Thursday, September 29, 2016

Was Peres the Hero the World is Making him out to be?

Well intentioned people can get you killed. Like Obama who pressed for the Iran deal, the worst deal in history, I'm sure he had reasonably good intentions. But in effect he paved the road for Iran to build nuclear missiles. I'm pretty sure Peres had good intentions when he initiated the disastrous Oslo Accords which cost many Israeli lives and helped spread the false narrative that Israel is illegally occupying Samaria and Judea (aka West Bank) . 

The fact that so many world leaders (arabs among them) are attending his funeral and saying nice things about him, helps prove my point. Had he been a staunch Zionist, the world wouldn't be so positive about him. The same folks who adored Yasser Arafat, one of the worlds most two faced, terrorist leaders, adore Peres as well.

Like all people who've led a long and complex life, he's done some good and bad things. But
I am against the world making him into a saint. He was far from it. Furthermore making him into a hero detracts from the real heroes in the world. 

I for one, will not miss him!


Jer said...

These Socialists caused more problems, that we continue to suffer from, thanks to their closed minded, self serving elitist arrogance....

Anonymous said...

Agreed agreed agreed. Peres could have dreamed Israel to death--thank goodness Israel was smarter than him.