Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thanks for the Laughs Justin

I'm talking about my Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

When he was first campaigning he was recognized by most people throughout the entire world as this young, cool, handsome man who is the son of one of the most famous Canadian politicians ever. His father was posted on just about every local and international magazine back in the day. Who can forget him paddling a canoe down a beautiful river wearing an original buckskin jacket? His dad was intelligent (more or less) and well educated. He was a lawyer (that's got to count for something, right?) and like Trump, knew how to make use of the media. Although probably still thought of as a great Canadian PM by many, the rest of us consider him a disaster. He helped raise interest rates thru the roof with his tight money policy and his politics was dangerously divisive. Mostly thanks to him, our French province of Quebec has been elevated above the rest of us and the separation issue will likely never go away. So although he almost broke our country, he did it with flair.

Which brings me back to his son, our current leader. He certainly has his father's flair and he is also dangerously destroying our country or at least trying to. Under our previous leader, Harper left us in excellent economical shape. We actually had a surplus budget when he left. Now thanks to the spending of Trudeau's Liberal government we are billions of dollars in the hole and counting. His immigration policy is simply to let in anyone he wants. No vetting required if you are of the right religion or race. He has dangerously stripped down our military to the point that any mickey mouse country with the will to conquer us, could if it wasn't for the protection of our US neighbours. His foreign policy is a disaster IMHO. Not the best friends with Israel. Much better with the Palestinians. 

Here he is at a local mosque with ties to terrorists:

His love affair with political correctness is equally dangerous and I find it beyond offensive. All leaders are arrogant but I believe he's reached new heights. I've said this before: Thank G-d we are a powerless country. On the world stage we are near the bottom. Because if we were a world leader like the US, we would make the world a dangerous place with Trudeau at the helm. Despite his reckless policies we are blessed to live in a huge country with bountiful resources like minerals, precious metals, fresh water, trees for lumber and paper, miles of farms and a huge coastline that still boasts some of the best commercial fishing. These resources help keep us above water. Had Canada been a country in Europe we'd be in super big trouble. His immigration policy would compete with Germany's and we be flooded with millions of unscreened Muslim immigrants from backwater countries. Again no thanks to him, we are surrounded with 2 huge oceans that make it difficult but certainly not impossible, for these migrants to charge in here.

Like Obama, when Justin was first elected, he was treated like a god. The mainstream media kept quiet on all of his mistakes (there were/are many) and kept elevating him to hero status. Now the world including many Canadians who voted for him, think he's a fool. On the web right now one can find thousands of articles and funny pics of him travelling around the world in different outfits trying to impress foreign dignitaries. But it isn't working. It's backfiring! Take his latest junket to India. Besides taking a Sikh terrorist with him and his family he made quite the impression when he and his family wore saris when he met official Indian government officials. While the Indians all wore western styled suits, he came out dancing in a sari. There he is showing off his dancing skills again. I guess his background as a part time drama teacher is paying off. He is difficult to listen to. His typical, meaningless boiler plate like 'Diversity is our strength' is all he's got. If you want to know his preference in foreign policy simply count the pictures of him with the foreign country's national garb. The internet is full of them. You can bet that before he left for India, he didn't dare prep himself on the needs of Indians, what trade deals we can make or consider bringing the appropriate cabinet ministers. No, his first priority was getting the appropriate costumes and learning the local dance moves.

I challenge you to find another world leader who is considered such a fool today! No one takes him seriously anymore, nor should they. He has made Canada the laughing stock of the world. I feel like crying but I'll laugh instead. Here is one of many hilarious memes on our PM and his outfits.

Trudeau visits Israel

Enjoy our legacy!  Justin, thanks for the laughs!

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