Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Reward the Jews Got

As Irwin Cotler asserted, anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism. He’s so right. 

For the gift of shedding light on to the dark world, the gift the Jews received from the world was jealousy, hatred, torture and murder. While the pagan world was living in a barbaric, chaotic world where the strong murdered the weak, men raped and pillaged, children turned on their mothers (their fathers were not even in the picture), the Jews shared civilization with their fellow men, all stemming from the Torah. Our reward in modern times was the murder of 6 million Jews.

After thousands of years of Jews living peacefully in their G-d given homeland in Israel, the new political correct way of hating the Jews is to condemn the Jewish state. To call it illegal, apartheid and even a Nazi state is the best way to condemn the Jews these days.

It’s time that we Jews grew a backbone and stand up to the hatred. When will we learn that appeasement not only doesn’t work, it helps promote the hate. It’s time we shouted what needs to be said. The PA leadership currently lead by ‘Dr.’ Abbas needs to be jailed for hate crimes and murder. His doctorate was assigned by the KGB for his Holocaust denying thesis. Obama committed the biggest crime since Hitler by siding with Iran in its quest for building nuclear arms in order to destroy Israel and lead the world in destruction. Hilary, Kerry, Biden and their followers are all anti-Semites and deserved to be labeled as such. The pathetic American Jews who continue to support those leaders are descendants of the kapos (Jews who helped turn in other Jews in the Nazi camps- see picture below). They will be punished in due course just like the fate of those kapos who died in the gas chambers like their fellow innocent Jews. 

It still pains me to hear of some friends and family who still consider Obama a good guy, a trustworthy leader…. It’s sad that they can’t see the destruction he’s caused. Both internally within the US and internationally. As he willfully weakens the US he props up the world’s worst states. Starting with Turkey led by the Islamist Edrogan who he boasted was his best friend and foreign leader and ending with the Ayatolah of Iran who continues to wish for the destruction of Israel and America.

This is how some of the people must have felt prior to WWII. When the world started to turn sour. The rot was lead to the surface by the anti-Semites of Europe who not only hated Jews but hated anyone who got in their way to rule the world. Some people spoke their minds but most either ignored the situation or worse, they tried the appeasement method. We know how that worked out .

While the universities continue their business of condemning Israel and brainwashing our students that Israel doesn’t deserve to exist, the parents of these children don’t dare to confront the schools, professors, media, world leaders or their own children. These students are being groomed to be the next generation of Jew haters by condemning the only Jewish state.

Many condemn the US administration for failing to label the terrorists as Islamists. But why don’t these same people have the guts to label so many world leaders including Obama and his pals as anti-Semites? Now I’m not comparing his hatred of Jews to the deep Jew hatred of many Europeans who inherited their racism from generations. Obama’s # 1 problem is that he is a strong narcissist. He is much more than arrogant (as most leaders are). To be the leader of the world’s most powerful nation and to suffer from that affliction is dangerous. But lets not complicate things. Simply put, amongst his many other problems, he hates Israel so therefore he is an anti-Semite. He wants Iran to wipe Israel off the face of the map. He just handed them the keys to the nuclear bomb with a truckload of cash to do it.

I feel like I’m swimming upstream against an impossible current. Just about every country in the world is jumping on the bandwagon to condemn Israel for made up crimes while ignoring the real criminal states and people. I certainly won’t be foolish enough to predict how it will all end but at the very least we who are being attacked need to grow a back bone and speak up and do everything to defend ourselves. It starts with our voices, emails, blogs, letters and phone calls and ends with physical self defence classes as offered by the JDL and legal arms. I advocate that my children learn how to use a gun. I hope they never have to use it but better to be prepared than to suffer the fate of our past generation in Europe. If it happened there it can happen anywhere. It’s been happening in Israel since it’s modern day reincarnation in 1948. If they didn’t have weapons and a well trained IDF, Israel wouldn’t exist today of course along with G-ds help. But G-d only helps people who help themselves.

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