Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is Bannon an Antisemite?

Almost since the day Trump won, I’ve been told that his new chief of staff Steve Bannon is an antisemite and is a member of the alt right.
I’ve read this on Facebook, from friends via email, from various blogs and of course CNN won’t shut up about it. Heck even large left wing Jewish organizations like the ADL have accused him of this. 

I immediately smelled a rat but conceded that I'll reserve judgement until I learn more about who this Bannon guy is. My first thoughts were:

1. Why should we take the words of his ex-wife, words said during a heated divorce no less? And even if they prove true, does that absolutely prove that he is an antisemite?  When I sent my kids to camp, I wanted them to go to a Jewish camp. I wanted them to associate with other Jewish children their age. Does that mean that I’m a racist?

2. A little digging about him and I found out that he was a former naval officer, worked for Goldman Sachs and worked in the entertainment industry. So we learned that he bravely served his country and worked for a large Jewish firm as well as in an industry known for it’s Jewishness. I ask you, is that something a real antisemite would do?

3. I can’t imagine that the Trump administration would nominate a chief of staff without intense scrutiny. Trump knows that the world is watching his every move and it would be folly to make a huge blunder right at the get go.

A day later, a colleague sent me an article by one of my favourite pro-Israel, Jewish activists, David Horowitz on the Breitbart web site. Here it is:

Turns out that the ‘renegade Jew’ article was written by David Horowitz on Breitbart’s site about Bill Krystol who lead the ‘never Trump’ campaign. It had nothing to do with Bannon hating Jews whatsoever!

Today I read another article by Joel Pollak on Breitbart who is a religious Jew who worked with/under Bannon at Breitbart and made it clear that Bannon is a good friend to Jews, is a staunch defender of Israel and an American patriot. You can read it here:

In summary, not only is Stephen Bannon NOT an antisemite, he is a philo-semite (someone who likes Jews), defends Israel and is a loyal American and a great man. If he wasn't being appointed chief of staff I would assume that he would successfully sue for defamation of character.

I guess CNN, the Times and the rest of the MM (mainstream media) and the lefty organizations (Jewish or otherwise) didn’t get the memo. TRUMP Won!  Despite their vicious, unrelenting attacks against him and any conservatives (and Israel), the American people saw through their BS and voted for him. Yet they continue to twist fantastic accusations at Trump and any of his staff or supporters in hopes of shooting him down. I would think that by now even left leaners would get tired of CNN and other MM hysteric nonsense. Their bias is though the roof. They have become a joke in poor taste. Not entertaining in the least and certainly can’t be taken seriously any more (if they ever could have been).

CNN, ADL and every other organization or person who accused Bannon or Trump of being an antisemite needs to publicly apologize to them both. But they won’t! I can name dozens of real antisemitic bastards who are part of Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders camps and the Obama administration as well. 

One last thing - Since when does CNN or the Times care about antisemitism or insignificant events like the Holocaust anyways? All of a sudden they are our best friends (for the moment).


Jer said...

Fabulous critique Mr. Kushner,
I sincerely hope Mr. (President) Trump hollows out the globalist, "Republican" and Democrat rot from all offices he appoints people to and places patriotic Americans into all positions of power and influence. Utterly end the decades long infiltration by communists, NWO globalists, Muslim Brotherhooders and the like.
Jean-Francois Revel once said "A screen has been fashioned through which our contemporary age reads its filtered information." and he wasn't wrong. Mainstream media, with CNN/CBC leading the pack are nothing more than political agenda peddlers of the lowest order. Near-every subject CNN peddles a highly bias and clearly agenda driven position to its public. Time and time again they were wrong. Were wrong on Benghazi, wrong on Israel and the so-called "palestinians", wrong on all the anti-West vileness coming out of Europe; which relates to their being wrong on Islam. They intentionally turned every shooting of a black thug by police officers into a race issue; overtly promoting racism. They - including CBC and CTV here in Canada - were entirely disingenuous with their obscenely bias reporting on the entire election process. All of their polls were proven worthless. Trump actually won the Popular Vote had voter fraud: machine malfunctions, dead people voting, multiple voting and Democrat traitors; including Barack Obama and the Mayor of NYC encouraging illegal aliens to vote (Can you imagine? How low does it have to get before Liberals wake up to their being lied to, duped and used?!?). Trump would have won by a landslide if the aforementioned had not occurred and if he and Pence actually campaigned in all the traditionally "blue" States....
I cannot remember any of the mainstream media actually covering any of Trump's rallies un-editted and un-interrupted by some talking head attacking Trump and/or mis/dis interpreting his position.
It is no wonder Canada - like the entire Western World - has gone to schitt! All lies!
Fabulous article Mr. Kushner... I knew the man wasn't an Antisemite and I knew that these "Jewish" organizations of absolute little worth...and no moral compass anymore...

Leon Kushner said...

WOW, brilliantly said! I couldn't have said it any better. Sadly every word you said is true. Sometimes I think I'm living in a bad dream. The lies keep coming from all corners. The 2 faced media always spinning a new one on the naive public. Excellent point about Trump winning the popular vote. I'm tired of hearing that he didn't.

Now that was indeed and excellent critique Jer!