Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Syrian Refugees' = Jihad by Immigration

Some of you might not like what I'm about to say. But I'm not here to make friends. Sometimes the truth is painful.

Why is it that we in the West are clamouring all over ourselves to take in millions of 'Syrian Refugees' while the wealthy Gulf States are not taking a single one of their brother Muslims?

Why is it that so many well intentioned, good hearted, peace seeking people including many Jews and Jewish organizations and even synagogues as well as Christian groups and churches are pushing to welcome the 'Syrian refugees'?

There are many Jews right here in my hometown of liberal Toronto, Canada that compare the 'Syrian refugees' with the Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust. Can we close our eyes to the horror that many 'Syrian refugees' are suffering? Shouldn't we as generous, humane people, let these poor folks into our great country? Are we that xenophobic? Imagine if we closed our borders to our parents generation who barely managed to survive the Holocaust? People like me wouldn't exist.

One last question: Why do I keep enclosing Syrian refugees in quotes?
The migrants pouring in to my country and others in the West are neither Syrians or refugees. Sure a small faction are Syrian as well as true refugees. But most are not. The majority are Muslim. They come from a variety of Muslim states such as Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. From the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Many are not suffering like true refugees suffer. Most are not displaced citizens and have a home albeit the home might be a tent. Of course their standard of living doesn't come close to ours. But that doesn't deem them a refugee. Many want to upgrade their economic status. I don't blame them. But we must look after our own first.

Now to the main point. As per the Quran, there are only 2 ways that a believer can achieve paradise, guaranteed:

1. Die while killing infidels (eg. suicide bomber)
2. Infiltrate and populate non-Muslim countries and make them Muslim

In fact the Muslim calendar is not based on Mohammed's birthday or death. It's based on the emigration of Mohammed and his followers to Medina where Islam was ultimately spread by the sword. Many Islamic leaders, from religious imams to ISIS leaders urge Muslims to immigrate to the West and even breed with non-Muslims in order to subjugate them. That's the main reason why the masses of poor Muslims don't want to go to the wealthy Gulf States. It's also true that these wealthy heartless arabs don't want to have more charity cases in their country. But why worry when by denying them entry they will ultimately see paradise as per rule # 2 above.

Their plan is simple: Under the guise of war torn refugees, they will storm the West en mass. The world economy is already weak and fragile. Mostly due to poor governance and demographics, the West has become a welfare state. I guess Russia won this one. Europe is one big socialist basket case teetering on bankruptcy. The muslims piling in who are used to living off meagre handouts from their theocratic states know how to play the 'give me game' before they even get there. Unlike the Jewish Holocaust survivors who never took a dime from the new governments who let them in, the muslim migrants are demanding of everything. From more money to better living quarters. Some are living in palaces throughout Europe. In no time, they make shit holes out of them. In many cases they burn the homes they living in. In short they will bankrupt us. Their pushy, confrontational culture clashes with our peaceful, live and let live way of living. As we continue to appease them rather than stand up to them, we will in time lose everything. When their population rises to a certain percentage (5% or more) they will demand more and get more. As politicians suck up to them, their demands will get louder. Sadly the government leaders who think appeasing them will solve our problems are only making it worse. Until its too late. By that time we either face a civil war, submit to them or become slaves to them or worse.

What's really scary is the way many Islamic leaders and organization have instructed the masses in detail on how to successfully commit jihad by immigration.

The first cohort of 'Syrian refugees' entering our country will be peaceful. They will hide their religious animosity to us western infidels. In fact they'll hide their own religiousness and identity. They will delete the videos of beheadings that they happily recorded on the cell phones. They will trim their beards and temporarily many will not wear the burqas they might be used to. They will be polite, wear big smiles and say thank you. In Canada our new leader, Justin Trudeau has decided to let in 50,000 'Syrian refugees' in his first year of power. After a year each of these migrants will bring in 10 dependant migrants. So after a year we could see half a million more muslims. We can easily look at history to see the pattern. In just a few hundred years countries like Indonesia who were predominately Buddhist, Hindu and Christian had become the largest Muslim populated country  in the world with 203 million muslims. It would be suicidal to be a practicing Christian or Jew to live there now.

As long as we continue to let them in unchecked, our way of life will slowly but surely disappear. The leaders who let them in will see it as a win-win since the more they let in, the more votes they'll get and the longer they'll be in power. Until one day they will be replaced by a muslim leader and our democratic, liberal, freedom loving society will be replace by sharia law. The following groups of migrants will no longer be so friendly upon arrival. Look at what's happening in Europe right now. Here is a video (1 of many) if you need to see some proof for yourself:

As for well intentioned Jews comparing Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust to the 'Syrian refugees': I find the comparison both ridiculous and insulting!
While the Jews had nothing, all was taken from them- their families and their homes, the migrants for the most part are not in the same ball park. The Jews survived the most horrendous torture of modern times, the Muslims have not come close. The Jews while keeping their identity integrated very well into western society and in fact contributed way above the average citizen. You don't have to look too hard to see hospital wings and university enters donated by Jewish philanthropists. While Jews have brought civility, peace and light the radical Muslim culture has brought hate and violence including intimidation, rape and murder to us. Sweden's rape rate has increased by an unprecedented 1500% !

If there was a way to screen the millions of muslim migrants to ensure they are not radicals and not terrorist I would surely agree. But there isn't. Every government's main job is to protect it's citizens. Are we already so indoctrinated with political correctness that we are blind to what's going on all around us? Did we already forget Paris twice and the murders in San Bernardino?

The West's policy of letting in millions of Muslim migrants is the most dangerous policy ever! Maybe once England, France, Germany or Spain go down and submit to sharia we will get the message but by then it might be too late. Instead of focusing on defeating ISIS we are focusing on climate change. This is beyond a sick joke. Instead of isolating Iran and ratcheting up sanctions we are giving them billions of dollars to fund their nuclear ambitions.

People with the best intentions are getting us killed!

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