Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Antisemitism Marches on While the World Looks the Other Way

Thank G-d for the internet. I live in Toronto, Canada. The year is 2014.  I have cable TV at home with over 100 channels. Likewise at the cottage we have satellite TV with hundreds of channels. Most of our news channels are American. The main news headlines are as follows:

Pro-Russian rebels shot down a Malaysian airliner near Ukraine. 
Israel is in the midst of finally trying to quiet the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.
The war continues in Syria killing and displacing hundreds of thousands.

I've been following local and international news for many years. There is little to no mention of the antisemitic events that continue to occur throughout our world in any of the mainstream news media. If it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't even know that antisemitism exists anymore! 

Here are just a few items that should have been reported in the mainstream TV news:

Fatah leaders of the Palestinian government claim that Jews offer sacrifices made from the blood of Arab children.
Muslim demonstrators in Paris armed with axes, chanting 'Death to the Jews', tried to storm a synagogue.
Still in Paris: a Molotov cocktail was thrown into another synagogue; a 17 year old Jewish girl was pepper sprayed in the face by a man shouting 'Dirty Jewess, inshalla you will die'; a Jewish man was beaten up by 3 men who scrawled a swastika on his chest.; in 2006 a young Jewish man was kidnapped, tortured and murdered; in 2012 a Muslim murdered a rabbi and 3 children; this year 4 Jews were killed in a Jewish museum in Brussels by a Muslim; Jews were driven out of the Swedish city of Malmo by Muslims.

In Turkey (see photo above), Jews have been served notice 'to be very afraid and to get out', this after living in relative peace after 500 years. Their Muslim leader supports these fanatics. He, by the way, is considered to be Obama's best friend (his words, not mine).  

Here in Regina, Canada,  a peaceful rally in support of Israel was interrupted by pro-Hamas demonstrators who tore Israeli flags out of their hands and knocked down and attacked a woman just the other day. There was no mention of this in the news. In Toronto last week, a Jewish man who was peacefully demonstrating against Hamas was attacked by Arabs and then taken to jail by police. 

I could write a very large book documenting such despicable events. They have and continue to occur in almost every country in the world. I myself have been served up Jew hatred both as a child and as an adult looking for work and I live in Toronto! 

There are 2 very different worlds that I'm exposed to. Mainstream news like CNN and my national, government sponsored news CBC which has a decidedly anti-Israel and antisemitic bias and the real news which I get via the internet  through such knowledgeable people and organizations such as: Daniel Pipes, Caroline Glick, Arlene Kushner, Honest Reporting, Melanie Phillips, Ideology of Islam, Media Scan, CAMERA and thankfully by many others.

Why are these incidents not reported? Are they too painful to report or does nobody care? Perhaps we've reached a saturation point. When something happens so often that it becomes commonplace, nobody cares. If one Jewish girl gets attacked via an antisemitic act, it might get reported. But when it happens every day, hundreds or thousands of times per day in fact, nobody cares. Maybe it's simply because the world hates us. Some more than others for sure but I've been seen that little bit of Jew hatred subtly displayed by far too many people from all walks of life. From colleagues at work, to many world leaders. The constant barrage of antisemitism is insidious. It's crept into many well meaning, left leaning people and the brain washing continues. 

Make no mistake, these are not anti-Israel attacks, these are clearly attacks against Jews. Anti-Israelism is the new antisemitism. Little, if anything, has changed since the Holocaust. If fact, now that the world continues its love affair with attacking the tiny Jewish state, it's gotten a whole lot easier to hate Jews. 

It's so embedded in our culture that even I would be surprised to see any one of such events reported on mainstream media. Although one can search for anti-Israel or antisemitism on the internet and you wouldn't be able to read all of the items in your lifetime. Today, many Jews and righteous Gentiles would be shocked to hear such events and many intelligent folks don't even recognize the antisemitism when they hear or see it.

Six million Jews are turning in their graves!

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Anonymous said...

Always has and always will. The sad reality today is with the past 60+ years of elitist lead Socialization of all once "Judeo-Christian" nations to attain a perverted sense of equality all moral, rational, reasonable, logical and factually grounded truths go out the window toward achieving such criminal goals. If one actually reads the US Constitution for example, or delves into those that were behind it and their reasoning, it is entirely suspect as to how and who has become President of the USA. This same question, schema and answers also relate to the filtering and agenda driven media, like the collapsing "educational" systems, conditioning the masses toward ignorance, progress, hope and change.
With the blessing of guided ignorance comes immense propaganda which solidifies opinions, closes minds, inflates the collective ego of the masses while the truth - of any given matter - is often totally driven off like a rabid dog.
Everything you wrote is certainly true and has been progressively getting worse however few, if any, understand the who, what, when, where, why and how but all are shown the plight of the poor mythological ahistorical antisemitic agenda driven fabrication of a "Palestinian" People who are more culture, honest, upstanding, admirable, progressive, productive etc. etc. than the rest of us....
I forgot to mention the censorship of the masses of Christians being murdered and Churches being defiled all over the Islamic world...and no connection to Islam is ever made by the aforementioned media/"educational"/Political stooges... none...