Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is Bernie Sanders Really Jewish?

According to Jewish law, if your mother is Jewish then so are you. Since he has yet to convert we can say with certainty that he is. 
That said, is he Jewish like Jackie Mason? I don't think so. He's Jewish like Karl Marx, the father of Socialism.  Not exactly a Jew to be proud of. FYI, Karl's Jewish father converted to Christianity because he was scared of anti-Semitism. Later Karl was baptized as a Christian as well. 

Sadly when I confront young Jewish adults about their love for Bernie the argument goes something like this:

1. I show them a video where Bernie condemns Netanyahu for budding into US politics when he spoke to Congress about the Iran Deal. I title it: Bernie is no friend of Israel.
They answer: Just because he doesn't like Netanyahu that doesn't mean he doesn't like Israel.

2. I send them an audio of Bernie condemning the IDF for indiscriminately murdering 10,000 innocent Palestinians.
They answer: Silence.

3. When Bernie gets heckled by a black man accusing Jews of running corporate America they say: You see, he answered that he's proud to be Jewish.
I respond: He never called out the man as being an antisemite, instead out of nowhere he makes a moral equivalence statement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

4. Finally I confront them face to face and call Bernie out for being anti-Israel and for distancing himself from all things Jewish.
They answer: Just like when you (me) criticized Obama for attacking Israel, Israel still stands. When we vote for president, issues pertaining to Israel are way down on my list.

Finally the truth comes out! I would respect the young foolish Jewish adults a little more (and I do mean only a little bit) if they would respond with the response for # 4 above in the first place. In other words, rather than defending Bernie as not being a self hater they should simply admit: I love all the free stuff we're gonna get from him and I really couldn't care less about Israel or Jewish issues.


Jer said...

Fabulous. I believe Heinrich Marx, being a Lawyer, converted to Christianity to better himself in society because Jews could not hold public professions like Lawyers, Public office etc. Heinrich Marx was a friend and confident with Claude Henri de Rouvroy comte de Saint-Simon. A committed Utopian Socialist and the founder of what we know today as the Socialist "Sciences": Social "Sciences": Socialist-Theology: Sociology.
This relationship sparked the life of the young Karl Marx; "father of Communism" and author of "A World Without Jews." Many do not know, or understand, that Marx's hatred for his heritage, culture and the Jewish faith was the spark that ignited his "Communist Manifesto". If one researches the CM they will see that it, essentially, is the teachings of Judaism reversed. No God vs. God. Religion vs. No religion. No Truth vs. Truth. Communalism vs. Individualism. Public property vs. Private Property. Internationalism vs Nationalism. No culture vs. Culture. Immorality vs. Morality and so on and so forth.
I my opinion, Bernie Sanders was placed there by the globalists behind the Western governments for one purpose; to act as a experiment to see how far Socialism-Communism has "progressed" in the United States of America; the once freedom loving (above aforementioned: "Judeo-Christian" values/belief construct) most anti-Socialist/Communist state on Earth. He was never meant to actually win. Just an experiment due to the fact he, and his like, 50 years ago would have been rightly deported....
Keep up the fabulous post.
PS: all of the so-called "Palestinians" must be ....... deported. All Muslims, in all non-Muhammadan countries, must also be deported!!

Leon Kushner said...

Thanks for the insight!

howie fox said...

Jer wrote an interesting comment, he is correct about Marx, although I also believe that much of Karl's anti-Semitism came from the fact that his grandfather was actually a rabbi, and the pain and shame of conversion must have weighed heavily on the family as a whole.
Imagaine never seeing your cousins or your fat aunt who made the best rogalach because your family had been disowned? This also must have played heavily on the young the Karl, as well has his father's apparent willingness to do anything to make a buck, including convert.
Nice take on sociology.

Leon I agree with everything you wrote, Bernie is a shmuck and the present zeitgeist seems to present itself kindly to Sheisters and shmucks.