Friday, October 14, 2016

UNESCO: Temple Mount is an Islamic Holy Site

If you want people to respect your opinion you must speak the truth and back it up with facts when required. The UN and all of its committees have proven time and again that they don't care about truth of facts. They only care about one thing: delegitimizing Israel at all costs.

In this case UNESCO proved its insanity by ignoring Israel's 3000 year connection to Jerusalem including of course the Temple Mount where the most sacred Jewish site continues to stand. As per Moslem doctrine, these Islamic countries (who submitted the document to UNESCO) attempt to replace years of history and other non-Islamic sites with their own. They have done this repeatedly throughout the world wherever they can get away with it.

Check out this short video of tens of thousands of Jews praying at the Kotel (Western Wall in Jerusalem) during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur (Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement) and tell me that it's not a Jewish holy site.

Here is UNESCO's document not only declaring that the Temple Mount is really an Islamic holy site but condemning Israel all over the map on everything they could have possibly thought of. It's a very daunting attack that typifies the stealth jihad approach that many Islamic people and Islamic sympathizers continue to take. The attempted legalese belies the total BS that is in this document. I couldn't read too much of it as I have an aversion to BS.

But give it a try if you dare:

The tragedy here is the number of (temporarily) non-Islamic countries who support this utter nonsensical lie. 24 voted for it, 26 abstained and only 6 voted against it. I wonder where my own country, Canada, stood on this vote.

Anyone who supports the UN or any of its subsidiaries is out of their mind.

Shanna Tova!

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Jer said...

The sad reality is that Israel and Jews not standing up for itself. Sadly the "Left Wing", Globalist "Elite" anti-Zionist Jews are always on the wrong side of history. Their minds are so closed. Their persona is stinks of arrogance and it has caused Israel, Jews, and anyone with a moral fiber a lot of pain.
Israel should have rightly annexed all the lands of '67 in perpetuity and finished a humane transfer of their entire Muhammadan population out to any of the over 50, once non, Islamic lands of their choosing. Had they, there'd be no "Palestinian" people today and all this crap would have been largely gone..
Keep up the good work broski...