in modern times.

Here are a few voting tips if you're still undecided:

If you're unemployed or under-employed- vote for Romney.
If you're poor and wish to move up- vote for Romney.
If you're self-employed or run a small business- vote for Romney.
If you run or work in a medium or large size corporation- vote for Romney.
If you are poor and wish to remain so- vote for Obama.
If you are unemployed and wish to remain so- vote for Obama.
If you are non-Moslem- vote for Romney.
If you are a radical Moslem or a sympathizer- vote for Obama.
If you are anti-American- vote for Obama.
If after the first debate you still think that Romney is an idiot- you are an idiot and vote for Obama again.
If you think that more government, more taxes and more spending are the answers to the current economy woes, continue to vote for Obama.
If you think that less government, tax cuts and less spending are the answer to the economy, vote for Romney.
If you like socialism, wealth redistribution (Marxism) or prefer communism, vote for Obama.
If you think that Islam is the religion of peace, vote for Obama.
If you think that radical Islam is the # 1 problem facing our world right now, please tell Romney how you feel.
If you get your news from CNN, CBC, The Guardian, New York Times and other left leaning media, vote for Obama.

I believe that the real failure of the current administration is Obama's foreign policy. In my opinion, it looms larger than the economy. I can't wait until they meet again to debate that!

Peace Out!

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