Monday, June 29, 2015

Psychology 101

It’s so true. When one child is murdered, the whole world mourns loudly. But when millions are murdered the whole world yawns. 

Today we are faced with the world’s biggest threat since the nightmare of WWII. Iran is on the road to developing nuclear weapons. Iran is the world’s largest terrorist threat and sponsor of numerous other terrorist groups like Hezbola and Hamas. The world’s most powerful leader, President Obama is actually helping Iran to obtain and develop those nuclear weapons. He is jumping though hoops to do so.
It looks like a fait accompli. Meanwhile the world is looking the other way. While everyone has their heads in the sand, the Obama administration is bending over backwards to help Iran develop their nuclear weapons. Even going to the effort to supply and train them in the development of  the most advanced centrifuges.

Granted there are quite a few intelligent people who are on to this nightmare but compared to the billions who simply don’t care or pretend to agree with this irresponsible and dangerous strategy, these few will be rendered useless.

If you hate Israel, as Obama and his friends certainly do, then I understand why they are doing this. Because hate is strong and blind. It usually defies any logic. And this is the case here as well. The point is that helping Iran to arm themselves with nuclear weapons will not only harm Israel. It will harm the entire world. Especially those of us in the West. The West in this case means every non Arab or Muslim country. The irony is that those left leaning, appeasers of Muslim terrorists are the most likely to suffer first and the hardest. Countries like China and Russia will suffer the least because they have no qualms about using severe force (screw proportionality) to keep the Islamists at bay. While European countries and the US are bending over backwards to kiss Muslim ass but ignoring opportunities to ally with ‘moderate’ Muslim states like Egypt or help the Druze throughout the Middle East.

It will strike a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as well. Some of the most backward countries there are also the most wealthy. So they too desire and can afford to buy nuclear reactors, missiles and all the technology and experts to develop nuclear arms as well.

Can’t Obama and his friends see this scenario playing out? Are they that desperate to destroy Israel that they are willing to destroy the entire planet? Maybe. Because extreme hate defies logic.

But Obama is only one man. He’s not even that smart. Neither are his buddies. Do you really think that Biden is a genious? How about the Clinton’s? I don’t think so either.

But what about the rest of the people on the planet? How about American citizens? Are they all asleep? Well some are. And some of us have our own ‘problems’.

So how can we stop this train wreck? Maybe we can get a video of a poor Iranian child getting tortured in Iran. And have this video go viral with the title: Do you want this country to have nuclear arms?
According to Psychology 101, this just might do the job. 

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