Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Secret Terror Attacks


It’s now the day after the latest attack in Nice, France where at least 77 people were killed.
And so far none of the major media nor French government officials have yet mentioned that the attacker was a Muslim. They’ve really gone out of their way to not mention the words Muslim or Islam or Islamist in any of the reporting of this vile attack. It’s almost funny how hard everyone is trying to keep this a secret. It seems that calling the murder of so many people and so many injuries a terror attack was itself a mighty feat for the French. 

I live in Toronto, Canada. Right now I’m up isolated up at my cottage. How do I know that the terrorist was a Muslim? Factually I don’t. But logically who else could it be? Sure it could be a random nutcase who got his hands on a truck and started to run over people. But the fact that the French leaders and the international media are so silent about identifying who the dead terrorist is tells me all I need to know. I have no doubt in my mind that this was a radical Muslim. Maybe related to ISIS or maybe related to one of hundreds of other Muslim terrorist groups. 

Like Obama’s policy of refusing to identify Islamists as our number one enemy, Hollande and others in France and elsewhere in Europe, it’s really best not to mention this big secret. Shsh….

As if not mentioning it, the problem will go away. After all we don’t want to offend any Muslims. Because if we do, then we could get hurt. It’s okay to offend Christians, Jews or anyone else but lets leave Muslims out of it. They are ‘special’.

And what will France do about their country literally falling apart under their noses? They’ll have a 3 day vigil! That’ll teach the terrorists. 

I find this so insulting that I could scream! Are we so dumbed down that we have to be told the news in tiny little increments? Of course in time (by the time you receive this email), we will finally be told that the terrorist was a Muslim. First we’ll find out that he came from a Muslim country. Then we’ll find out that his name was Mohamed. And finally we might be told that he was actually a Muslim terrorist.

If you can’t even identify your enemy then you have a slim chance of winning a fight with him. 
France’s long term policy of inviting millions of Muslims into their country has finally caught up with her. This policy is insane and any objective French citizen needs to speak up on this ASAP. They should adopt Donald Trump’s policy to limit Muslim immigration until they can figure this out. All immigrants to all countries need to be carefully screened prior to entry. This process often takes a year or longer. My country under the leadership of Justin Trudeau is following France’s pathetic role to national suicide by bringing in thousands of undocumented, unscreened Muslims at an unprecedented rate. Besides bankrupting our country (which is happening right now), we are on queue to have our own version of France’s numerous, tragic Islamic terror attacks right here as well. 

Believe me, if the terrorist was anyone other than a Muslim, we would by now know every last detail about the man, including his religion. When Bernie Madoff was caught stealing millions of dollars, I couldn’t find an article that didn’t mention his religion. It seems that his being Jewish was the most relevant fact in the event. 

With leaders like Hollande and a left leaning French population, France is lost. They lack the stomach to get their country back. They will keep importing more Muslims and they will continue to wear eye patches and eventually they will all drown. Their old school anti-Semitism is still quite popular. One doesn’t need to dig too deep to uncover it. Maybe some feel that this bond will protect them from their Arab brothers. But they are too blind to see that it will not. How many more tragic, Islamic terror attacks must occur for them to figure this out?

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