Monday, February 2, 2015

The World is Not What It Seems

Did you ever watch a TV commercial advertising a product or service, declaring its incredible value and quality while you know full well what a piece of crap it really is? I just returned from a walk with friends and we were discussing cars. Sooner or later we've almost all broached that subject. No sooner than all my friends and myself were trading nightmare stories on some nasty vehicles we own(ed) when I saw the car advertised on TV and it was alleged to have won the best car award for a # of years. I have nothing against the manufacturer and in fact I'm sure their Korean made car has improved over the years but after all- you get what you pay for. Count on problems within the first year and if you don't have any consider yourself lucky. How can this be, I ask? Total BS!

That same night on CNN I watched all kinds of pundits talking about how ruthless the Republican Speaker of the House, Boehner is for inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress about the Iran's nuclear bomb ambitions, without clearing it with Obama first. How dare he! And how reckless of Netanyahu to accept! To punish them both, Obama will not see Netanyahu when he comes to the States. After all, he doesn't want to promote a bias so close to elections in Israel. 

Like the lying commercials that we are constantly being bombarded with, mainstream media continues to throw lie after lie at us until we either capitulate and start believing them or just ignore them and move on.

Since Obama seems to be on a path to allow Iran weapons of mass destruction and in fact threatened to veto any of his associates intentions to bring back serious sanctions against Iran until they actually stop developing such weapons, it behooves all government officials to do something about this. After all this is THE most serious problem facing our world today!

One can read all sorts of garbage attacking Boehner, Netanyahu, the Israeli ambassador to the US and starting all sorts of rumours about these people and playing politics with the US/Israel relationship on CNN, MSNBC and others.

Sample headline from MSNBC: 

Netanyahu, Boehner deal with their ‘colossal mistake’


They are playing games with our lives all the while missing the point. We must stop Iran, period. If inviting the most intelligent person to speak on this issue (Israel's PM) might help push the agenda and wake up Americans and the world to the problem, then do it! 

No mention however about the State department inviting the Brotherhood over to Washington. No doubt they were planning how they can oust the current, most intelligent leader of Egypt, Sissi. Talk about not interfering with an ally's politics. No mention of Iran's latest and most powerful ballistic missile spotted by Israel's satellite. 

How about Obama running to Saudi Arabia to attend the late king's funeral? He had no time to attend this years largest Holocaust Memorial in Auschwitz but he cut his visit to India short to exhort the great, wise, theocratic and brutal dictator in Saudi Arabia who helped finance and continues to finance some of the world's worst terrorists. 

There is no difference between the insane, lying commercials and Obama's administration and it's lackey media puppets except for one little thing: Most of the BS we watch on TV commercials are innocuous but when our government constantly and arrogantly lies to us, it's bloody dangerous. 

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Obama doesn't want to influence the outcome of the Israeli election - Yea, right....Just check this: