Thursday, August 27, 2015

Emboldening Iran or It's too F'n late!

Did you know that since negotiations with Iran, there have been more arrests, torture and murder inside Iran by Iranian officials? Meanwhile outside, Hezbollah, Hamas and dozens of other Iranian sponsored terror groups have been ratcheting up their terror game as well.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to defuse a volatile situation with peaceful negotiations. In fact it's an honourable thing to do. But one must always use common sense as to when to negotiate and if it makes sense to do so, how to go about it.

In the current Iran deal fiasco, secret negotiations were started years ago by the Americans. They had no business starting the dialogue. While the Nazi like Ayatollah administration was finally feeling the heat of sanctions and concerned about their future as leaders in Iran, the US came by grovelling for a deal. Just by the mere act of negotiations, the States and their partners in crime, emboldened the Iranian rulers to not only continue their past aggressions but to increase them.

This deal has sent Iran the best possible message. Continue what you are doing and in fact do it better and more often than before. A lot of people are talking about the deal and dissecting it apart to get at all the details. The fact is that even if Donald Trump wrote the deal himself, it would be meaningless. It's just a useless piece of paper that Iran will certainly ignore. They can't be trusted to keep their word. Surely the entire world must recognize this by now. So I will not waste my breath here, identifying the numerous, insane details (like Iran gets to do its own inspections) that make the deal dangerously bad. The much larger issue is what this entire fiasco has caused:

1. Islamist terror is way up. The # of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem for example is at an all time high. Yea I know you haven't seen it reported on CNN.
2. Like in corporate America or international markets, just the promise of capital can raise the value of stock prices exponentially. The converse is of course also true. So even if the deal falls through by some miracle (sadly I'm pretty sure it'll pass in the States), it's too f'n late! Many countries like China, Russia and European states have already started the ball rolling with regard to making billion dollar trade deals with Iran. The promise of sanction relief has opened the floodgates of cash into Iran.
3. This could be the worst: The Obama administration has stooped to an all time low with it's nasty insinuations that anyone who is against the deal is either a warmonger or a disloyal American. Many American Jews and in particular American Jewish politicians have been accused of caring more about Israel than the safety of Americans. This sick, racist and in particular anti-Semitic policy is wrong at every level and is dangerous for America. Funny how many black Americans had no issue voting for Obama despite either not knowing his policies or even disagreeing with them simply because he was black. No one dared to accuse them of being disloyal Americans.

As I read of numerous American politicians taking bribes from the Iranian lobby on both sides of the aisle, I want to vomit. Let's hope my vomit lands on that useless piece of paper!

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