Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stop the Rockets

So after thousands of rockets fired by terrorists in Gaza rained down on Israel, Israel has finally decided it's had enough and decides to respond in kind. So far so good. Way overdue if you ask me. It was probably the rockets that were fired at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that finally pushed Israel to act.
In any case, Hamas continues to fire rockets even as I write this blog.
Now Israel is considering a ground war. It has thousands of troops waiting at the border to walk into Gaza and go after the terrorists.  I pray they don't do it. But not for the reasons you might think.

I'm tired of hearing about Israel's love affair with world opinion. Of their highly esteemed moral compass. Also tired of hearing about their incredible Iron Dome defense system. I'm tired of people like Bill Clinton saying things like: 'Israel has every right to defend herself but we encourage her to limit casualties'. No matter how carefully Israel deals with trying to limit hurting 'innocent' civilians, they will. And they will surely be condemned for it. As for their Iron Dome - that's great but it's for defensive purposes only. Unfortunately defensive actions don't win wars. And why in G-d's name do people in the West (I'm not even talking about radical Islamists), get off warning Israel to limit casualties? Those comments should be aimed directly at Hamas terrorists. After all, it is they who started  and continue to fire rockets at Israeli citizens, schools, etc., and doing so in the protection of Arab citizens, schools, etc. 

Prior to any action, you must ask yourself, what are you going to achieve. A ground war is exactly what Hamas wants with Israel. And the more prolonged, the better. The better chance that Israeli soldiers will be killed and the better chance that young Palestinians will be killed and video taped and sent to CNN and elsewhere, garnering sympathy from all corners of the world. And then what? Eventually there will be a cease fire. After a few months or even weeks, armed with bigger and better arms from Iran and other sponsors, Hamas will start again. Maybe this time they will hit deep into Tel Aviv and do some serious damage to Israeli citizens. Therefore sending troops into Gaza simply won't work.

I would not want my 20 year old son to walk into that death trap so little Palestinian kids, used as suicide bombers can get him killed. Booby trapped schools, hospitals and mosques. Why should they risk their lives? Just to save 'innocent' Palestinian civilians? Sorry but no! Those 'innocent' civilians aren't so innocent. After all they elected Hamas. Hamas is a world recognized terrorist organization with it's mission to destroy all of Israel. 

The only way to stop Hamas from it's constant attacks on Israel is for Israel to fly as many sorties as it takes to bomb them into submission. And if 'innocent' Palestinians die in the war, so be it. Why is it Israel's problem? During WWII, the US had no problems using nuclear bombs to shut down Japan. And yes, they sure did kill a lot of  innocent civilians. Approx. 200,000 died. That's what happens in war. Just like the US could not be responsible for Japanese citizens then, Israel cannot be held responsible for Palestinian citizens in Gaza now. The US gave Japan an ultimatum to surrender but the Japanese ignored it. Rather than entering into a long, difficult ground war with Japan, nuclear bombs were used. And the effect was immediate. Japan surrendered and the war was over for them, until this day!

I suggest that Israel do the same. Give Gazans a warning to stop firing rockets or they'll be flattened. Let the world know that this is going to happen and if the world cares, they should open their doors to the 'innocent' Palestinians. Any of the more than 50 Arab nations should step up to the plate and allow them in before Israel strikes.  Who ever is left in Gaza will be dead. All the weapon caches will be destroyed and most buildings flattened. 

Continuing to play the Hamas game will not accomplish anything. This scenario will continue to replay itself over and over. As Iran gives better rockets and more high tech missiles to Hamas, future attacks by Hamas will result in more serious tragedies for truly innocent Israelis.

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