Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Media Has a Lot to Answer For

So the war in Gaza is on and off. After thousands of rockets fired by Hamas in Gaza into Israel, Israelis have finally decided that enough is enough. The terrorist group Hamas is as ruthless as they come. They use their own children as cover when they fire at Israel, knowing that the IDF (Israel Defense Force) will not fire back if children are in their way.

Hamas insists both verbally and in writing that they will not stop until every Jew is dead. Note they said Jew, not Israeli.
As all other Muslim radicals, they will not stop with the Jews. Like the Nazis before them, they start with the Jews but end up killing everyone else including their own. Too bad, the rest of the world hasn’t woken up yet. BTW, the rest of the world includes none other than Israel’s # 1 benefactor, namely the US. It also includes the mainstream media. They have a lot to answer for. More about them later.  It includes most world leaders. And believe it or not it includes many Jews. Both in the diaspora and even in Israel.

Everyone has a right to choose a side. Even if they chose the wrong side. What I insist is that they admit it. In other words if you choose Hamas over Israel than simply admit that you hate Jews. That’s all I ask. Like most radical Muslims who are today’s Nazis, for the most part they readily admit that they hate Jews and all none-Muslims for that matter.

What I said applies to the media. If every bit of misinformation being reported by the mainstream media started with ‘We hate Jews’, I could live with that. Those people who hate Jews would buy into the mainstream media, those who don’t would not.

This leaves us with the well meaning but often ignorant media who simply regurgitate what they hear from the larger news organizations. If CNN is constantly reporting the #’s of dead Gazans, then so must the thousands of smaller, local news media. My local TV news station in Toronto which is excellent at reporting the traffic, weather and local events, continues to publish the # of Gazans killed as a result of  the IDF. Their 1 minute snippet of the war in Gaza usually stops at the # of dead from each side. Since Israel cares about it’s citizens and builds many excellent bomb shelters, employs world class anti-missile system like the Iron Dome, uses sirens and phone apps to notify it’s citizens of incoming rockets and most importantly moves its citizens out of harms way whereas Hamas cares more about its leaders and its weapons than it does about its people, simply reporting the #’s of dead and injured people on both sides without the context, is anti-Israel. Of course in this scenario, many more Gazans will be killed or injured than Israelis.

Worse still is the constant barrage of  photos and videos of real and not so real injured and / or dead Gazans by the media. Can you imagine what could have happened if the media had the ability to publish images of the millions of  ‘innocent’ civilian Germans or Japanese who were killed or injured in WWII? What if every murderer gets filmed while he himself is shot up by police? Oh and don’t forget the headline: Robber gets brutally shot 6 times in the head by police. What if all context fails to make the news? The fact that the robber killed 3 innocent people in the bank in order to complete his transaction is omitted time after time? We would have utter chaos. Well intentioned people would be siding with the murderers simply because they didn’t know the truth. We could have easily lost WW II because the majority of the civilian population in the West would side with the enemy.

The media carries a lot of responsibility to report the news accurately and honestly. With it they have the power to topple entire nations. In the current war with Hamas, it is crystal clear to any objective, knowledgeable person that Israelis are the good guys trying to defend themselves from Muslim terrorists who wish nothing less than the murder of every Jew and the destruction of Israel, to begin with.

The mainstream media are helping to spin the story the other way entirely. Right now they are certainly being supported by most governments throughout our world but even well before Obama’s obvious anti-Israel administration came into power, much of the mainstream media being aligned with the Left, were anti-Israel.

The world is subtly but constantly being brainwashed by the media when it comes to Israel. It seems that even as Israel is trying to rid the world of evil, internationally known terrorists by the name of Hamas, Israel can do nothing right. They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

If G-d forbid Israel ever falls (I as a believer cannot ever fathom that) I will hold the mainstream media accountable.

I include the New York Times recent article below as an example (one of thousands) of the media's often subtle anti-Israel's stance. In this recent case, they imply a moral equivalence between a well defined terrorist group, Hamas and the only democratic, liberal, free country in the Middle East, Israel. 

Below the image is my letter to the NY Times.

Yes, they have a lot to answer for.

My letter to the NY Times:

Dear New York Times:

When it comes to Israel, you have a definite bias against it. Case in point was your August 19 article with the headline "Rockets Said to Be Fired from Gaza Strip Puncture Latest Cease-Fire". 
You implied that the rockets that hit Israel in the south, might not have been fired from Gaza. Perhaps the Israelis fired them at themselves.
But then you realized your ridiculous headline and changed it to: 'Rockets from Gaza and Israeli Response Breaks Cease Fire'. 
So now you are implying that there was no difference between Hamas firing rockets at Israel indiscriminately during the cease fire and Israel's response.
Surely you can agree that if a bank robber shoots some civilians in the course of the robbery and then the police shoot him, only he is guilty. The police are doing their job in keeping law and order.
It's a good thing that police are protecting us. Likewise when Arab terrorists from Gaza break their own cease fire and continue to fire rockets into Israel, only they are guilty of breaking the cease fire. Any response from Israel should be expected and is in fact a good thing. How would you have reported the robbery? Well if it occurred in Israel and if it was an Arab who was the robber then you might report it as 'Sadly a poor Palestinian who couldn't afford to feed his family, was shot by Israeli police'. You'd probably include some pics of his many children picking thru rubble and his wife crying at his funeral and blaming the Jews. 

If I wanted to read an anti-Israel paper I would consult with Al Jazeera. Your anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias is so blatantly obvious you should be ashamed of yourselves. Even a 4 year old can see that you are far from an honest news paper. 

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